Saturn in Gemini

30 12 2008

A book should serve as the ax for the frozen sea within us

Franz Kafka

Saturn has day time triplicity as well as terms between 21 and 25 degrees of Tropical Gemini. There is a strong likelihood of peregrination occurring here, though it is not as strong as in other signs, which means that this Saturn is a relatively dignified Saturn.

Saturn as primary ruler of Aquarius is actually in possession of all of the mental and human qualities which make up Gemini. Gemini along with Virgo and Aquarius are the three entirely human signs. So while in the binary sign of Gemini Saturn under the guidance of a boisterous and out going day time Mercury is stimulated by thought to say the least.

Under the ray of Gemini, Saturn is given the tools of intellect and thought. His imperative is to build stability and solid foundations, a life which does not contain too many surprises, which is why, when peregrine in Gemini, he is as poorly dignified as an Aries Saturn. Mercury being the planet who doesn´t stay still, doesn´t care for long term commitments and is restless, is unable to stick to the tasks that Saturn desires, namely those of hard work and establishing a reputation for himself. Gemini has the terrible habit of getting distracted and not paying attention, preferring to “sample” a little of everything that seems to be on offer, deciding at the end that the first thing it saw was the best, but that the opportunity for it is now somewhat redundant.

On the other hand when Saturn here is more dignified, and that´s in its day time triplicity, he is able to take orders from a very detached and intellectual Mercury. Day time Mercury is not the same as the night time Virgo Mercury, here Saturn is outgoing and more inclined to make connections like the Aquarian Saturn. It is imperative that this Saturn find a way of achieving stability and defending something that is worthy of long lasting success. Having considered the pitfalls of this placement, it is of great note that Saturn here is capable of the greatest mental constructions. Here he is forced into building things which allow for speed and movement so that if there are any problems they can be dealt with in the most rapid and efficient, (second only to Virgo Saturn) way.

Gemini rules over all such things as roads, telegraph wires, cars, nerves, novels, teachers, schools and neighbours. So it is no surprise that when Saturn is in this terrain he is persuaded, by his Mercury master into building structures of two dimensions. The city of London is traditionally considered to be Gemini and from its outset is divided into two by the river Thames and then again between the East and West, and  then again by its extensive underground which results in a second “twin” London under-ground, one that is on the move, a city that has for its government both a democracy and a monarchy with Imperial possessions at the same time, only Saturn in Gemini is capable of such a feat. Interestingly for London, cab drivers are said to have “the knowledge” and it is a feat of Saturn to master knowledge of such a huge city, one where not one, but a multitude of free newspapers circulate both underground and overground. When dignified then, this Saturn is truly fast and clever.

Saturn in Gemini is not just inclined to being fast and clever, but is also capable of great writing too. There are a number of authors with this position, and once again theirs is a knowledge which is sifted by Saturn who is concerned with the purity of thought and sharing only information which is worth sharing. The only criticism here for Saturn is that Gemini is a sign which only goes on what he knows and sees and doesn´t really believe in that which cannot be tested.

Some people with Gemini Saturn: Mick Jagger, Harrison Ford, Sigmund Freud, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Copernicus, Albert Camus, Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, Sir Francis Bacon, Ivan (The Terrible), William Burroughs, Socrates, Jerry Springer

Saturn in Cancer

29 12 2008

And I have felt

A presence that disturbs me with the joy

Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime

Of something far more deeply interfused,

Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,

And the round ocean and the living air,

And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;

A motion and a spirit, that impels

All thinking things, all objects of all thought,

And rolls through all things. Therefore am I still

A lover of the meadows and the woods,

And mountains; and of all that we behold

From this green earth; of all the mighty world

Of eye, and ear,–both what they half create,

And what perceive; well pleased to recognise

In nature and the language of the sense,

The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,

The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul

Of all my moral being.

William Wordsworth

The degrees known as Tropical Cancer are the least essentially dignified degrees of longitude for Saturn in the Zodiac where he is describes as “in detriment”. He possesses terms in nothing more than the last three degrees, which do little to alleviate his essential debility. The elemental difference here is only of moisture, for like the water element Saturn is cold.

With the Moon as lord of Saturn, the problem arises because primarily, Saturn requires stability and an unchanging, steady, fixed set of goals and achievements, while Moon has other ideas, being ruled by each and every swaying emotion and whimsical thought. This is not to say that the Moon is not capable of greatness, she is, just that Saturn has a very hard time adapting and showing emotions which for him are “difficult to come by”.

The emotion of Melancholy is natural to Saturn, it is one of sobriety and an easy serious and hushed respectful tone. His favourite and most suitable emotion is that which is mountainous sublime and requires neither expression nor words, because it is there, like an immense and perfect mountain. Unmoving, nonthreatening, mute, calm, without words.

For the most part, Saturn in Cancer is not aware that he is in emotional terrain. His natural reaction to such instability and changeable waters, is similar to that of Scorpio Saturn: “build defence”. In Scorpio Saturn says “build a mote”. The emotional state is one of intense fear, which is fine by Saturn, because he likes consistency, the fear is constant, and so his castle and mote serve and last him. But in Cancer he is confronted with every emotion that the Moon can throw at him, all to be experienced in the space of her 28 day orbit.

The result is often that Saturn will ignore Moon´s emotional stuff and become completely insulated against it. He will carry on as normal with his worldly goals and ambition. But unfortunately when this happens and Saturn attains positions of responsibility thus fulfilling his innate desire, he is still placed in Cancer and is unable to defend himself. For inevitably Moon will cause difficulty for Saturn which will concern his family, his roots, and his home. So when Saturn achieves his place in power, he is likely to spoil his image through ruling and acting out of emotional insecurity rather than calm planning. This is the Saturn who will put up protectionist tariffs and stop anyone coming into his home thus completely damaging his own country and home.

Saturn does have great potential here, just like all planets in terrain which is foreign to them. In this placement some of the greatest writers and poets have been found. Saturn naturally builds things that are great, sublime, immense and majestic, and so while in Cancer his greatness when he becomes master of Moon rather than slave, is pure unadulterated emotional power. Cancer is one of the signs which is most closely associated with Nature. The cycles of nature of reproduction, of growth and of movement of life within the water element is one of fertility and abundance. It is up to Saturn to cultivate this nature while in this sign, to not only cultivate it but to treat it respectfully and with care because of its fragility.

Some people with Cancer Saturn: William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Di Caprio, George W Bush, Napoleon Bonnaparte, JFK, Jules Verne, David Beckham, Nostradamus, Marquis De Sade, Elizabeth I, Neil Young, DH Lawrence, Elgar, Dylan Thomas, Joseph Conrad

Saturn in Aries

29 12 2008

“The diamond absolutes.
I am neither internee nor informer;
An inner émigré, grown long-haired
And thoughtful; a wood-kerne

Escaped from the massacre,
Taking protective colouring
From bole and bark, feeling
Every wind that blows;

Who, blowing up these sparks
For their meagre heat, have missed
The once-in-a-lifetime portent,
The comet’s pulsing rose.”

Seamus Heaney, from Exposure

Saturn Falls in the Tropical sign of Aries. The terms which he has in the last four degrees are little comfort to him, though reduce the impact of the fall in that particular longitude. Like the elemental fallout of Saturn in the other fire sign Leo, in Aries, Saturn is not comfortable with the heat of this sign nor particularly its choleric temperament.

One curious fact about this Saturn is that while Mars has Exaltation in his night time rulership of Capricorn, Saturn suffers terribly in Mars´s day sign of rulership Aries. This is a testament to the nature of Saturn´s general dislike for aggression, for abrasive acts and for fighting. Saturn the organiser and decision maker is nothing like the decision maker of Mars, in fact it might be strange to say that Mars as ruler of Aries even makes decisions considering that he is so fast and doesn´t seem to even consider or think about something, but rather, does it making it appear as if options and possibilities were not really thought about.

James Bond is a good example of Aries Saturn. He is actually sophisticated, well educated and a part of the establishment and government, dressed in nice suits and at the service of government. Yet he is called by Mars to go out and kill, to do the dirty work that needs to be done by Mars. Now Bond´s real Aries Saturn is actually trine a Leo Jupiter and sextile a Gemini Sun, which makes him not only exceedingly lucky, but also incredibly bouyant charming and glamorous. This is what is possible for an Aries Saturn under fortunate circumstances.

In one way Saturn in fall in Aries coincides with the detriment of Venus in this sign, and his exaltation in Libra coincides with her rulership in that sign. The temperamental nature of Saturn then like Venus, is one of weighing up options, of meditation, and careful deliberation and is not happy under the guidance of an abrasive day time Mars. Indeed, under the ray of Mars, Saturn has potential for taking actions and decisions which are undignified. In Aries Saturn is forced into acting fast, and aggressively, this Saturn like Leo Saturn and possibly even more, if given great responsibility and power is liable to take actions that will backfire, namely acts of aggression and war. For in Aries, Saturn is given military uniform and an automatic weapon, with the result being that when he uses this power he inevitably loses respect because it is not fitting for his status and position.

The basic psychological motivation is that of feeling attacked, and as a result attacking in order to defend, that of “the best defence is offence”. So often Saturn here acts like Mars but doesn´t realise that his actions and words are actually damaging to his reputation and self respect. This is really a battle field, or, hot coals under the feet position for Saturn, which is not befitting. With experience the fighter becomes a great fighter, but there comes a time in which fighting must cease, and Saturn in Aries doesn´t, which is why eventually he gets defeated. Saturn prefers stability and strong roots and tradition, structures which create stability in family and in life, but these are not to be had in this position, because Saturn is so constantly moving on, changing his ideas and moving with them, as if he really did have hot coals under his feet.

One reason for this is that in a sense like his night time compatriot Scorpio Saturn, Aries Saturn is born in this world with an inheritance destroyed by war or by other aggressive actions and tragedies. Scorpio is more so because of his association with “inheritances” and death, but in Aries it can be said that Saturn is given a fresh impetus to create a new structure and a new tradition, or base in which to lay down his foundations and traditions.

On the positive side when Saturn heeds Mars and follows his impulsive restless sense of urge to action, Saturn is capable of pulling of a stunning performance with great energy and enthusiasm. When working well in this sign, Saturn finds the energy and draws upon it to combine his malancholy with enthusiasm and huge zest. This combination can be truly mesmerising for its special blend of out going vibe with Saturn´s inherent stillness. As opposed to the exalted hard working Capricorn Mars, Fall Saturn is an angry and explosive Saturn whose true nature of sadness and stability it brought out in the raw power of Mars.

The ridiculousness of Monty Python is partly due to Aries Saturn. The Ministry of Silly Walks is where Saturn as government and total seriousness acts out childishly like an Aries Mars, of course Aries wants to run, but Saturn doesn´t do that in his suit and bowler hat. The result is a silly walk.  It´s a case of Saturn´s composure being totally blown by Aries, with hilarious results.

Some people with Aries Saturn: Saddam Hussein, Will Smith, Thom Yorke, George Washington, Leon Trotsky, Herman Melville, Seamus Heaney, Ian Fleming

Saturn in Aquarius

28 12 2008

Saturn is the day time ruler of Aquarius and has triplicity by day also as well as terms in the first six degrees, making Aquarius the stronger placement for Saturn. This is not to say that this placement is “better” for Saturn, just that under the right conditions; diurnally, it has the potential for the greatest essential dignity.

The fact that Saturn has rulership over the sign of Aquarius indicates that contrary to much modern interpretations and psychological analysis, Aquarius is far more like Saturn and concerned with the same things as Saturn than that new rival Uranus. And the fact that Saturn “rules” this sign more so than it does Capricorn (its night time rulership) is testament to the fact that this placement in natal charts is one of the most beneficial and noble placements possible. This is not to say that Uranus, planet of invention and revolution has nothing at all to do with Aquarius, just that Saturn´s essential dignities are here also.

Saturn when found in Aquarian terrain is actually in an air element. Saturn´s nature is to build and to construct. In Capricorn the preceeding sign Saturn had constructed physical basics of civilisation, walls, churches, city halls, and other central government buildings which establish hierarchy and structure. The sign of Aquarius is of a rather different nature, Aquarius is not interested in Pyramid structures within society, but rather in allowing dialogue and representation. Aquarius as the third air sign is most concerned with relationships with people, and people that extend beyond his brothers (Gemini) and beyond his wife and enemies (Libra) and into all people of his nation and even beyond his nation.

These relationships are with people who have no blood relation to himself. They have neither blood relation, nor in fact do they need to have anything in common with him except to bring something to the table that is different and interesting in order for him to learn something new. Aquarius as an air sign gives Saturn the intellectual and spiritual capability to know and awful lot about human nature and about how to get along with people. And true to the Aquarius ideal, people are by far the most interesting thing for Saturn here. It should come as no surprise then that Saturn in Aquarius builds structures where people are given voice and where “equality” is the idea behind it. The Houses of Parliament, the House of Representatives or more simply the “Public House” is in essence of the nature of Saturn in Aquarius. The Pub of course might be deemed as a Piscean invention due to the free flow of drink, but in fact it is primarily a place where people meet, and generally talk, and exchange ideas, it also fits the image of the “water bearer” in that the place is essentially air, but accepts and gives water to all of humanity.

It is interesting to note that Saturn in Aquarius is given a very strong sense of sociability. This is the reason for the liking of all things which allow for free discussion but adhere in principle to a fixed belief system, as Aquarius is one exceedingly fixed and unchangeable sign. Socialism fits into some of the interests of Aquarius Saturn though it is not so much that Saturn here is in revolution against the system, but that Saturn is convinced that all men are equal, and that all deserve a right to life and liberty. Like the other air signs Aquarius is capable of being contrary and in air, Saturn is able to confuse. For in taking up something like socialism, Saturn is in effect only trying to connect with his fellow human being, the idea here is that Saturn wants to build a society, or a civilisation in which all are happy and safe.

The idea is to reject Imperialism and to favour socialism and highlight the suffering of working people, but then to turn against the original idea and to criticise socialist regimes that end up oppressing even worse than the original empire. The dignity of Saturn in this position comes from his desire to serve humanity, this placement is one that lends help and is interested in creating relationships within the human race as a whole based on nothing more than friendship and good will.

This Saturn constructs buildings under the ray of Aquarius which are primarily interested in promoting tolerance, not just tolerance but friendship and community as well as all intellectual and scientific knowledge. Saturn here uses his knowledge and wisdom to construct edifices in the sky; Universities, and places where people meet in the interest of bettering humanity are some of his works. It is not only freedom that Saturn wants here, freedom on a personal level, but freedom and unity, perhaps individual freedom and united humanity.william-blake

Some people with Aquarius Saturn: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Manson, Jung, Nietzsche, Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage, Quentin Tarantino, Calista Flockhart, Phillip Roth, Herbert Hoover, Sir Winston Churchill, George Orwell, William Blake, Aleister Crowley, Henry VIII, Gustav Holst, Yuri Gargarin, Lord Byron, Bismarck, James Cook, Horatio Nelson

Saturn in Capricorn

28 12 2008

Saturn is said to be strongest in Capricorn its night time rulership which is interesting since in Aquarius he possesses both rulership plus triplicity and terms. But in reality the essential dignity is borne of more than just simple elemental dignities, in fact the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn share rulership over a large number of things, which Aquarius and Libra (Saturn´s day rulership and exaltation) do not. In the same way that Venus and Libra are not analogous, because Venus rules over Taurus too, Saturn and Capricorn are not analogous.

Some things that both Saturn and Capricorn both have affinity with are: age, experience, ambition, skin, bones and buildings, especially those that are built to last. Government buildings and buildings that have an aura of respect and hushed quiet to them are also both Capricorn and Saturn´s pride and joy.

The truth of the matter is that in Capricorn Saturn is lord of his own duties and thus takes orders from no other planet. And so this is the reason for his pure expression in this sign. In Capricorn, Saturn is called upon to express all of the greatest qualities of that sign. This is the sign that rules engineering, civil service, government, clock makers, mountain climbers, and real estate dealers. It is interesting that in Capricorn the desire for power is not in service of ego in any way, the ambition seems to be borne out of a desire not so much for admiration but out of a basic insecurity and fear of not being good enough or not having enough.

It is interesting to note that Saturn often signifies a lack of, either through poverty, disease or another reason for unhappiness as a traditional malefic.  But Capricorn does not signify the same, Capricorn is not a “malefic” sign, it is simply a Cardinal Earth sign which is practical, organised and rather reliable. The likelihood is that in Capricorn, Saturn will have to be tested for all it is worth. But the elemental nature is beneficial here, the organisational ability of Saturn here, his cool headed ability to think responsibly and be self reliant is extremely beneficial.

In  some ways here, Capricorn forces Saturn into building things that are of the greatest quality and standard, and since Saturn is concerned with defense, with organisation and with traditions, Capricorn ensures that whatever it is that Saturn turns his attention to, that his projects are completed with the minimum of fuss but with the maximum amount of quality and detail. Saturn misses nothing and is also smart in what it does. In Capricorn Saturn is fond of building walls, walls which are not necessarily meant to withstand an attack, but walls which are built in order to inspire respect, awe and to make it clear that order will be kept and barriers will also be kept. One modern example of this was the Berlin Wall which began construction under a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. It kept out the East Germans, but also became a highly political symbol that no-one is to fall out of line, that people must stay in their place and not deviate from it.

The early 1930´s were a time in which Saturn was in Topical Capricorn. Of course these were the worst years of the Great Depression. Obviously they were extremely tough times, but it is during such times that things which are not of real value, things which are constructed on sand collapse while what is constructed on solid rock remains untouched by the calamity surrounding it. The same parable might be applied to the collapse of Communism in Western Asia and Eastern Europe during another transit of Saturn in Capricorn.

Capricorn doesn´t have time for things that are not of service, that are superficial, and that don´t have a moral fabric based on respect. It is no wonder then that Saturn in Capricorn simply wants to create things that are of quality and last a long time, that, like bones will actually outlive him. Saturn is really very simple under the beam of Capricorn, his focus is strong and he repeats what he does until it is so perfect that he is able to make it look a lot harder than it really is. The idea here is an incredible feat based on the simplest of structures. This is part of the beauty of majestic Capricorn, like the Great Pyramids.

An interesting thing about Saturn here is that despite the natural affinity with Earth, this position is one which looks very much skywards. As a result then Saturn here often ends up in very high places, skyscrapers, mountains, and even in space fit the bill for this placement. Capricorn forces Saturn here into climbing, and it seems that the steeper the climb, the more this Saturn enjoys it.


Some people with Capricorn Saturn: Jaques Derrida, Barack Obama, Lady Di, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Walt Disney, Emmanuel Kant, Neil Armstrong, Buz Aldrin, Casanova, Charles Dickens, Mikail Gorbachev, Hirohito, Peter Jackson, John Milton, Kim Farnell, Maximilien I (Holy Rome)

Saturn in Leo

28 12 2008

Despite being in its detriment in Leo, Saturn has both terms and face in the early degrees of this sign, which diminish somewhat its essential debility in those early degrees. Because the nature of Saturn is melancholic, cold and dry and the nature of Leo is so completely different being both hot and humid and choleric, the difference in temperament is one reason for the debility.

But of course the problem is more complex than a difference in temperament. Under Leo, Saturn is brought into the spotlight, into the limelight and is forced into doing something that Saturn abhors generally, and that is being the centre of attention and being “fun”. In analogy, Saturn in Leo is the “old man” who takes to the stage, who acts and is given both fame and fortune. Saturn naturally is alien to the world of glamour, of stars and of attention, so when Saturn is asked by Leo to be “the star”, to show off, to be an individual he responds by doing what he always does: taking it seriously. Leo Saturn must act but is not spontaneous, he must be an individual but at his age, it is a serious thing. The result then is that Saturn looks rather comical in his position, for his placement in Leo is that of being the one that everyone looks up to and wants to be because he is in essence the “hero”, but the way he goes about being hero is matter of fact, duty, and he will save the world, and say at the end “I´m just doing my job”.

In this position, Saturn is forced into showing courage, spontaneity, exuberance and love of life. The result is often a straight jacket. When in terms and face though, and the essential debility of this placement is reduced somewhat, Saturn´s serious and no-nonsense face is a beautiful blend with Solar energy resulting in an old and mature soul acting through an innocent and childlike Leo. This is the old king, but as in many plays and stories about old kings, their position is almost always undignified, this is the problem of King Lear. While his authority and power are strong, the thing that kings so crave and need in order for their existence; namely affection and adoration is difficult to find. For in reverse while Leo is also the hero, Leo´s heroism is only real because of his person and his self, and as king (Sun) Lear demands affection, through his age (Saturn) it is very hard in coming, whether to give or to receive.

Another effect of Leo Saturn is the politician who stays true to his Saturnine self and achieves great office and respect. In this case Saturn is satisfied with these accomplishments. But because he is placed in Leo Saturn is forced into acting out childishly, spontaneously and romantically and as such renders any dignity of Saturn here destroyed. Saturn enjoys Leo´s power and strength, this is true, but when it comes to responsibility this Saturn is either not capable, or simply not mature enough for it. The trouble is that Saturn is in a most egotistical position here, which means that his power is not primarily used for respect or for the bettering of humanity as it would be in Aquarius, but for simple self-satisfaction and for either personal gain, or personal ideals which are exclusive rather than inclusive.

The detrimental nature of Saturn in Leo almost always guarantees the humiliation of Saturn in any kind of endeavour in which he tries to act out his original and melancholic nature, for in doing so the fire of Leo will burn away all careful planning, all responsibility and wreak havoc. But for the Saturn who acts out his inner child, who does what Leo tells him and tries to be “fun” it seems as if great respect and honour… those so desired Saturnine gifts are thrown upon him. It is funny that this Saturn although repressed and wearing a straight jacket when he does take to the stage, is so showered with affection and admiration for doing it. But that is the nature of essentially debilitated planets, they are asked to do something they don´t like.


Some Leo Saturn people: Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jean Jaque Rousseau, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Steven King, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Steven Spielberg, Nelson Mandela, Mila Jovovich, David Bowie, Shakira

Saturn in Virgo

27 12 2008

In Tropical Virgo Saturn has terms between 18 and 24 degrees. For the rest of this sign Saturn is peregrine having no essential dignity. The lack of essential dignity here arises from the elemental nature of Saturn in relation to that of Virgo. For despite being an Earth sign, Saturn is uncomfortable in Virgo due to the fact that Virgo being ruled by Mercury is a mutable and therefore very changeable sign and contrary to Saturn´s nature.

Virgo is a sign in which speed and “lightness” in wieght, ease of movement and adaptabiliy are key. Saturn being of a melancholic, heavy and slow disposition is not at all suited to acting the part of Mercury, who demands of Saturn speed of thought, and speed generally.  Saturn´s rulership of Aquarius though, a sign of intellect and knowledge means that he is capable of doing Virgo´s work with great skill and understanding, if not innovation.

Virgo is the sign of the healer, nurse, medic, craftsman, clerk and rules over fields of oats and other nutritious and wholesome natural foods. Saturn is not one for all this health conscious stuff, nor is he particularly interested in doing the “hands on” kind of perfectionist work, which amounts to a servitude for him. Saturn is the decision maker and political power, he is the planner, and the inventor (as ruler of Aquarius) but not really at home with being the “doer” or carer. Virgo demands these things from Saturn while he is in this sign, and Saturn must learn patience with details of craft, whether this be in healing or in working in the field, or in some other practice.

Saturn as a matter of course is concerned with defences. In Virgo then Saturn builds according to Mercury´s clever plan. Things that Saturn would do here would be to build hospitals and schools, because through health and education Saturn would see to it that all of its desires for order and civil society are fully functional. Virgo favours cleanliness and is afraid of disease, so Saturn here would be seeing to it that his people are kept well, after all Virgo is symbolised by a human being like the signs of Aquarius and Gemini.

Saturn´s peregrine nature here is testament to the fact that difficulties are brought to him through Virgo. The troubles which befall him here are likely to be health problems, and poor harvests which is the reason in part for Saturn´s concern for these areas. For it is only under great need that Saturn does things in order to protect himself. Having said this, Saturn will build something which is pure, healthy and useful for humanity under Virgo, this is a very considerate Saturn one who will create structures that are necessary for society to function and to live happy and healthy lives.

When in dignity, Virgo Saturn has the potential to improve the mind to a great extent to the point where the ability for careful discernment allows Saturn the possibility of great achievements in any form of written or annotated work. Saturn in Virgo is potentially a great writer or composer, as Virgo gives Saturn the tools of pen, paper and clear and pure thought.

Some people with Virgo Saturn: Robin Williams, Gerard Depardue, Charles De Gaulle, Pope John Paul II, Richard Branson, Antoine Lavoisier, Nero, Erwin Rommel, George Frederich Handel, Johan Sebastian Bach, Alexander Dumas, Agatha Christie, John Calvin

Chiron: The Bleeding Wound and the Aquarian Age

20 12 2008

Chiron´s discovery in 1977 coincided with a wound. This wound is a wound which can be seen in the super consciousness of the entire world. In reality it is in fact a psychological wound which goes back a lot further, it originates in millennia which are past and buried beneath the sands. Chiron however is now considered awoken in mass consciousness, in the similar way that the modern planets are also awoken. Chiron speaks about his wound by saying this:

“There is something wrong with me, I am psychologically damaged, I am wounded, I am in pain and I don´t know why, so I must go on a quest, I must find a teacher, must share my pain, must do all possible to sooth and to solve, to stitch it up.”

But obviously in the myth Chiron never does have his wound stitched up. He goes on bleeding and having his liver eaten out every day in the heat of the Sun. He never learns why his pain is there or how to fix it. In times gone by, in times in which the world was the way the world was and was never to be thought about in terms which were beyond: “me, my wife, my father, and  my God”, Chiron never had a use.

What is the use of going deep into a wound? What is the use of bleeding all over the place, sharing your bleeding, sharing your mess with people, with strangers, with psychologists, with family, friends, with support groups and with your own conception of the world? In times of old there was nothing of the sort. If you got a bad lot in life you looked up, and prayed for the next to be better… such is Faith. Real faith is based on this presumption, that we do in fact all return once again.

Age of Aquarius

In some ways Chiron is in tune with the Aquarian Age. Chiron is in fact a wounded Centaur trapped in an immortal shape on Earth, but trapped in suffering and in what humanity is fast becoming. A humanity that cuts its own liver out day in day out seems to be the essence of the Age of Aquarius, one that is not Noble and dignified, but one which is obsessed with its own sense of woundedness.

The Age of Aquarius is after all the Age in which the Sun falls into Detriment and into weakness. One in which Chiron, the ultimately wounded Centaur and the one who according to the writers in the subject will take us all from Material Saturnine reality into the Uranian Realm… how very Aquarian.

One thing that Sun sign Aquarians are fond of is indeed pointing out how their wounds are so much more spectacular and impressive than anyone Else’s. Very undignified. But it is a stark contrast from the Piscean general ignorance of what lies beyond the next valley, and his imagination in creating idealistic and mystical if not downright beautiful visions of what he thinks is there.

Chiron unfortunately is of a strange nature. The wounding is of course, in part self-inflicted, it is partly Chiron´s own fault, but in part, the fault of the rest of humanity. If Pisces had faults it certainly pretended that they weren´t there, or that somehow those faults were all dignified and “meant to be like that”. Beautiful and sweet Pisces.

The modern world is fast becoming Chironic. Everyone seems to be obsessed with how “things went wrong”. The Global Warming effect which is clearly happening, (I don´t refute it) is a pure manifestation of Chiron energy in the global super-consciousness, which coincides recently both with Chiron moving through Aquarius and conjoined with Neptune. Chiron in this place is obsessed with pointing out how it ( the world in this case) is responsible for destroying (itself) the world through pollution and atmospheric blight. Chiron has a wound, the wound is clearly gaping, can Chiron find a cure without hurting itself even more? The answer, is that to get rid of CO2 pollution would equate with total standstill in modern world, because our electricity, never mind the food that we eat and the cars that we drive are all, well 90%, pollution creating. So it´s a case of bleed from a vein, or bleed from an artery.


On a personal level, people are bleeding. The level of education, the intellectual awakening and the Enlightenment are filtering now, since the advent of Mass Media in the 70´s  into the Mass society. All films and television have a lesson to them now, some purpose which although primarily to sell something, also are there to expose people to themselves, to their hopes and dreams which are not to be fulfilled, unless of course they are prepared to wound themselves in the process.

Today the wound is everything. If you don´t have a wound you are nothing. Celebrities must play to the bleeding wound, they must be on the wrong side of the law, have abusive childhoods, relationships, drug abuse, and of course it really is the Mass Media born circa the discovery of Chiron that selects the “look at me I´m bleeding” stories for its daily headlines.

In days of old, when all the magic filled the air, there was no such thing as “self-consciousness”, “self-awareness”, or any of the other possible “awareness” that is now becoming eminent in the world. In those days pain was transmuted into work, into “great works”. In some ways there are parallels with the Aquarius world thought. But which is the better state. Is it better to know of your pain, to poke at it and make it worse and to suffer daily, or is it better to channel it somewhere and make it into something else, the way Jupiter and Neptune do?

In some ways the Chironic voice tells us all to own our wounds, to work them through, and to heal them as well as others, because, in essence, this is the only life, the only chance to do so and that we are not likely to come back. Though the Pisces that is still left in us knows that we are all destined to come back, whether we choose to suffer and bleed publicly or not.


Fortuna: The Neglected Benific

20 12 2008

Most modern astrologers and students of Astrology read up the basic bullet points on the Part of Fortune check out its placement shrug their shoulders and then leave it, as if it was nothing more than a bit of garnish on their otherwise juicy main course. Of course this is a generalisation, but going on the general observation, it is noteworthy that not everyone understands or even cares for the Part of Fortune.

Fortuna is calculated by this little piece of arithmetic: Ascendant + Moon – Sun for daytime charts and; Ascendant + Sun -Moon for Night time charts. Most programs calculate it automatically anyway. So if it is so easy to find and know, why is it so neglected? The answer perhaps is that it has no sign association, rulership, no quality, element or nature, primarily because it is not a physical body. But the actual effects of Fortuna are real despite this.


Fortuna is in fact a Benific. Like Venus and Jupiter Fortuna is potentially where a pot of gold is hidden beneath the rainbow. Obviously pots of gold may be found literally if Fortune is in the 2nd house or 8th house. But the strongly positive nature of this lucky spot is similar to the point on a treasure map which is marked with an X. The idea of this magic and mystery is that in order to find that gold the native must at least have a little belief in the map and to follow it, just like Jupiter. For metaphorically Fortune is the point in the chart where the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant meet together and draw a mysterious yet absolutely compulsive “X” to mark the spot.

2nd house

The truth is that the Part of Fortune is as old as Astrology and has been in use since the ancients began calculating the Ascendant in charts. In delineating the 2nd house and the “riches” or “goods of fortune”, Lilly writes a checklist with the 2nd cusp at the top, followed by its lord followed by the Part of Fortune and its lord, followed by Jupiter, followed by planets “casually placed in the 2nd”. Fortuna actually has no association with the second house any more so than with any other house. But I find it enlightening that Lilly´s checklist for wealth places the Part over and above the importance of both Jupiter and other planets “casually placed in the second house”. This is not a horary chart that Lilly was examining but a chart of “nativity”. Fortune indeed in this respect seems to hold an even greater repute for being a benific and for bestowing that mystical pot of gold than Jupiter which is so obviously the “greater benific” and unmatched for greatness.

“When those that govern the Part of Fortune are very strong, they greatly increase the natives wealth, especially if assisted by the Sun or Moon.”(Lilly, William, Chritian Astrology, Part III)

Lilly is adamant about the Part of Fortune in relation to material wealth and to worldly success. And all of this still holds true, it is unchanged since the time of Ptolemy, the only thing that has changed really is the world view and what is considered as true fortune or wealth, since we live in an age in which spiritual wealth is acceptable, fortune may in fact bestow its wealth in hidden form just as well. But still, some things which have also changed to some degree is the malevolence associated with the 8th and 12th houses, so that Fortune in these houses may not be lost as such.


Bill Gates´s natal chart has 2nd ruler Sun placed in Scorpio in the 4th house. 4th house is obviously a positive and strong angular place for the 2nd house ruler, however, Gates did not inherit his wealth from his father, which would be the nature of a 4th house Scorpio Sun. The outstanding planets which are “casually placed in the 2nd” are obviously Jupiter and Pluto, but here again, these two planets are actually rulers of both the 5th, 6th and 9th houses. If we use Lilly´s guide though Fortuna is found in the 8th house in Aquarius, who dispositor Uranus is first house conjunct Ascendant, and strongly aspected by Sun in a Square. Now it would be possible to ignore this placement, but it is extremely fitting that someone whose wealth is more or less based on a corporation (8th house) selling software (ruled by Aquarius) should have his “fortune” borne out of such a placement. It should be noted that Fortune is in fact in a close T-Square with both its traditional dispositor Saturn and with Jupiter and Pluto in the second. It is not there for no reason.


Another brilliant example is Albert Einstein who had the conjunction with both an Aries Mercury and Saturn. His mind provided him his eventual fame and fortune. This is perhaps a stark example of Fortune working on the mutual reception with Mars and Saturn by domicile between the 8th cusp and the 10th house. Mars and Saturn both having rulership of physical matter and of movement Fortuna had worked magic into that mercury induced mental and intellectual achievement. For Einstein Jupiter was not the most dignified planet by far, being firstly peregrine, secondly cadent and thirdly in hard aspect with Pluto and Uranus, though this is not to say that originality did not spark from this placement, nor an understanding of the universe. Venus the other benific is equally detrimented and poorly aspected. So the Part of Fortune plays its unbelievable part.


The Part of Fortune is a hugely neglected placement in the search for the benefits which are possible to be found in the natal chart and elsewhere. It appears in the light of traditional analysis to be more important than Jupiter in terms of the “riches” and “goods of fortune” which don´t necessarily mean bank account, as in the case of Albert Einstein. Though as in the case of Bill Gates it obviously has some influence. So in the light of this, Fortuna when disposited well, when supported by Sun or Moon, and when searched for, will reveal to its quester all the luck and spectacular fame and fortune that Jupiter the primarily spiritual planet, and Venus the traditional love planet left out of the bargain. The fortune that is not love and the fortune that is not God, is to be found here.

Saturn in Libra,

19 12 2008

“Marriage is not to us a Sacrament, but, upon the other hand, the love of a man and woman, and the inseparable physical desire, are sacred. This conviction has come to us through ancient philosophy and modern literature, and it seems to us a most sacrilegious thing to persuade two people who hate each other…to live together, and it is to us no remedy to permit them to part if neither can re-marry.” W.B. Yeats

Libra is Saturn´s sign of exaltation. Saturn is also said to have both terms, face and triplicity in various degrees of this sign. So in Libra it is possible for Saturn to actually hold as much essential dignity as in his signs of rulership Capricorn and Aquarius. In Libra then, Saturn is at home, he is not given the authority or responsibility that is given in his own signs, but he is given all of the fine things, ease and happiness that it is possible for that benific Venus to give.

Libra has rulership over bedrooms, boudoirs, boutiques, beauty parlours, closets, florists and private chambers. But in truth these places are all derived from the balanced, airy and cool, yet pleasant time of year which marks tropical Libra. The sign is one of plenty, and this is so because of the hard work of Virgo in the previous month. After the harvest there is a clean and pure air which is distinct from summer´s heat and dryness. But in fact Saturn here is given by Venus a time of ease and relaxation, he is given time in which to share the resources reaped over the year, to trade and barter with them, but also to give in order to gain alliances, friends, and of course what Libra primarily cares for: marriage and relationships.

Saturn in Libra is in easy pleasurable terrain; namely a matrimonial bed with soft clean sheets, with pictures on the wall, nice food on the table, and the company with which to share it; all the things that make life beautiful and easier to live. And Saturn being Saturn has knowledge of the rest of the Zodiac and realises that this is one sign where his tired head has easy rest, has some of the best. Now of course having possession of nice things on their own is fairly pointless, which is why Saturn needs people to share them in this sign. A picture might be beautiful, and so might a bed be soft, but it is so much better for Saturn to have someone else to acknowledge it and to share in it. But of course this idea can work in the exact opposite direction; namely that the ease for Saturn here is derived from having Libran companionship and support, that the beauty which is created and supported becomes possible only through undying devotion of a Libran Venus lover to her Saturn partner.

It is true that Saturn is fortunate in this placement. The inheritance is to be born with solid parental relationships and forefathers who were civilised and cultivated. Through these partnerships which came before Saturn has learnt to become expert in relating and in diplomacy. The truth is that Venus forces Saturn here into remembering people´s names, into remembering their likes and dislikes, so that over time, this Saturn learns how to serve others and to please others while serving himself.

Saturn´s nature is tireless. Saturn is constructive. Venus likes things that are beautiful and serve to make life happier for people. So in Libra Saturn is given tools that Venus approves of; sometimes these are artistic tools; instruments, paint, colour, and the product of which raises humanity out of filth and into civilisation, because these things are all designed to please others. But Saturn also has a great affinity with defenses, with building things in order to defend his tradition, family and culture. Saturn in this respect will erect buildings that are beautiful, that encourage others to feel both admiration and respect.

Saturn in Libra in some senses does not need to worry about defense that much. For in building palaces, gardens and planting trees, his ability to invite rivals, to entertain and to treat them is an easy path to gaining alliances, and to maintain peace. And in this peace Saturn is truly safe from any and all manner of dangers, he is able to live life without fear and to enjoy his many years with Venus always at his side.


Some people with Libra Saturn: Tony Blair, Jose Maria Aznar, Vladimir Poutine, Max Heindel, Henry Ford, Mao Tse Toung, George H W Bush, Gordon Brown, David Icke, Benazir Bhutto, Fransico Franco, Nikita Krouchtchev, Jane Austen, William Joseph Turner, Richard III, William Butler Yeats, Lil Wayne