Astrology´s Journey

24 11 2008

Astrology is not a science, despite what some jumped up professional Astrologers claim. It has no unified system or agreed terms of measurement besides the fact that time is related through the Tropical ephemeris. In practical terms, the Astrologer occupies a space which in ancient times any self respecting philosopher and person who thought about the world around them would occupy. Today however, information is so freely gained that anyone can learn the secrets of this knowledge and profess to charge money for sharing what they know.

The modern astrologer is not a philosopher though, they do not spend vast amounts of time studying mathematics, astronomy, medicine, engineering, theology, or law. The modern astrologer like the modern human being is a specialised being, with time being bought for money, the modern economy does not tolerate, it does not have time for expansion of the mind in this sense. The modern economy demands that each human being does one thing, and does it well and gets paid for it, the exact same way that soldier ants only protect and attack threats, and worker ants only carry food and prepare it for the colony. The modern Astrologer does Astrology the way that the authorities and society deems it acceptable for them to do so, and then rewards these people with a career and a job.

The nature of Astrology is the nature of the world. In this sense it is materialistic. Astrological study has been described by astrologers themselves as belonging to both the ninth house, to Virgo, and to Uranus. In this sense it is easy to see that there is some crossover with both the house of spiritual thought, with the sign of mental enquiry and analysis and with the planet of revolution and Utopian Society.

Astrology though primarily used for relationship and money enquiries actually has nothing at all to do with the signs and houses that rule those things, that of Libra and Taurus and the 2nd and 7th houses. Astrology as termed by Astrologers themselves has nothing in common with what is described as the “counselling profession” or psychiatry, which have a lot to owe to the signs of Pisces, Scorpio and the psychological and relationship signs of Libra and Scorpio. If anything, modern psychiatry and counselling has either hijacked the Astrological lexicon, or Astrologers who made money from their knowledge hijacked that clinical Freudian worldview in order to justify themselves as having a purpose. In the end they called themselves the humanists.

Astrology should be defined for what it is before people go down its modern street, which is a closed end. Astrology is a material philosophy in most of its part. Buddhism describes a wheel of life, nay a wheel of suffering and central in that belief system is a wheel which contains suffering and pain due to its existence on the Earth plain, in the physical manner of being. For the most part people who look into Astrology, or use it are concerned with worldly events, with things that are related to material existence and to relationships. There is no spiritual content within the study of Astrology, there is no moral code or knowledge which does actually lead to “Enlightenment”.

The only benefits of the Astrological knowledge is an opening of awareness of the greatness of possibility. The problem with modern Astrology and therefore the problem with modern society is that it is a closed circuit. It is not open to possibility, it is not open to knowledge for its own sake. It is also quite heartlessly unable to commit to any certainty which as a professed science it must and has to.

There is nothing humanistic about Astrology. It is a lexicon of knowledge, where all things on Earth have a particular element and modality, they even have as it has been described, a humour: that is, a quality of warmth, or cold, of dry or moist in accordance with the actual qualities of the thing which correspond with its ruling planet. Knowledge and understanding of the Natural World and of Man and Woman in their natural state is the original concern of astrology.

What has happened to the Astrological study in the twentieth and twenty first centuries is a reflection of what has occurred in society during these years. The move has been to compartmentalise every aspect of life, and to separate it from every other part of life. But the result is an ever vaguer and more ambiguous slide into relativism and lack of clarity, lack of judgement lack of moral or even material rigour. The fact is that money drives Astrological knowledge these days, just as it drives everything. So as a result possibilities and plausible predictions are given when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. They amount to nothing more than vague possibilities designed to please the customer, who unwittingly pays for the privilege of receiving Virgoan analysis with no substance behind it whatsoever.

Mass Production is designed to be one size fits all after all. So it is no surprise that Astrology has gone in this direction, on the premise that everyone is the same and deserves the same watered down, psychologically convincing empty meaningless rubbish which is published countless times over and over again, simply with changed names. The problem with Astrology today is that it is a drip-feed of nice easy words, which keep people hooked on false hopes always puting spin on every negative meaning, when in fact it should be there to steer people in one direction categorically with total assurance and knowledge.

After the changes which take place in the near future, Astrology may begin to take a more natural stance and revert more back to its ancient roots. But this depends hugely on society. Does the world continue to compartmentalise and specialise to ever increasing narrowness and darkness, while at the same time building itself further away from true Nature and true human spirit, Astrology will follow society and will prove just as brilliant an insight into societies´ values as any history or literature.

Tropical and Sidereal Time and the Equinoxes and Solstice Points

22 11 2008

Why does Astrology post Babylonian use Tropical Zodiac for all of its amazing knowledge? In the majority of programs and text books on the subject there is one ephemeris, which is a default ephemeris, and that ephemeris is the Tropical one. In truth this ephemeris like the Solar Arc directions uses the Sun´s position in relation to the Earth rather than the Earth´s relation to the stars, from which the Zodiac is calculated.


The Tropical method of calculation does not in reality utilise the rays of the stars. The reason for this being that zero degrees of Aries Tropical is actually aligned with about 5 degrees of Pisces in the Sidereal, in the real sky. So why then is zero Aries Zero Aries and not 5 Pisces which is the obvious sensible question? The answer lies in the immense power of the Sun, and in the Earth´s relation through its rotation to that great and overwhelming body. The truth is that zero degrees of Tropical Aries is always and has been since the Classical Astrologers first aligned it with the Spring Equinox.

The Spring Equinox marks the point when the Sun in relation to the Earth is in perfect equilibrium and increasing in its power in the Northern Hemisphere while decreasing in strength in the Southern Hemisphere. Since there were no Astrologers below the equator it became known as a symbolic time of energy flowing in the Earth.

The Winter Solstice however can be proven in its symbolic and occult power simply by its relation with the many religious festivals held around its time at which the Solar entrance into Tropical Capricorn is fixed. It is not that the Winter Solstice happens accidentally to coincide with The Sun entering Tropical Capricorn at exactly zero degrees, but that the Ephemeris, that the entire Astrological year is calculated by placing zero degrees Capricorn at the lowest point of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere or rather the point at which the Earth´s inclination to the Sun reached is maximum Southern Latitude or Declination.

Houses of the Sun

By understanding therefore the nature of Tropical Zodiac the question to ask is why? If Aries has no relation to the Constellation of Aries which is the Sidereal or simply “real” Aries then why do people born under a Tropical Aries Sun exhibit Aries characteristics? Tropical Astrology does not pretend to have any relation to the constellations which gives the Zodiac its names. So the reality of the Tropical Zodiac is that these are more like houses, imagined houses based on the relation between Sun and Earth.

Sidereal and Tropical convergence

To use the Sidereal Zodiac would be to acknowledge the Constellations and Stars as the major infulence of life on Earth. No precession would be involved in this, no adjustment of the Zodiac would be made because the fixed stars stay exactly where they are over thousands of years in relation to the Earth.

One interesting point then in relation to the study of Astrology is the nature of debility and dignity which has been created over the last couple of Millenia using a sliding Tropical Zodiac. At about 300 AD both Sidereal and Tropical aligned with each other which means that with 500 years on either side the majority of Tropical Aries was also Sidereal Aries, and therefore dignities of planets in Signs at least cannot be separated.  So for Ptolemy writing in the 2nd century AD distinguishing the Tropical Zodiac he would have easily written the exact same thing for Sidereal which would have only been about 1-2 degrees apart from each other, given that precession creates an error of 1 degree per 72 years, between the two time markers.

The Tropical Zodiac equals the Solar Zodiac

The Sun gives life to the Earth. It gives heat and light and energy. The Sun emits almost all radiation within the Solar system on almost all wavelengths, these are the wavelengths which we cannot see and which we cannot feel as either light or infrared heat. So it is no surprise then that even if the stars and constellations were non-existent, even if the other planets in the Solar System and all of the comets and asteroids were not there and it was just us and the Sun, life would not be much different. The Tropical Zodiac would still function fantastic without any planets at all in the Solar System or even stars in the sky. The Moon would be missed in the cycles of Nature, of ocean creatures, but in fact nothing much would be changed.

In the light of this explanation of Tropical Zodiac and its basis on the Equinoxes of the Sun, it would be fair then to look not so much into the star-lore surrounding constellations, nor into the nature of the Fixed stars. The power of planets in debilities and dignities is based upon the placement of the Sun. So to think of Mars´s strength in Aries it would be wise to think of the nature of the Sun at the Spring Equinox rather than the warrior´s constellation of the Ram.

The dignities of the planets as defined by Tropical Astrologers from Ptolemy to Lilly are based on the houses of the Sun rather than the rays from the stars. So the interpretation that should be made, the understanding that should be gained is that the position of Venus in Libra has nothing to do with the Scales, nothing to do with the constellation, but everything in fact to do with the nature of the Sun in that position. Venus´s beauty and pleasing nature arises out of the Sun´s apparent softness and loss of power.

All interpretations should be thought of in terms of the Sun´s position at that degree and more specifically in relation to the Solstice and Equinox points to which the entire system is attached to.