My Jupiter Return 2019

30 06 2019

I like doing return charts non-precessed. Once in 12 years we have the Jupiter return.  I did my chart for this to see what areas of growth there may be in my life. It’s purely personal and I may be at a stage of not caring about anyone else’s opinions on anything except where I am going and I need to carve out myself a new path.

The areas I wish to expand and enjoy are in a general sense ruled by the 5th and the 7th. I want more fun, and I also want some company in life, someone I can travel with, not necessarily get married, but rather a love that is also a best friend and will climb that mountain with me. Marriage is important, but you should be sure about it and do it right.

The aspects in the chart are as follows:

  • Sun and Mercury conjunct DSC
  • Jupiter conjunct Venus
  • Jupiter and Venus trine Mars
  • Jupiter square Neptune
  • Moon trine Sun and Mercury
  • Uranus square Sun and Mercury
  • Saturn square Mars



Jupiter Return

As a Jupiter return chart we begin with Jupiter as the period of the next 12 years is what is being analysed. It is well positioned in domicile in the 5th, ruler of the 5th and 8th, boding well for all areas related to the 5th, including love, the inner child, self-expression even procreation and children. The Neptune square is manifesting in big dreams. Possibly dreams that are too big or too vague. But never mind, the trine to Mars in Aries in the 9th is the promise of fulfilling the dreams of climbing up that mountain somewhere far away. Will I be accompanied by that someone special? According to the chart we have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th both trine Mars in Aries in the 9th. That Sagittarius Venus is that enthusiastic love that I’ve been looking for that is ready for the adventure.

ASC is in Leo, with Sun conjunct the DSC. The nice thing about this is that Moon is making the trine. Moon is in Virgo trine Juno and entering Libra, perhaps this signifies a healthy and happy marriage. I meet a girl who is shy and modest at first but eventually comes round to the idea of being in a relationship. This is a nice signification for that Moon starting in Virgo but making the perfection of the trine to Aquarius Sun from Libra. Obviously Mercury is also there signifying communication is very important and ruling the 2nd and 11th for the need for money and friendship as important stepping stones to make it work.

The second Solar aspect of note is to Uranus and this is the square. I can categorically say that since the start of this return I have taken my anarchist ideas and ideals more seriously (Ron Paul anarchism) and a philosophy of freedom is becoming more important to me. I need a solid basis of stability and a good wife and family home to look after me, in that sense I am totally conservative. My belief in the bible as ultimate truth is not shaken, but biblically speaking revelation and much spiritual enlightenment is indeed of the nature of sudden revealed truth as by the nature of Uranus. It must be possible to live according to God’s law, and yet be unconventional and break loose from what others think and believe. I break free from those who deny “religion” as garbage, their conventionality and conformity to secular atheism and its doctrines is extremely limiting. I also break free however from conventional “religiosity”, people who repeat the same things over and over without living spiritual water. A personal contact with the divine, with God signifies that you do not need to listen to others to receive truth. The preacher who says, “don’t believe me, but read the scripture and find out” is the one I am heeding.

Obviously the position of Mars and Uranus in the 9th are playing a role in these new thought processes concerned with how the world thinks, with spiritual truths, which are part of religion, media and philosophy, the general milieu and the personal revelation of God. If I can say that my religion is personal then no-one has the right to tell me what to think or how to think, if I believe that Jesus walked on water and has a plan for my life and that is part of who I am, then no-one has a right to silence or mock me for it. What I believe is part of who I am and it is unconventional and revelation.

Venus is 10th lord in the 5th. I have found a way of doing my art while doing my normal work. Interestingly I’ve been able to work and to do art at the same time. The 5th like the 9th is again a personal house, if God’s creation is revealed in the 9th, it is my own creative efforts which are being revealed in the 5th. I’m interested in nude oil painting and I am working on it with great pleasure and happiness, and surprise at each new stage.

The 7th house cusp has Sun and Mercury describing a great love, a great warmth which I seek in another. Whether she responds to me or not is difficult to say, again this aspect is influenced by Uranus which requires newness, freedom and revelation to be part of the mixture and some days I don’t feel up to the task or I don’t feel happy with the instability or uncertainty. 7th lord is Saturn which although in domicile is square Mars, however this greatly balances the Uranus and Aquarius influence. A partner may be mature, and very stable, which is a good thing. The square to Mars though indicates either frustration or difficulty with decision making. All great aspects in the chart are balanced by this ultimate of the two malefics being at odds with each other. The only positive thing I can say is that the Saturn Mars aspect in this chart is separating, and Mars is perfecting the trine to Jupiter.

The 6th house is finally probably the last major focus, with domicile 6th lord Saturn in the 6th. Illnesses are governed by the 6th and a powerful 6th house planet indicates a powerful illness, however, it is said that Saturn in dignity is “less malefic” and inclined to do less evil. Saturn is also in sect, which is another big plus, Jupiter and Sun are in sect as although almost Sunset it is a diurnal chart. The condition is improved. I have some health concerns, but since Saturn is not aspecting any personal planets I am hoping that my health will not be affected. I have undertaken a number of health oriented decisions since the chart came into effect and become very meticulous with daily health habits and routine including a reduction of carbohydrates, and increase in consumption of home-made fish soup, swimming as exercise, and working while standing up. Health concerns are major issues for me here, my daily routine has definitely undergone some deep changes, we also notice Pluto here. Saturn in Capricorn here is extremely regular. Mars may possibly upset that routine occasionally. In terms of pets, a new bird appeared, a little blue bird, which died suddenly, and a new kitten also appeared and is now causing trouble.

This is one of the best star charts I’ve mapped out in many years. Of course it is my own, but I have no reason to care for anyone else’s as much as my own right now. Other aspects, progressions and directions are of course necessary for understanding where you are and where you are going. However, the Jupiter Return is a good chart when thinking about a 12 year period of growth and newness. My intention is not to come back here in 12 years except to celebrate the fruition of all these imperatives.




The UK, US, Pluto and Mystery Babylon

7 07 2018

Something I observed a long time ago in the USA’s nativity was the placing of Pluto. Many neglect to see its major aspects to Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Some even reject the 4th of July chart on that basis, needless to say, I’d like to present them to you, whether you call yourself a professional or an amateur, here they are. If you failed to see the USA 4th of July chart’s major Pluto aspects, please take a closer look.

USA parallelsUSA parallels2

Not only are Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mars in a tight contraparallel, but what’s more, Pluto is at 23 degrees and 43 minutes South, with Mars at 23 34′ and Venus at 23 32′ North. The seasoned interpreter will understand that out of bounds signifies extremes and cases of lawlessness, with people trying and indeed in some cases getting away with murder. out of bounds planets, are planets that operate out of town, out of the reach of justice and out of the line of sight of the light, because Sun cannot reach beyond 23 26′, and therefore these planets may act without fear of justice. However justice always catches up, those beyond the city walls eventually come back in and when they do, they eventually must pay for their actions.

In terms of the occult, Pluto is most closely linked with Hades Greek god of the underworld and in our Christian understanding Satan or the Devil. Don’t kid yourself that it signifies empowerment, it signifies temptation, and accepting worldly power which comes from the god of this world, and that is the Antichrist. Temptation in this chart therefore is strong. This is not to say that the owner of the chart cannot reject temptation, and overcome evil, just that evil has everything this native could possibly want in on a platter right in front. The choice is spiritual for every last human being on earth also has a Pluto placement and can choose either to take the pomegranate seeds as Persephone did and be forced to spend several months of the year among the dead in the land of mourning and death, or Christ-like reject temptation, accept poverty and deny the self but overcome evil, with the reward being ascension rather than descent.

The amateurish astrologer will with this information, conclude, the USA has these contraparallels which are equivalent to the opposition, so just take the same planets, Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter and look up what the books say about an opposition to Pluto, and conclude that the US nativity has a destiny to be power mad, abusive, violent, sexually immoral and obsessed. Toss out those Pluto keywords that the lowest common denominator loves to read about. That is the amateurish way. The way of those who have no spiritual awareness and don’t really understand the occult. People want to see things happen, things explode, like in an action movie, action movies however great only appeal to base instinct. There is no benefit from revealing how fuel took ignition and created a mess. We should look at potential. I strive to do this, but don’t always make the mark myself either.

The USA has many stars on its flag, perhaps a hint at the fact that its creators knew under which stars it was created. However, other flags also have stars on them most of them ex-British colonies. If we try to work out who is Mystery Babylon, she is a mother of harlots. The UK 1801 chart has Pluto in the 5th in Pisces. What does that mean? It means progeny which is under the influence of Hades-Pluto. Or a child which is potentially tempted by evil. Looking at the UK’s 5th house we see Venus on the cusp opposite Saturn, and square Neptune. Venus and Saturn do link up with Prostitution and since it is in the 5th it signifies daughters.  We can conclude that the 5th house Venus of the UK chart is deeply afflicted by both a detriment Saturn and a detriment Mars, comparable to Adolf Hitler’s Venus. The nations which the British Empire gave birth to are numerous and although people’s have lived in those lands and empires existed in those territories before the British Empire enslaved them, we can say that these nations would be the daughters of this empire. The question may be in what way has Babylon continued its evil, and in what way have its progeny prostituted themselves.UK1801

Babylon is the place where God’s people were held in captivity, after the fall of Israel and the enslavement of the people. They were in captivity in Egypt at the time of Moses, later on they were in captivity in Babylon, both times as slaves of powerful kingdoms. We want to remember that it is Satan and his fallen angels that give power to Babylon and the kings of the earth, who tempt the world with riches and power, that no kingdom in itself is inherently evil, but rather each kingdom like the head of a family is subordinate to spiritual powers.

The message is, to come out of her, come out of Mystery Babylon and do not drink of the wine in that country and do not buy its merchandise. Babylon is a Mystery as it is written. Britain became a world power through the slave trade. The US became an industrial power from its vast slave workforce. These countries may have outsourced their slavery to other nations in modern times. They may say that there are “no slaves here, land of the free”, however cotton shirts are produced in Bangladesh or shoes or phones or whatever to sustain the 70% based consumer society, and the owners of the company are still the kings of Babylon, their slaves don’t even know of their existence, yet we need to look at thing on a deeper level.

I don’t propose that America is Mystery Babylon, any more than any other nation. We look at the charts, perhaps we can see fingerprints, we see evidence. It is necessary to go without eating, to fast and pray, do it for a day, do it for longer. In the end you can discern, those who want to take control of the wealth of the world, those who have it, they are men and women, the Devil has come to them and offered it to them and they’ve taken it. Communists, they want to seize the means of production, they suffer from coveting their neighbors in really bad way, but sadly end up with nothing every time.

It is possible that Mystery Babylon is not a political entity as such like an official country. It may well exist in the circles in which power circulates. If you can’t pin it down it just means its smart enough not to leave such a thing as a birth certificate with a date and a stamp that reveals its true identity. It may be the rulers of this world who own nation states, who have been told they are free but are in fact slaves of those in higher places in the shadow. Those in the west should only celebrate their freedom when it truly does not rely on sweat shops in Asia, wars in the middle East or children working in mines in Africa, for its overall wealth and power.


If we consider the 1801 chart of the UK, we’ll see Moon prominent in Cancer in the 10th which fits well with the idea of a mother figure, a mother of nations, not just the US but those nations created through the dissolution of the British Empire throughout the last two centuries. Are these daughter nations prostitutes though? It depends on who is paying them off, what the payment is and what the type of fornication. The amateur will point to pornography and actual cases of nudity or sexual scenes. However on a deeper level Bible talks about spiritual fornication, prostitution which signifies unfaithfulness in loyalty with God, so our interpretation should be much, much wider. If we take the feminist movement as a whole, it fits the UK and US as two prominent players. From a chart perspective the UK 1801 chart has a very strong key point.

The US and UK along with the rest of the West were Christian nations. But they have muddled their values and officially these are now atheistic, secular nations where feminism divides families and undermines biblical truth, Marxism divides society, and multiculturalism pulls the rug out from under anyone who desires to truly live according to the Bible. In these sense both of these nations have prostituted their values for the sake of power and wealth and that is undeniable.

Mystery Babylon. Considering that it is called a Mystery, we may assume that it is not possible to know in full detail the extent of its identity. However, there are many patterns and many characteristics which fit with the city of Rome and in particular the Vatican. It sits on seven hills, its cardinals and bishops are decked out in scarlet and purple, it holds a golden cup and there are other more fascinating details to uncover including the serpent shaped papal reception hall as well as all of the idols and Renaissance images which can help to give us clues as to the purpose of the Vatican itself. We may conclude that Rome is the mother who has given birth to western Empires of which the US may be considered a grandchild rather than a child of Rome. When we study the spiritual realm and the occult we realize that fornication and prostitution do not just refer to sexual acts, but rather spiritual acts. Betrayal of Faith, betrayal for money is prostitution, the crime which is to be lamented more than anything when we read carefully the texts. The modern interpreter gets hung up on sexual interpretations, and finally assumes that the Bible mainly wants you to be faithful in a sexual relationship. This is not the case, the main issue is spiritual. And the act of Judas who took the 40 silver coins in order to betray Christ is the real issue and the real reference to prostitution, it signifies selling out your loyalty in order to betray the truth. Finally, the US and UK are merely the daughter prostitutes who have betrayed their roots. Mystery Babylon is the mother that gave them both life.

Here is Revelation 17. Read it for yourself.


Revelation 17 King James Version (KJV)

17 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.

The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

The True Narcissus

16 08 2017

I’d like to argue that vanity of egoistic self admiration is a false rendering of the truth of Narcissus. Freud popularised the term “narcissism” and people now always think of selfie-taking girls or politicians that refer to themselves constantly. These are not the true narcissists, and the truth of Narcissus and Echo may well be far more romantic and beautiful than the modern interpretation would have us believe.

I’d like people who are genuinely interested in Narcissus and the asteroid 37117, which has been ascribed to Narcissus, to read the literature that can be found in extensive detail here:

I believe that the current definition of “narcissism” is an injustice done to the tragic hero of the ancient Greek myth. I don’t think it is vanity, or egoistic self admiration. After having spent some a good amount of time thinking about the myth and analysing the asteroid 37117, it has come to my mind that Narcissus has been a victim of a false tales.

In the original text Narcissus is believe it or not a total introvert. So the idea of vanity does not fit at all. Nor does egoism, as both of these depend on being admired by others. When he glares in the pool is it self admiration, or is he looking for something or someone he’s lost? Please read the original story of Narcissus, I kid you not, Narcissus does not seek attention from anyone. He is a 12th house tragic lonely figure, dying alone without a soul in sight in the forest by a pool of water. The lost voice of Echo, his would be lover echoes in the distance. She is his counterpart.

So the story goes that Narcissus looked into a pool of water and “fell in love” with his image. He rejected others who wanted to love him, but he was cursed. I’d like to argue that this has nothing to do with vanity as it depends on others. Women who are obsessed with their appearance in order to get attention or men who brag endlessly about their achievements are not the true narcissists. The story of Narcissus is about rejection and then seeking to find what was lost.

The true Narcissus couldn’t care less what others think about him. He’s rejected others’ love and company. He may be shy, or scared. When he looks into the water what is he seeing? I’d like to argue, he is not seeing his image, he’s not “in love” with his image. He’s searching, he’s staring into another world. Water is the symbol for a doorway into another world, a different element, and one where noise and sound is not heard. Echo is Narcissus’ heroine. It is a wonder that psychology ignored Echo in creating the modern definition of narcissism. It’s a love story about two people who are cursed.

The Greeks knew what they were doing. The ancients knew what they were doing.

The story does not describe two people who are nasty or horrid in any way. The ancient Greeks had a very tight symbolic understanding. Narcissus was cursed by an inability to lift his eyes away from the water, he became fixated with a different realm. Narcissus is more a “head in the clouds” figure in this sense. And Echo, was cursed with a communication breakdown, she could not get her true feelings out.

This is a love story. Ultimately, like Romeo and Juliet. They are two lovers who could have made it together but the mediums of elements of water and air decided to cause separation. Separation is the key. In the myth Narcissus is unable to communicate, due to his distraction, all communication is cut off. Echo can’t say how she feels. And the travesty of the 20th century legacy of the term is that their true meaning in mainstream language is completely inverted and warped to mean something utterly different from the original story.

It is unlikely to be possible to change the current dictionary definition of “narcissism”, though it would be appropriate in light of the original story. Here is a possible more appropriate signification of what Narcissus really means.

  • Introversion.
  • Rejection of the lime light.
  • Rejection of all social interaction.
  • Rejection of egoistic attention seeking
  • Escapism
  • Rejection, both being rejected and rejecting

As you can see from this list, there is no mention of ego, in fact it is the opposite, it searching for a self which is missing, or another, as I will suggest.

A second story of Narcissus exists where he had a twin sister who died. He would go to the pond to see his reflection in order to try to see her. There is more than meets the eye to this story and it serves us well to go back to original texts. This second story is a good support to the idea that it is not self-love, but rather searching for love in something that could be illusory or even in another realm. To the onlooker he may be perceived as seeing his own image. The alternative story of Narcissus which circulated in the ancient world was that he had a twin sister that he loved and lost, and tried to reach again following her death. This should not be ignored or brushed aside. Narcissus was looking for something in the pond, in the water. It is important to note that water is highly symbolic. It was not a mirror, it was water. It is another realm, the realm of the sirens, the realm of magic. It’s not self. It’s other. There is a different interpretation to be made, because all the facts of the text are there, the symbolism is there and there is a different story to be told.

There is more to this. The ancient Greeks were clever. What is the nature of love? When you fall in love with someone there is an element in you that is completed or complemented. You are searching for something that is missing and yet is also you. Again “psychology”, it completely sullies and dirties the myth of Oedipus. The story is about the nature of love, not about the tendency or desire for incest.

The mother comforts and loves the son. Son’s want that eventually in love. They don’t want incest, they want comfort and familiarity. The stories are there to tell us the nature of love, and that it is a seeking of something different but yet familiar. Oedipus and Narcissus are tragic because they are unable to find what they are looking for. The nature of their miseries are due to being cursed by the gods, who have power of the elements which help or hinder communication.

If you call out, will your true love hear you? If the gods favour you, your true love will hear you and will speak back, and the elements, water and air will carry the sound of her voice. And who is the true love? Well, it is someone who is close. It has been proven that couples are attracted to people who have similar looks and genetics. Zeus and Hera were brother and sister. There is a racial element to it, a tribal element. Love seems to search out the familiar, after all you need someone who can understand you. Communication is the key.

From my own observations of Narcissus asteroid and its aspects I conclude that the position has nothing to do with pride, vanity or ego. It will describe the possibility of falling in love, but being unable to communicate. You could stare into the picture of someone you are in love with and she will never be able to tell you her real feelings, only echo your last words.

How to overcome the problems associated with Narcissus and Echo. There is a search for meaning. It is a warning that dying alone is a real possibility if you get too absorbed in some kind of other world or if you are unable to say your own feelings, like Echo, who can’t say what she wants. A modern Narcissus might be a guy who sits at his computer playing games or reading books in search for some truth about his life, which could be seen as self-absorption. And a modern Echo is the girl who would like to say how she feels directly but can’t do it out of cowardice but is only able to reflect the light of the one she loves, a bit like the Moon reflecting the Sun. The story is about a weakness in the lines of communication.

As a conclusion, modern term narcissism has nothing to do with the original story. It has untapped symbolism, which the ancients understood. Like so much of the modern world, there is so much that has been lost.



Gods of Art

28 06 2017

There are a number of influences over what is nowadays termed “art”. Everyone knows that art in the modern sense signifies paintings, sculptures and sometimes weird “installations” that can be found in galleries, museums and public places.

There were nine muses which were associated with art, but strangely enough something is missing from what would be deemed “art” in  modern times. The muses patronised the following: (Calliope), epic poetry; Kleio (Clio), history; Ourania (Urania), astronomy; Thaleia (Thalia), comedy; Melpomene, tragedy; Polymnia (Polyhymnia), religious hymns; Erato, erotic poetry; Euterpe, lyric poetry; and Terpsikhore (Terpsichore), choral song and dance. Is there one specifically for painting as would be known today? In the time of the muses visual arts were not what was associated with pure art, it was a oral society and the great arts were spoken as in theatre, acted, played, spoken poetry and dance. The Hellenistic civilization was one of pure action and in the moment effects. It is a surprise to any researcher to find that no muse specifically dedicated to painting or sculpture existed, though these cultures created much painting and sculpture, which survives today on vases and walls.

I will argue that there are three main contenders for the title of “ruler of art”.

Athena /Minerva

Goddess of wisdom, war, pottery and crafts, Athena stands as probably the first deity which is easily recognisable as the true goddess of visual art. In Hellenic times pottery was one of the major modes of visual art representation along with wall painting, mosaics and of course the thing that Greek civilization will always be remembered for, the 3 dimensional representation of the human form, chiselled and formed from pure marble or stone. It should be noted that their architecture was also magnificent art work, which was decorated with frescos, and these statues.


Athena is not depicted sitting. She is not depicted with colouring pencils, nor with paint brushes or any kind of “crafts” tools. She is depicted in full battle array, ready for slaughtering the enemy. She is not depicted sitting at the potters’ wheel, even though she is patroness of the pottery which recorded her image.

The meaning to the modern is probably lost, as we seem to interpret things from our perspective which has things categorised and a bit disconnected. But to looking more deeply into the association of Athena as a goddess of the defensive war and protection of the city, connections can be made. Modern theorists accept two forms of power in any state. The obvious hard power is military, but soft power is also acknowledged, and encompasses everything that falls under the term “culture”. When other nations come up against a culture that impresses them, victory can be won simply by putting those nations in awe and fear, when in reality the hard military might does not match the power that is projected.

It was Athena who gave the Greeks victory against an enemy that far outmatched them, the Persians. During this battle Athena helped them to get out of Athens, allowing it to be burned to the ground while setting up a trap and luring the Persian ships into a narrow channel where they were ambushed and slaughtered. Wisdom in battle requires artistry, whereas brute force is defeated by the mental precision and cleverness.

If we look at artistic achievement as well as military achievement, the same principles are true. The fine detail and precision used with wisdom, creates superior art to that of thick brushes with base colours. Walls are painted in individual colours to brighten up the house, and the work is brute force with little need for artistry apart from the need to avoid going over the floors and doors. Athena’s wisdom is attention to the finer details.


From Athena we are reminded that any art is done with a certain level of aggression. Her artistry is designed for conquering her enemies. Athena is a virgin goddess. This means that all sexual energy is maintained, and purified and is part of her essence.


This is the Sun god. Apollo, like Athena is a violent god. The Sun’s beams though when they warm the skin are a source of life and comfort, they are the thing that gives pleasure to existence. Just imagine life in eternal darkness, it could get pretty cold, you would be in the realm of Hades / Pluto, where the Sun appears as nothing more than a bright star.


Apollo is depicted playing musical instruments such as the Lyre. With this Lyre, he was able to win the hearts of everyone even the mountains and birds melted in joy at the sound of his playing. Apollo as Sun god is associated with light. Imagine looking at an artwork in the dark. Apollo’s art is so basic, but essential. In many works of art beauty is infused through the depiction of light.

The 5th house, is the house of Leo and the house of the Sun. Creativity and warmth are said to be associated with this house. Apollo is a god of archery, and like Athena has a deadly side, but just like Athena as a warrior from a distance his skills require a great precision and control. Apollo’s art is connected with music, prophecy healing and archery.

Since prophecy is about the future, Apollo is possibly a greater power than Athena. Whereas Athena has wisdom, Apollo is able to predict the future and therefore able to see how things would work out. He therefore allows the artist to predict or envision the outcome of any project before it has happened. To go deeper into the matter, Apollo is the god of the mind’s eye, which sees actions before they unfold, but which also gives the artist the ability imagine and create using that same faculty.

Like the Sun itself, Apollo’s power is unseen though it is right above our heads. It is so bright and obvious that it is not given its due. Apollo gives a pure outpouring of art. It is however musical rather than visually associated. What is the music of Apollo? It is the lyre, which is a stringed instrument similar to the harp or the lute. In order to exploit the artistic gifts of Apollo one must attempt to depict stillness, light and warmth. As the god of archery, he is not a figure of pure action like Athena, but one which does not need to go anywhere in order to dominate his enemies. As god of light, Apollo holds the key to all colour. 1831324dfa87dd23ee202ca283d2fc37--refraction-of-light-color-mixing

The god of light is in fact the god of colour, as revealed by the prism, which splits visible light into is various hues. The esoteric knowledge here is that of fundamentals which are revealed only through deeper understanding. The essence of art is colour, the essence of colour is light. The artist at a basic level mixes pigments cleverly, pigments that are made up of mineral elements that serve only to reflect different areas of the colour spectrum. Could Apollo therefore be the greatest visual artist? He is not depicted with coloured pencils and paintbrushes in his hand, but he is depicted with the lyre.

Aphrodite /Venus

The modern artist has an obsession with Aphrodite, goddess of the female form and of visual beauty. Admittedly, she is not depicted in the art with coloured pencils nor with paint brushes, she is depicted with a mirror and accompanied by Eros ready to arouse and expand the eroticism, from which the word  “erotic” originates. Erotic does not equate with naked, nor does it equate with pornography, because smut is neither sophisticated, nor beautiful. What is worked on here is finer feeling, sensitivity, love and gentleness.

The two signs associated most with art and finery are Taurus and Libra, both of which fall into the domain of Venus. This deity is not a war god, but rather a lust god. She is concerned with beauty and beautiful things. Good things do not just include the female from, (though this is one of the best), but include food, drink, money and every good thing that money can buy. Indeed, Aphrodite is associated with value, because of her beauty and the basic laws of capitalism reveal how that works. The more beautiful a thing, (or person) the more value it has. Aphrodite is probably a fine visual artist and has a firm grasp on basic form, beginning with the female form. Does this mean Ares has good grasp on the male form? No, Ares is a war god, so Aphrodite extends all appreciation of form to the male form and the beauty in all physical existence.

Aphrodite is most easily associated with the modern conception of visual art. The great artists of the past centuries were masters of form and colour. And although beautiful and great, in some senses this art is inferior to the art of Athena and Apollo. Athena’s art depicts action and utility, it is skill married with wisdom and cleverness. Apollo as giver of light and his ability to melt the mountains with emotion from the music of his lyre is also magnificent. Aphrodite is pleasure, love, beauty, inferior to the ecstasy of action and the joy of sound and light. Nevertheless, the artist cannot always reach the highest and must enjoy more earthly pleasures.


The Journey of 1000 miles

29 10 2016

Samsung, Apple and Sony and the non-replaceable battery scam

8 02 2016

The great deception is that after buying a beautiful tablet and smartphone, and after using them only for a few months I noticed that the charge on the battery was lost considerably. In 8 hours I lost 6 percent on standby at the beginning, after two months I lost 10 percent in the same time. I then realised that the smartphone and tablet both are unopenable and to replace the shitty battery is not possible. In 24 months when the makers of my phone and tablet release their brand new products, #8 or #9 or #3 or whatever edition it is, do they expect me to throw my old phone and tablet in the garbage? I paid about $300 and $600 for my phone and tablet. I bought beautiful cases for them and take extreme care over them so as not to scratch them or damage them in any way. I expected to keep them for the next ten years in mint condition with the option of selling them, if indeed I wanted to update to the latest version.

Samsung, Apple and Sony are in the planned obsolescence game together. All tablet and smartphone makers are. When Neptune in Pisces made a square to natal Uranus, I realised the deception going on with regard to new technology. As with all deceptions and thefts, there is a moment of great joy that you bought something on the cutting edge, followed by a very painful realisation that actually the guy you bought it off switched phones just before you handed him the money and in fact when you walked away you were carrying a fake, just a piece of glass wrapped in cardboard and you may as well throw it in the river now. As for your hard earned cash, that guy is in another country, you can’t get your money back now.


As the graph demonstrates, after 250 charges, if you charge once a day that is 250 days, lithium ion batteries lose between 15-30% capacity. In 500 days instead of lasting 8 hours, the charge will only hold for 4 hours. After 1000 days what is the result? No-one has talked about that. But it is true that in the old days, replaceable AA 1.2 volt rechargeable lithium batteries would have to themselves be replaced after 1000 charges because they became useless at holding energy.

I like reading using my tablet, and playing games, I use my smartphone for music while commuting, for reading while bored at work. The energy drains fast. It is not that I can’t afford to buy the latest version, I can and I want to. I just don’t like being tricked. Samsung, Apple, Sony and possibly their other competitors are perfectly capable of utilizing standardized replaceable batteries in their mobile techonolgies. They have calculated, very cynically and colluded together in order to trick the consumer into wasting his money. Additionally, what about the unnecessary cost to the environment in extra plastic, glass and valuable metals being wasted unecessarily?

I have read thousands of comments in reviews about these products indicating a fury over the changes between the S5 and the S6 and S7 about non-replaceable batteries. But the truth is that all mobile products whether cameras, tablets, laptops or smartphones should be obligated by law to give the consumer and the environment value for money rather than short-changing us and the planet. These companies should be held personally responsible for climate change crimes, and for theft. What am I supposed to do when my S6 holds only 2 hours charge in the space of 24 months? The hell am I buying another faulty product from Samsung. I will find a product that fulfils my criteria for value for money. Dear Samsung, Apple, Sony. If you rip me off, I will not buy your products and what’s more I will talk about it to other consumers so that they boycott you too. Some other competitive manufacturer will come along and will give me the product that I want. I guarentee that.

Don’t forget the golden rule: “The customer is always king”.



Whole Sign Houses (A Return to Classical Principles)

23 12 2014

hellenistic-astrology-07It was not until I read some classical Hellenic texts that I started to understand classical astrology and its underpinnings. This is a personal post where I’d like to explain in a general way, why I re-discovered the in my opinion now “true” system of astrology which in actual fact makes no differentiation between “houses” and “signs”.

When I used to use Equal house system or another system like Placidus or countless others which have arisen during the Medieval period, I came across in my readings references to classical writers which seemed to confuse the word “house” with “sign”. I would read, something like “the house of Scorpio”, or “if the house on the Ascendant is Aries” and I would wonder why these ancient references were mistranslated or misrepresented.

Something never quite agreed with me though, while using “modern” which really is medieval astrological theory. The idea that a house is “in a sign” or in two signs which is the normal case. For example your 1st house is part Scorpio and part Sagittarius, so in theory your body is part short and part tall, you are part obsessive and part freedom loving. No. This didn’t make sense to me though there is plenty of room for contradiction in the human soul. An object can be half painted red and half painted black, this underlies the theory and allows for the astrologer to accept it. But one which I believe to be a sullying or muddling of hierarchical classical purity.

However, going back, through these texts, I didn’t find that houses were separate entities from signs. I didn’t see signs as colours and houses as the actual objects to use that analogy. I found that the sign rising was in fact the house rising. I found that with Ascendant in Virgo I was Virgo rising, never mind that it was in the last decan and that libra was supposedly also in my “1st house”. My first house was itself Virgo, I was a Virgin, not part Virgin part married, one or the other.

The discovery of how I realised that the classical astrology based on whole sign houses made perfect sense, is not important. What is important in this piece is that I relate to you how I see this system as more sensible than any of the other systems which have come later. Questions still remain in my mind about last degree Ascendants or last degree planets, but intuition seems to lead me to the answers for these questions which I will address before finishing this piece.

To illustrate the simplicity of the whole sign system, I pick a well-known chart of someone whose fame unlike pop stars or minor politicians will last for centuries to come. Mahatma Gandhi’s chart is Libra rising with Sun placed a number of degrees before the Ascendant. ASC at about 26 Libra, and Sun at about 9 degrees Libra. To the medievalist or modernist who may use placidus or equal houses or any other which separates “house” as distinct from “sign”, Gandhi has Sun firmly placed in the 12th house. Sun signifies authority, and power, and ubiquitous fame. There are obviously other reasons why the man became who he was, yet this is just one example to demonstrate the reasonableness behind whole house system. Gandhi has Libra rising, and Libra Sun, this means he is a double Libra. On the horizon in his nativity, is Sun in Libra, shortly after Sunrise. Why should the one work against the other? No, they don’t. Sun in Libra does not undermine Libra rising, it reinforces it giving it power and authority. Gandhi’s fame and authority will live on through centuries not just as a man who founded the most populous democracy, but as a man of peace (Libra) whose quotes and pictures are ubiquitous, and whose influence is everywhere. The fact is a 12th house Sun would signify a person disgraced, imprisoned, and who suffers either infamy or being hidden away from the public eye. In whole houses Gandhi has a 1st house Sun in Libra, and he is known world over as a man of peace.

In contrast you take two recent politicians who have 12th house Sun (whole house) GW Bush and Tony Blair, these men had power through other means, Bush through Pluto & Mercury rising, and Blair through Mars rising, yet these men, though famous and possibly popular in their election years, are in fact only a few short years later branded fairly widespread as men who “made mistakes” one is popularly referred to as a war mongerer, and the other is branded a liar. Their deeds are known as mistakes, and their motivations are criticised for being selfish, though success is attributed to other areas of their charts, in whole house their Suns are both 12th house and though they are free men, and successful men, their fame is mixed nevertheless with infamy, with rather massive mistakes, with duplicity, lies, and secret deals.


These examples give an introduction to the reasoning behind whole houses. Yet they are not the business area. The system is based on the idea that the actual constellation on the Eastern horizon is the first house, and any planet in that sign is in the first house. It’s too simple isn’t it. It is that simple. Hellenic Astrology uses trigon lords which are the triplicity lords as well as the house rulers. In Gandhi’s chart 1st ruler is Venus, and lord of his Sun is also Venus. The condition of Venus is important, but what is of more importance in this system is that ASC and Sun act as one unified whole, Venus essentially taking the decisions for both.

In Whole Sign system, the 1st house may be partly below the horizon or partly above, it may be almost completely below or almost completely above. Another question which bugged me before was “why does Sun below the horizon mean strength and Sun just having risen mean bad news and weakness?” Sunrise is surely the beautiful moment which you can watch and feel a sense of awe and happiness at the birth of a new day. The Sun having just risen is a beautiful moment when it is in the same sign which is on the distant horizon, when a different sign begins to dominate the horizon this is when the Sun no longer is in the same house, and thus enters the 12th, because you have two distinct energies which are different signs which are semi-sextile and of different triplicities.

“House” and “Sign” are one. There is no difference. The first house is the sign which is rising on the Ascendant, the Eastern horizon. The second house is the sign which follows, so the system is truly simple. The Midheaven is an important point but the tenth house is the tenth sign from the Ascendant, the sign which is 90 degrees anticlockwise.

When observing transits whole sign houses make perfect sense. A planet changing signs changes its energy completely, it therefore makes sense that this changing planet coming under the disposition of another planet or into its own domicile may be considered to be in the domain of the planet which rules that house and therefore it is in that same house. Say Pisces is on the Descendant in a chart, yet although Neptune is two decans below the horizon, once Neptune has entered Pisces, the energy of Neptune is aligned with the energy of the Descendant, it comes under the trigon lord Mars and the domicile of Jupiter, or if you are so inclined Neptune is its own house. The chart then denotes Neptune figures being allowed in through the door by the lord of the 7th Jupiter, and therefore Neptune is welcomed fully into the 7th house, the wife in this example may be a buoyant Jupiter type, yet she has Neptune in her domain, in her house, making her take on some of the Neptune characteristics, namely artistic rendering of reality.

Tight applying aspects are of importance, these aspects describe events and facts, successes and failures. Yet, under the Hellenic theory, which underpins whole sign houses, it’s possible to observe that, the greater influence is brought about through the energy of the signs involved, so that any planet being placed in Libra is really working on the same level as any other planet in Libra, since they are in the same house and concerned with the same problems in love.

Planets which are close to the Sun yet in another sign are not said to be combust. The reason for this is that the Sun is dominant over the energy of the sign it’s in, with the extent of its orb of about 15 degrees. A Libra Sun will dominate the house it is in, though Venus may hold the key, she must do as Sun insists mitigated only by her essential strength or weakness, If another planet happens to be combust in Libra, then Venus controls that planet through Sun’s authority, yet if that planet slips into Scorpio, then it comes under the protection of Mars, and therefore out of Sun’s influence. Being in the next sign is synonymous with going next door, going into the next “house”.

If a house happens to be empty, how does anything get done? Of course the analogy may be the same as in medieval interpretation, the house has a lord which does the business of that house in another house. The classical whole system houses that I present here confront the medievalist (modernist) with a rather embarrassing question: “If Virgo rises yet Libra is also in the 1st house, which is the lord of this house? Mercury, or Venus?” Obviously only one person can be in charge. The career of a person is one thing at a time, unless that person has Gemini in the 10th, yet it is still just one planet, Mercury which is conducting the affairs of that 10th house. Mercury conducts the affairs on behalf of the Gemini 10th house, and anything that transits Gemini visits the house of Mercury, and any aspects to Mercury natally or by transit will support the house which Mercury rules, the house of Gemini, which happens to be the 10th sign in that example.