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I am a traditional astrologer with knowledge and understanding of the Modern Planets and asteroids. I have developed a system of Astrological analysis over the last six years studying both historical texts and modern psychological and counselling material and am competent as an astrologer.

The readings which I offer are £10 ($14 US) as a standard fee. Obviously to know a person takes more than just one look at the chart, it is an ongoing process requiring feedback and knowledge of the person´s attitudes and situation, certain things are not revealed in a chart. But the astrological tool allows a vast amount of information to be known through a simple reading.

I offer natal readings, progressions, Solar Arcs, Synastry and Composites for relationships, and other questions regarding anything under the Sun for a small fee. Considering I have Saturn in second house it is a very honest price for the reading.

Email me here: to request a reading with all questions and chart requests as well as natal details, location and time.

Click on the paypal “buy now icon” on my myspace page to pay for your reading.

14 responses

9 06 2009
jacob able

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22 07 2010

I sent to you money through paypal to an email listed on your myspace page. I’m not sure if I did it correctly. I want a reading re. the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, with all of my transiting planets cojoined with my natal planets on July 12. I sent to you my request, and two days later my stepfather died. I felt that something was going to happen.
Thank you,
Please check your email accounts

28 10 2010

Please take my biographical data off your “Free Chart Reading” section of this website immediately. I thought it would go through to you directly. Please remove it ASAP. Thank you!

18 12 2010

I dont have the money to pay for a reading but I have alot of questions & not so much understanding! I would love to find someone that I dont c dollar signs attached! With the knowledge u seem to know, not doubting that your knowledge is untrue, im very interested in alot of it! If people have gifts like being psychic etc. why do they charge ppl….i consider it personal gain. but who am i to judge….Questions without answers, can u help?

21 12 2010
Night Sky

Valid point, I used to think the same. But when my readings were free, I had no time for other things. I have a job, and I’m studying now too. I’ve got no time.

28 02 2011

Would like a reading, but your myspace page doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

25 07 2011

the charge is minimal. would you offer a service for absolutely nothing. give the man some respect. people usually charge €50 in my part of the world.

26 07 2011
Night Sky

I haven’t got time at the moment. Sorry. No readings at the minute.

11 05 2012
Lisa McBride

I just have to say that sometimes it is not about money strictly- it is about an exchange of energy. I am a reader not just of astrological charts but also Tarot and people have made this accusation to me before- that if you are ‘really spiritual’ then you would not charge for readings. Baloney, I say… Reading, and reading well, means that a person is dipping into their own well of energy in order to transfer to you via information, advice, analysis, or whatever. If that well is constantly taken from but never replenished, then what you wind up with is a depleted reader- tired, listless, dull, any energy is nervous, undirected energy… and then the well runs dry. As you go through life you will begin to see that there really is no such thing as ‘free’- every good turn results in another, and energy is a constant thing not meant to be held onto nor sucked dry by entities and folks who are all “Gimme, gimme, gimme” while they sit back and do nothing in return, but ‘freely transferred’ amongst us. And that is okay- keeps the wheels spinning and all of that. $14 is a tiny price to pay for this type of input- and trust me, a lot of us have no money.

26 07 2011

sorry for confusion. i wasnt looking for a reading. i thought you were charging not a lot and my reply was to kasey who was looking for a freebey,

11 05 2012
Lisa McBride

PS- my reply above was for “Kasey”.

15 02 2013

Hi Night Sky – are you still too busy for readings – I’ve a zero birthday coming up soon !

22 09 2016

I love your writing style! You are obviously gifted at interpreting.
I’d be more than happy to pay $14 for a reading, and i’m a saturn 2nd house dweller ;-) Please contact me

16 08 2017
Night Sky

I’ve updated the “chart reading” page so you can ask for one now.

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