On the Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

22 12 2009

This conjunction which has taken place three times during 2009 has I believe brought me some wisdom. The wisdom which I have gained is something difficult to pin down, which is befitting to the nature of Neptune.

However, I have found, and it has crystallised in my mind as distinctive thought with a finite logic during this final conjunction in December 2009. I have found that the world has its pre destiny, that events are meant, to a certain great extent, to happen.

The knowledge that I have gained is that as human beings we are autonomous. And in order to find inner joy it is necessary to be entirely alone, Aquarius the sign of humanity is also the sign of independence and solitude. The reason for Aquarius´s knowledge is that it is able to be alone.

Naturally Saturn has played a great part in this configuration, as the dispositor. And since Saturn is in such a strong position currently, the wisdom has channelled its way through the sign of Libra.

Inner peace has come to me, and I am in awe to it, wondering how long it might last. Saturn does not remain in the same house for too long. I have found with the current transit that there is no need for anything. What I mean is that happiness can be found when we realise that there is a destiny.

It´s when we realise that everything is perfect as it is, that´s when you can find it. Nothing needs changing, and the changes that come are in fact part of the plan.

I haven´t come up with an answer for human suffering, which seems to be interminable. There are indeed logistical answers which are possible. However, people are filled with such a deep dissatisfaction with life. In part human autonomy and individualisation is the future, since the Age of Aquarius is already here. But more than that I find that it is an acceptance of Fate or at least working with those cards that are dealt, instead of throwing them out and looking or trying to get what other people have. It´s that Cardinal sin of “wanting what thy neighbour has”, which to me appears to be cause for most unhappiness.

In the personal philosophy which I follow, Saturn plays a major part. It means that I work with things, situations, people right through to their natural end. Saturn rules permanence. It´s not about looking for new philosophies, religions, it´s not about discovering something “new”. I was born with a cultural heritage, and with family. You don´t find the answers by abandoning them either. This is not to say that you close yourself to the world and its ideas and thoughts either. Read everything, speak to everyone, listen to everyone and read everything, but what sticks will be what is truly worth knowing, everything else is just the road that you travel.



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