Saturn in Pisces

5 01 2009

The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money. Karl Marx

In Tropical Pisces, Saturn has face in the first ten degrees and terms in the last four. The result is that Saturn is peregrine, in no more than 16 degrees of this sign and is essentially dignified in the rest albeit with minor dignity.

Pisces is the home and rulership of Jupiter, signifier of faithfulness and religious compassion. While under Jupiter´s guidance, Saturn is forced into seclusion at times in order to gain a deeper and more spiritual understanding of himself and his place in the universe. This is the soul searching sign. Pisces has a great deal of sadness, and so when Saturn is found here in water, he is asked to contact his emotions, like that of Cancer Saturn and Scorpio Saturn. Pisces Saturn must take care of those in need, must be charitable and kind, for if he  does not learn how to show these emotions he will inevitably be forced into suffering and asking for the same kind of sympathy that is asked of him here.

Pisces Saturn is a Saturn placed in an element, which is not favourable to him. Emotion of water is not easy for his natural place is that of Aquarius, the air sign of thought, and Capricorn, a sign long associated with low emotional states, that of melancholy and stability. Pisces as with Scorpio is a place in which Saturn has some dignity and as such is given the opportunity to build something lasting and useful. His ability to give himself up in this placement, to some cause for bettering humanity, for helping people, will lead this Saturn into building sanctuaries, hospitals, schools, places for the homeless and the hungry. In this regard Pisces Saturn does have certain things in common with Virgo Saturn, for ultimately they both serve humanity, and while Virgo does this in a calculating way and Pisces does it in an emotional way, the end is the same.

Saturn here is not best suited to his traditional strong role in politics, and public life and indeed he is most likely to shun it. But when he is given power he is best off if he adopts a stance which is in favour of lifting people out of hardship and poverty, and in fact his destiny is to support those people, because he is in fact one of them, and feels their suffering as if it were his own.

It is interesting that Pisces Saturn must either be a saviour, or one being saved. But this is the nature of Pisces Jupiter, a fiery yet humid planet who is extremely giving and generous but who´s temperament can easily “let things go” just as well. This is part of the reason for the hardship that Saturn is dealt in Pisces. The problem arises because Saturn requires fixed and permanent structures, and in this water placement he is likely to be brought rapid changes of circumstances, sometimes disease, sometimes problems which are adverse and render him helpless. Saturn generally is attached to what he sees and feels, and can reason, like Mercury, to be true. Jupiter is the planet of Faith and of devotion, and so like Sagittarius Saturn, Pisces Saturn is forced by Jupiter into learning about higher truths, about the soul, and about things for which Saturn is very unaccustomed. And while he may be a committed atheist and materialist, circumstances will always give him chances for spiritual awakening whether he takes them or not.

Karl Marx, although he pronounced those famous words about “religion”, in fact based his entire life and work upon the fundamental teachings of Christ, that of giving up all you have and giving everything to the poor. And even though his writing is intellectual, philosophical and supposedly part of “Enlightenment” thought, dig far enough and at the core is to be found this emotional sympathy, or need to give: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Some people who have Pisces Saturn: Karl Marx, Sir Walter Raleigh, Emily Bronte, Herman Hesse, Kiefer Sutherland, Shania Twain



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7 09 2010
Arun Reddy


Its really a very interesting n knowldegeable and detailed article abt saturn in pisces.Its exactly what i was looking for, after reading this article i have come to know about myself more and my true knowledge of espcly the charity things which since my childhood till date is a aim and ambition.

My saturn n moon is in pisces, jupiter/mercury in gemini, asnt ..leo, sun/mars/rahu in taurus, ketu in scorpio, venus in aries.


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