Transits: Saturn in Libra 2009-2010

28 09 2009

Because Saturn is essentially dignified in Libra, the sign if its exaltation, Saturn is welcome to this sign and can do only good things for all planets points and houses that are placed in this sign. Planets that are placed in Libra will be given nothing but support from a Saturn in its happiest and even most powerful state. Saturn has in fact got more essential dignities in Libra than he has in his own signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. The idea of an exaltation is that the planet is increasing in strength and power. The idea is that any planet by transit will bestow its good or bad qualities through the house in which it is visiting at the time.


Because Saturn is in Libra, it is bestowing its best side in this sign and “on the side of” all planets which Saturn must conjoin. There is some degree of variance to what you can expect though depending on planet and on  house. Say for example that natal Sun is in Libra, this is the sign of Sun´s fall, with Saturn crossing over Sun, Saturn will be exceedingly strong, and bring out the best qualities which are counter to the essence of the Sun. In other words Saturn brings forth principles of co-operation and dependency, reliance on other people, and alliances, it´s not good for individuality or self-serving goals, however it is excellent for all aspects related to a more social interaction. Saturn in this instance will force Sun into being considerate of others´ needs. The same story can be said of Saturn transiting a Libran Mars, even more so, it goes against Mars´s nature to be co-operative, but on the other hand you might see a situation where planets in their fall are helped by a planet the feels completely at home in this sign.


The converse now must be said for those with essentially dignified planets in Libra. Venus or Saturn in this sign will definitely benefit from Saturn´s discriminating ray. It is said time and time again that Saturn is a serious planet, and true it is, but it can also be said that Saturn is simply realistic. This transit is important for taking in the big picture, which sounds awfully like Jupiter. While Jupiter makes big promises and big wishes about the big picture (which are hardly ever realised), Saturn on the other hand makes decisions (Capricorn ruler) which it can stick to and which in the long run go on to create the big picture. A transiting Saturn to a Libran Venus is akin to a transiting Jupiter to a Pisces Venus, or Sun to an Aries Mars, or Mars to a Capricorn Saturn. Having a dignified planet conjoined by another dignified planet by transit can only bring forth good things. Some of the possibilities with Saturn in Libra will be about picking the right partners, but being Saturn it is likely that the choice will be well thought out and arranged without emotion, if that´s what is needed. Saturn likes things that last a long time, the idea that marriage is “for better or for worse”, the idea that it ought not to be broken, that comes from Saturn´s exaltation in Libra.

Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Node

I´ve mentioned in other pieces on this site that Saturn is configured during 2010-2011 with other outer planets. In my opinion, these hard aspects will bring much calamity and changes, but the people that need worry are not early Librans, Libra in the 7th house might be different though. The basic principle that I put forward is that Saturn is the “strong” or rather, the strongest planet in this stand-off. Uranus may attack Saturn from Aries with a Jupiter in Triplicity, and Pluto may go all psycho on Saturn from Capricorn, (all in cold calculatation), however, this exalted Saturn is so much stronger than all the planets that confront it, any planet in Libra with reasonable dignity will come out smelling of roses after this transit is over. All alliances will be victorious in the face of adversity. On a personal level it bodes well for planets in Libra which may symbolise marriages, partnerships, artistic or musical work, in fact anything that planets in this sign rule over in the chart.

Late 2009 is the beginning of first Saturn Pluto Square. It is true that Pluto can destroy things, or at least make things appear to be destroyed. Remember the idea of “from the ashes”, it´s cliche, but it seems to be the appropriate keynote for Pluto transits. The fact that Pluto is in Capricorn in any case will give Saturn and any planets in early Libra the upper hand. Pluto will be forced to co-operate, something that rarely ever happens.



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28 09 2009

Denis , thank you … I have 5 of my plants in Libra and Saturn will soon conjunct them all.I have done a bit of reading and it sounded possibly quite terrifying but what I wasn’t taking into account was Saturn’s status in Libra the sign itself.So again I thank you..It might not exactly be pretty ( sun conj dsc ) but hopefully it will be fair :)

5 10 2009

Another thanks from me. A (spatially) distant friend of mine who had been following my facebook updates (!) called to tell me I was not alone in what she perceived were my struggles of late. It was useful to hear about the influence of Saturn’s transit into Libra, as a natal Libra myself. I’m 24 years old this time around the Sun, and it feels like I’m stepping into a place of enormous growth of responsibility and cooperation. Again, thanks.

15 08 2011

Quite easy for me to commiserate – I have natal moon conjunct
Neptune in Libra (11 th house) also Juno and Jupiter in Libra (12 th) -Saturn has ushered in both positive and negative manifestations, choices, weighty decisions… Ex.. I’ve been surprisingly inundated with tempting romantic bids from attractive men – some older but mostly younger..
I enjoy the attention but I declined such offers because I was tentatively involved in a supposedly light hearted relationship with a life long friend/one time lover -(strictly platonic in the last year of his life- due to his failing health and death in May 2010) My Aries friend had a very successful heart transplant in 2002 until complications set in 2009-10.
Our tug-of-war – he had verbalized a wish for death during sex — NOT a memory I wanted to carry forward. So we dated, talked, laughed, and remained on platonic terms – I do suspect that he found some unsuspecting female to hasten his end. Now I’m remembering his playful threats to haunt me and thwart any romance in my life. I’m reluctant to date again because recently my first suitor ended up in the ER incapacitated by sudden excruciating sciatica pains which persist in spite of physical therapy and Meds. Saturn demands patience and a sense of humor!

15 08 2011

Rachel said “…hopefully it will be fair :) ”

haha, what an appropriate choice of words from someone with a libra stellium :)

15 08 2011


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