On the Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

22 12 2009

This conjunction which has taken place three times during 2009 has I believe brought me some wisdom. The wisdom which I have gained is something difficult to pin down, which is befitting to the nature of Neptune.

However, I have found, and it has crystallised in my mind as distinctive thought with a finite logic during this final conjunction in December 2009. I have found that the world has its pre destiny, that events are meant, to a certain great extent, to happen.

The knowledge that I have gained is that as human beings we are autonomous. And in order to find inner joy it is necessary to be entirely alone, Aquarius the sign of humanity is also the sign of independence and solitude. The reason for Aquarius´s knowledge is that it is able to be alone.

Naturally Saturn has played a great part in this configuration, as the dispositor. And since Saturn is in such a strong position currently, the wisdom has channelled its way through the sign of Libra.

Inner peace has come to me, and I am in awe to it, wondering how long it might last. Saturn does not remain in the same house for too long. I have found with the current transit that there is no need for anything. What I mean is that happiness can be found when we realise that there is a destiny.

It´s when we realise that everything is perfect as it is, that´s when you can find it. Nothing needs changing, and the changes that come are in fact part of the plan.

I haven´t come up with an answer for human suffering, which seems to be interminable. There are indeed logistical answers which are possible. However, people are filled with such a deep dissatisfaction with life. In part human autonomy and individualisation is the future, since the Age of Aquarius is already here. But more than that I find that it is an acceptance of Fate or at least working with those cards that are dealt, instead of throwing them out and looking or trying to get what other people have. It´s that Cardinal sin of “wanting what thy neighbour has”, which to me appears to be cause for most unhappiness.

In the personal philosophy which I follow, Saturn plays a major part. It means that I work with things, situations, people right through to their natural end. Saturn rules permanence. It´s not about looking for new philosophies, religions, it´s not about discovering something “new”. I was born with a cultural heritage, and with family. You don´t find the answers by abandoning them either. This is not to say that you close yourself to the world and its ideas and thoughts either. Read everything, speak to everyone, listen to everyone and read everything, but what sticks will be what is truly worth knowing, everything else is just the road that you travel.

A Personal Progression

15 12 2009

Something that has occurred to me recently is something that is fairly obvious. It´s not seriously difficult philosophy based on logic. But it does have some important effects on the way I conduct my life, and also in relation to the studies which I have put on this site.

The progression which I am under involves progressed Sun and Jupiter on the natal IC in Sagittarius.

To state it simply I have come to the conclusion that everything in life, and everything in this world is how it is meant to be. Being sat here writing this blog is fate, I would not be anywhere else, either by some illusionary idea of “free will” which I now believe to be nothing more than an excuse for certain immoral types to do what they want and hurt other people. But this “FREE WILL” LIE is also important and part of the equation because without it it would not be as easy to come to the truth.

Celestial law governs Earth. “As above so below”. What does that mean for us? Well to me it means that when as individuals we try and control our affairs, when we think and ponder, when we plan things, we are not in fact in command even though we think so.

The human body is created with the same magnetic frequencies as the Earth, and is imprinted with this at its birth. The human body is destined to play out all of the planetary energies which are in the sky at the time of its birth in the duration of its life. This is determinism. But it´s empowering when we realise that everything is destined. The reason is that when we do things we can do them with the certainty that they are meant to be, designed to be and that there is no reason to doubt.

Brave New World: An indictment against Democracy and defense of Marriage and Kingship

10 12 2009

Sebastian. ‘Scape being drunk, for want of wine.

Gonzalo. I’ th’ commonwealth I would by contraries Execute all things: for no kind of traffic Would I admit; no name of magistrate; Letters should not be known; wealth, poverty, And use of service, none; contract, succession, Bourn, bound of land, tilth, vineyard, none; No use of metal, corn, or wine, or oil; No occupation, all men idle, all, And women too; but innocent and pure: No sov’reignty.

 Sebastian. And yet he would be king on’t. Antonio. The latter end of his commonwealth forgets the beginning.

Gonzalo. All things in common nature should produce Without sweat or endeavour. Treason, felony, Sword, pike, knife, gun, or need of any engine Would I not have; but nature should bring forth, Of its own kind, all foison, all abundance To feed my innocent people!

 Sebastian. No marrying ‘mong his subjects?

Antonio. None, man; all idle; whores and knaves.

Gonzalo. I would with such perfection govern, sir, T’ excel the golden age. Sebastian. Save his majesty!


These lines are taken from one of Shakespeare´s last plays, “The Tempest”. Gonzalo, the wise counsellor to the King speaks some strange ideas about society and how people ought to be governed. In reality this is what the Modern World has endeavoured to strive for. These are the principles on which Republics and Democracies have founded themselves on.

A “free society”, one in which no one must marry or pledge allegiance to any lord or king who might act tyrannically sounds like a just one. What really happens though is exactly that which Antonio mockingly suggests: that all men become knaves (deceitful and unreliable) and all women whores.

We already know in our western world that “all politicians are liars”. This is plain fact in democratic nations, because all elected politicians are always shamed and brought to disgrace over one thing or another. There is no honour in representation and democracy because there is no honour in making promises that cannot and will not ever be fulfilled; (the only way that anyone gets elected).

The same element of “lowest common denominator” is exactly as described by Shakespeare´s character Antonio. With no marrying, there is no honour between men and women, and in essence they are simply demoted to the same status as animals. Antonio says whores and knaves.

The idea that one can pledge oneself to another person, or to one´s country and king is one that instills in a person loyalty. In our modern democratic world it appears that marriage is no longer taken seriously, men and women live with each other and in essence fuck each other, and they are fucking whores and knaves (liars). There is no loyalty between people and there is no sense of familial tie in a democratic state, because women and men will sell themselves and betray each other just as the politician will betray the people who elect him.

I the author of this little proposition am a firm believer in fate and in destiny. Looking back over the Ancient Republics these always spurred expansion for the civilisations which took them up. But inevitably all Republics of old became kingdoms or empires. And the world republic in which we now live will also become an Empire simply because the expansion which it has undergone since its foundation in the late 18th century cannot continue and will not continue.

The fate of illegitimacy and dishonour is to strive for and become honourable. Power will always seek to justify itself, and it can only ever truly justify itself once it becomes sacred. This is not so much about freedom, as it is about LOYALTY, about giving yourself over to one person rather than selling out to whoever offers you something better on the spur of the moment.

 The monarchies which currently exist in our world are all but a laughing stock. They have no power whatsoever. The democracies which reign supreme are obviously guided by reason and by logical thinking, but in the end they are not loyal to anyone, they exist for no-one which is why they are simply corruptible. There is and must be a natural order to things in this world. The natural order comes from one supreme thought which is also one God.

There is one destiny and one fate. This fate is governed by God. Once we acknowledge that there is only one rightful king, the same way that there is one rightful mother and one rightful father and in terms one rightful husband or wife, and that to be disloyal, to search after different ones is to overthrow the will of God. If we were loyal we would cease to be whores and knaves. If we were loyal, the sacred rites which are afforded in life would be respected and our children would not grow up bastardised by their parents lack of loyalty to one person or one idea.

Uranus Aries

9 12 2009

The last two seven year periods in which Uranus was found in tropical Aries, revolution and chaos was in the air. Under the rays of Pisces, Uranus was received by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. With Aries, Mars takes over with Sun and Jupiter. The nature of Pisces is to hide. The planet of revolution and restlessness has been hiding away during these years, smoking weed, playing guitar and relaxing at home, probably in solitude. As this planet hits Cardinal Fire it will be visible to all. Whatever this planet has been up to in the quiet of its own home, all of the restless and curious ideas will be brought into violent realisation.

The planet that rules over ideas and invention will be found in the sign of action. It signals people actually doing things rather than talking about them. People that complain about life, about the world and its problems will be out there in the streets making things happen.

People born with this placement are all pioneers. All of the first men in space and on the Moon are born with Uranus in Aries. Some of the most celebrated inventors are born with this placement. It confers the energy of Aries and a masculinity or an approach that is aggressive. Uranus in Aries makes for unusual individuals, in the sense that these people will stand out. They themselves are of the nature of Uranus, different and one of a kind.

Transits 2010 onwards

As Uranus reaches the Aries point in 2010, something spectacular is on the horizon and is bound to happen. Jupiter conjoins Uranus at this point, the events that occur will be proportional to the first Moon Landings in 1969. There will definitely be something in the air during that conjunction. It is emphasised by the fact that this will fairly close to yet another Saturn Uranus opposition. Saturn´s involvement signifies that the effects of the Uranus transits will not be up there in space, but they will be felt by every individual on Earth materially. Uranus also comes into a fairly close orb of square with Capricorn Pluto, creating a sense of emergency or crisis of some sort.  When Pluto was in Cancer the crisis involved ideas about the home and homeland, all things connected with patriotism and nationalism. This time Pluto is in this opposite sign, it will be a crisis about traditions, and about the “old ways”, it will involve our elders and what civilisation has built for us. Old institutions are under threat, including religious ones, but they will not be defeated despite all aggressive attempts to do so.

The early nineteen thirties are a similar astrological period. There were individuals and mad men standing up for what they believed to be their freedoms. I don´t doubt that we are living in a period right now which is similar to that of 1929.  This is not to say that war is coming, nor is it to say that fascism is coming either. These are different times. The energy of Aries will be stimulated though, and there will be a need to fulfill the desires which are awoken, these desires will be for excitement and movement in one direction or the other. As a human race hopefully we have learnt our lessons and will channel the energy into productive enterprises rather than into hatred. Obviously there can only be individuals if there are other people who step back and act ordinary, which most of us will. It is up to the individuals who do step forward to act with moderation and respect the boundaries of both conservative elements which describe Pluto and Saturn and which with Saturn in Libra will be the stronger and will inevitably win in any contest about freedoms.

People with this placement include: Johnny Cash, Martin Luther King, Jacques Chirac, Alexander Graham Bell, Vivaldi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jean Luc Godard