What can be changed and what can´t

21 01 2010

In other posts that I have made I have argued in favour of destiny and against free human choice. I have said that people are 100% conditioned into the actions and the events that occur in their lives, and in a certain way I still agree with this. It comes down to the old saying that you can call a cat a fish, but it will still be a cat. Free will is akin to the cat himself saying and thinking that he´s a fish and declaring it in joyful exuberance. The United States can declare that it is a “free nation”, but it´s just a country like any other, it has laws and people, an army and a head of state. It may be more successful, but that it is more free than anyone else is probably not true.

When I worry, (Virgo rising with Virgo Mars Rising squared by Sagittarius Neptune), I sometimes think that somehow I can control my world around me if only I were more organised. But I´ve come to realise that I am destined to think that I can control things in this way. This is part of the planetary alignment in the sky when I was born. Fear and worry leads to action, which is called for in order to fulfill the planetary patterns.

Can some things be changed through the individual will? When action is taken, it feels as if destiny is created through the self. And I think that there is the possibility that individuals can change their realities. Energy comes down from the heavens all of the time. This is the will of God, as in Heaven, so on Earth. People though, aren´t adaptable though, and can´t change what they are from one day to the next, in order to fall in line with the cosmic order. It´s true, some people are more adaptable. But people can still do God´s work.

This is where the Biblical explanation comes in handy. Man had a destiny, in Eden, and well, humans chose to opt out. There´s our free-will from the start.  Many have stated that it is Scorpio where Man fell committing some form of vice, but Man in fact is synonymous with the constellation of Aquarius. The Fall of Saturn ruler of Aquarius and ruler of the human condition falls in Tropical Aries, the sign where individuals do what they want. Libra, Saturn´s exaltation is then where our judgement for that selfishness will be found. This is not to say that Libra is any better than Aries.

What I am saying though, is that our lives are planned for by a higher power. And the difference between our own wills, and that of the higher power, is that when we make judgements, it´s impossible to make the right judgement, we simply don´t have the foresight of the creator.

The difference is between making something happen that is not meant to happen, because we as humans are separated from God and do not know his will. And on the other hand waiting and just allowing the instructions to come down to us.

When human beings cut down trees, and leave the land alone, eventually trees grow back in the same place, because the climate and the fauna favour it. Cutting down the trees is not exactly God´s will, it´s Man´s actions, ruled by the sign of Aries. In the perfect balance of the creation of the Universe, the trees do eventually grow back because there are seeds, and the counter-action, the Libran element of balancing things out, although it takes time and is invisible at first, is real.

Is this to say that human beings are not to cut down trees? Clearly not. Just that it´s obvious that in this world actions result in counter-actions, which are invisible but which are there even though in our semi-foresight we aren´t aware of them.

Man was created in order to be master of the trees and of the animals, this is also stated in divine law. God allowed us to do with them as we saw fit, to name them and to eat them. The divine will, was that humans were meant to be happy, we were meant to enjoy the fruits of this world. It was the fruit that wasn´t ready that Man picked that got us into this mess. It was a lack of patience, and a lack of the knowledge that in life God gives everyone the same amount of happiness, just that it is meassured.

In my life, I try everyday to not indulge myself or to take what is not meant for me. The secret to true happiness is to eat porridge everyday and really savour when someone gives you a chocolate. The secret is to not worry about your job, about whether they might want you or not, but just to calmly do it without thinking that someone is watching you and what you do. If you weren´t good enough they wouldn´t have picked you.

It is hard to find a way to trust in divine law, it is hard to have faith in something that you can´t see. In one sense I don´t think that this law needs to wait generations in order to be fulfilled, in our lives, an evil committed will pollute the person who commits it. And even though they may appear to have got clean off the hook, and enjoy the fruits, consecuences are destined to follow them.

Collectively, obviously the global warming issue fully demonstrates this idea of the balance within nature. The interconnectedness of the planet is astounding, and all of the scientists are in accorance on this fact. On a personal level though, there is a destiny for all. What would be interesting, would be to observe people who didn´t take their quota of happiness before it was due or take more than they were entitled to, then suffer for those debts.



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21 01 2010

God surely works in mysterious ways . . .

I was sitting at my computer, pondering just this very question (of God’s will vs. my will), when up popped an email containing your new blog posting.

I too have a Virgo Ascendant, only mine is conjunct my Pluto in the 12th, which squares my Gemini Mars(retrograde) in the 9th and is both sextile and in mutual reception with my Mercury in Scorpio which is conjunct both my Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio. My Plutonian nature is very strong and I sometimes wonder (worry) that I’ve affected my destiny in ways I wasn’t intended to. I do try to relinquish the idea of control, and for the most part I believe I’ve been willing to align my will with the higher will of God. But still sometimes I worry. And waiting for that higher guidance to come can be excruciatingly painful. But then I read your blog and suddenly felt better.

It was as if God were speaking to me through you, reminding me that I’m just not that powerful. I really liked what you said about not taking what’s not meant for you, and about eating porridge every day, then being grateful for the occasional chocolate. What a simple, yet powerful metaphor for the secret to true spiritual “enlightenment”.

One of my 2010’s “Intentions” (as opposed to resolutions) was to plant seeds wherever I go, then leave the rest to God. I believe you’ve just planted a seed as well. I love your insights and look forward to many more amazing blogs. Thanks!

21 01 2010

I´m a seed planter too. I like to plant big trees, but it´s important to nurture them before you put them somewhere in the ground. I have got about 30 trees in pots in my Mum´s house. They are all acacia trees with the Greenest leaves and the reddest flowers. But I´ll be damned if I put them in the street somewhere for the authorities to cut them down. I gave one to the school where I worked because I know that they´ll look after it. I guess I´m just not willing to scatter my seed anywhere. The time will come when there is an opportunity to plant them. On someone´s farm perhaps, or someone has a big garden… I don´t quite know yet, but I want these trees to all be beasts of trees.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant… This is one of the planets that I see as strongly capable of “altering” destiny in one way or another, someone that can do “Evil” and for all concerned get away with it. Pluto is the planet whose justice is further out. I know someone with Scorpio Pluto in the first house. It is afflicted badly. Desire for power may be part of her makeup. But the judgement is still out on her as far as I´m concerned.

There is a certain invisible gravity associated with events, actions and people. A murder for example, it might be justifiable, or not, but in the long run we don´t know what that person would have brought about. If someone had killed Hitler or Stalin… would we now be living in the kind of world in which we are? They brought on their own demises and were exposed for their evils. If someone had killed them they might have become martyrs for their own warped beliefs. Those dictators were the essence of Pluto. Pluto behaving badly. They got away with their crimes during their lifetimes, but the echoes against them are mountainous.

To say that Evil is part of God´s plan is almost heretical sounding. But that´s what I´m saying. We don´t have a choice in other people´s evil though, we only have choices in our own evils. It´s not possible to stop someone committing evil, because to stop them would be interferance with their relationship with God. This is that bit about Jesus turning and giving the attacker his other cheek to hit. I suppose that´s the foundations of real Faith. It´s tough. You always want vengeance, specially if your a Scorpion.

22 01 2010

Considering all the Plutonian energy I already have, I’m lucky I’m not a Scorpio, although I do think Scorpio can be pretty evolved when operating at the higher levels. Instead I have Sun, Venus and North Node all conjunct in Libra, so I’m always trying to strike a balance. I don’t ever worry that my motives are corrupt, but I do sometimes question my judgment in determining the best course of action when the solutions aren’t so obvious. When I’m not sure, I just say a prayer and leave it to God. That’s why I got so much out of your original post.

And as you say, we can only control our own free will, no one else’s. Having said that though, there are times when dualistic thinking (as far as right and wrong is concerned) can serve us well. I’d still make an effort to intervene if I recognized someone was causing harm to another; for instance I’d call the police if I saw someone trying to rob someone at gun-point. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be up to me to decide whether or not the victim deserved help, or whether or not some greater good could come from them being robbed (which it might!). I’d try to help because I’d want someone to do the same for me. With a Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon, Im very idealistic.

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