Transits: Neptune in the 5th and 6th houses

11 01 2010

Neptune in the 5th

Until today, I have not realised just what the influence of the planet Neptune implied or signified. Neptune takes a long time to travel through one sign, and therefore through one house. It has been in my natal 5th house since I was about 12 years old. About the same time that I fell for a blond Canadian girl in school, that I would not stop idealizing and thinking of as truly beautiful, even now, though I am not “in love with her” and haven´t really thought of her since I left school.

Placidus or Equal?

Something that I must note, is that currently Neptune is square my natal Sun on the cusp of the 6th house. If I use the Placidus system, then it´s still got 4 more degrees to go, if I use Equal then it is past the cusp as we speak.  An argument against using Equal and re-drawing the lines is that I know someone who has Neptune on the cusp of her 5th house in Placidus, but would have had Neptune in her 5th some 5 years ago with Neptune 10 degrees earlier. I will note that she´s become extremely romantic and has decided to sacrifice things in the name of it recently.

Neptune in the 6th

Something that is noteworthy in my observation of the transits is that the presence of Neptune I am now feeling fairly intensely in the 6th. People are asking me to cover them and their work because I have said “yes” in the past. Though I was proud of the firmness in that I said “no” today, since I committed myself to something else. I feel other people´s discontent at work now, little gestures and modes of speaking. The negative side of this though, is temporary, since Neptune is only square me for the time in which it is within one degree square of my natal Sun. I´m also afraid right now that I might be diabetic. Neptune makes the imagination work overtime.

Last year, 2009 now, during the first square I had with Neptune in March, I began working in a religious school in a voluntary position. I found compassion for the children, but I also fell for my co-worker, there was great disillusionment at her hands. It appears that this square of Neptune was working through both houses. Working in the school, teaching children is pure 5th house.  Being romantically disappointed with someone also sounds like the 5th house again. But this was work, and I was learning a vocation, and it was a daily misery which can only fit into a 6th house framework, it was also at this time that I began taking medication for a foot complaint which made me incredibly drowsy, a foot disease that they say is eczma, but which is not cured yet and which I´m still not sure what it is.

Come the second square of that year in August, I found myself on a course in another city, getting myself a “magic” certificate which has made me employable. In essence, it is a pass card for teaching anywhere in the world, and coupled wityh my degree in “book club” I´ve found myself in a nice job in a University because of it.

Back to the 5th house

The blond Canadian girl was a fantasy, someone I´d dream about and, well, fantasize about in my teens. She was the reason I went to school and didn´t stay home or “bunk off”. School, although associated with the 3rd because of the learning and daily travel involved is in fact a 5th house matter, the house of children. In school I was a victim of bigger kids, and a victim of anyone that didn´t have acne, which I had, and which earned me the title of pizza face, amongst other things, I was also a nerd. But in the end, school was a place I had low defenses, and I was open to the Neptune style of attack that went on there.

Leaving school though, I was flakey, I didn´t know what I was doing, and it was probably down to a lack of ego, a lack of desire for anything except an easy life. It was the easiest thing available to me. So I went to book club.  This is one of the better manifestations of the Neptune energy. The love life still involved women who were either not available or not interested and I can confirm that the course of this time although spent alone has filled me with a very rich imaginative life.

On the Cusp

The lessons of Neptune are very clear to me. I will not allow anyone to make me feel inferior. People whose influence makes you feel either unhappy, or disappointed, or low in any way are not to be allowed in your life. You don´t talk to them, and you don´t let your ego get squashed or eroded.

The intelligence of Neptune must be utilised creatively. And one thing I´ve found myself doing is bringing in creative work into my work life. It is satisfying, and if I didn´t do it I would likely be discontented in work, and this would likely show, and I would likely cause people to dislike me.

Neptune exactly squares me next week, so I will brace myself for disappointments, for that feeling of falling. Whether it is a 5th house event or a 6th house event, it probably won´t signify much, if anything at all. But it is likely to be with me for the next 13 years until Neptune appears on the Descendant. This is the third and final round of Neptune taking me into the 6th house. Since Jupiter is also there now, I can´t discount the fact that good things can happen thanks to the great benific in domicile. But I am thankful and grateful for what I have now, and I am glad that I have done that voluntary service. I feel like I´ve worked hard, and given myself entirely without expectation of reward, though there has been reward. I mustn´t forget it.



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16 01 2010

Neptune has been in my 6th since 2005. I feel like I’ve made little headway in terms of progress with work. I’ve been unemployed several times and had various health problems that won’t go away.

When Neptune was in my 5th I met my current boyfriend. In 2005, when Neptune moved into my 6th (using Placidus) the veil lifted and I realized that there were issues in our relationship that I had glossed over. Fortunately we are working through them.

For me Neptune seem to show a reluctance to acknowledge problems in the house it is transiting.

19 01 2010

I don´t think it´s a reluctance, so much as that you idealise things. With it in my 5th I´ve been living in my imagination about the things that the 5th rule. As a result I am disappoined.

18 01 2010

How do you think Neptune affects the North Node if they are conjunct, less than 1 degree? Would really appreciate your insight. Oh yeah, both in Sag.


19 01 2010

Neptune conjunct Node is connected with your fate. The Node is where things happen which are inevitable.

19 01 2010

Great post. And I’ve been thinking about the Equal house system recently. Never used it, though.

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