South Node

2 01 2009

The Dragon´s Tail Re-Written


Without wanting to change or re-write what is accepted knowledge. I´ll begin with what I am familiar which is Christian Astrology:

“Neither part of fortune, North node, South node do emit any radiation”

“North Node is as Jupiter, South Node is a Saturn and Mars” (p.533 CAIII)

This is interesting since the same result is given for for North and South:

“Moon with North Node or South Node shows active spirits, prompt to any science” (p.544)

About Mercury: “with North Node or South Node, he renders most acute and witty??? And good linguists speak many languages.” (p.545)

There are many instances in which South Node is described by Lilly as leading to illness, and misfortune through soldiers, thiefs and other nasty people. But here are a couple of quotes which give contrary evidence in Lilly.

Now my President, Prime Minister, Pop star and Film star:

In the light of Lilly we have South Node as a body without its own “radiation”, although he states that it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. I find this very interesting. Brad Pitt has Mars conjunct SN in Capricorn. He is in films in which he is a fighter, and not just any old fighter, but a legendary fighter, one who is deified. Fight Club, Snatch, Troy, he´s Achilles. Mars for Pitt appears to be not just exalted but taken to the next level… invincibility, it is almost excessive in Fight Club where he takes absolute pleasure in destruction. Pitt´s Mars is 2 degrees orb conjunct SN. For closer Orb Zinedine Zidane has Mars conjunct SN in Cancer in the 3rd house. He is a great French footballer. Won the World Cup in 98, European Cup in Euro 2000, and Champions League in 2002 with Real Madrid. Here is the SN thing. He is down, for a notorious incident involving provocation from another player for which he reacted with violence. But then again, he´s been awarded the FIFA world player of the year no less than 3 times and awarded the World Cup golden ball in 2006.

So what we are beginning to see is not illness in Pitt´s case, but “great activity” which is quoting Lilly now. So using Lilly as a guide, we have South Node as a distinctly active, if not over-active area. Honour and success though is not denied. Disease and fraud which Lilly seems to point towards is not the mainstay here. But rather good health and extreme success when this person is successful. Churchill and Reagan I believe are leaders who are deified by large numbers of people in their countries, for standing up for “freedom”, which is your Jupiter signification. In Scorpio Reagan was a Hawk, an military supporter, though not a war mongerer. He is famed for expanding American economy. Which is your Jupiter signifier, though of course I am not denying that a price was paid at the same time. Churchill formed Alliances. SN Jupiter in Libra. He would have never won the war without the US on his side which is one thing that he achieved, through his North Atlantic Meetings with Roosevelt. And his talks with Stalin, and getting the rest of the Empire as well on his side, lets not forget the British Empire was not prepared to fight without that promise of Independence. Then we have Churchill the artist… he painted more than 700 watercolours.

I neglected Britney didn´t I? She´s your pin up pop-star. But she´s the most successful female singer to date. She has mutual reception by domicile between Venus and Capricorn, but I think that SN there is definitely bringing something extra, since Saturn and Venus are actually closely square to each other, and would lead me to an interpretation of someone more introverted and less confident about their abilities. With all planets below the horizon except for a 12th house Mars, Britney is not meant for the public exposure that she´s had. She has Fortune in the 10th which is a great position, but that´s it.

To just bring all this in now, here are only a handful of examples of South Node conjunctions. I do not refute Lilly´s observation that it is of a nature like Saturn and Mars. But I propose that this is a potentially highly active and expansive point. Like Saturn, because it is not a place of rest and relaxation, all my examples here are workaholics related to the planet in conjunction with the SN.




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3 03 2009

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12 07 2009

Just for your information, Michael Schumacher has SN conjunct Uranus (0 orb !!!) @6th House, and that package is within 2 deg. of Jupiter. He is considered one of the greatest workoholics that ever lived, and he NEVER seems to be at rest. Moreover, if you look at his NC, the vastness of the 12th and 6th house (they cover two full signs each!), the proneness to work (6th huge, 6th houses the above mentioned double SN-conj.) is even more exaggerated.

15 07 2009

Thanks for pointing this out. It is an interesting conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on the South Node. Reading his biography though, I´m not sure that I can pinpoint to the meaning of this, it´s significance. Uranus-Jupiter though I do associate with Space Travel, and the Moon Landings.

In Libra, it must signify teamwork, Formula 1 is all about the team, behind the car rather than the driver, and it´s also about technology. Not sure what else can be said about the conjunction… There is no apparent tragedy in the biography, nothing unusual except the fact that the man is top of his field, and a philanthropist too.

Keep your thoughts coming. : )

20 08 2009
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20 08 2009

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4 09 2009

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