Transits to the Ninth House

12 03 2010

The ninth house is said to be a fire house. It is in this view, in harmony with the 1st and the 5th houses.

The 9th house is ruler of religion, law and belief or Faith. The long journeys that always slide into the list are there because often long journeys are what it takes in order to discover the greater truths in life. When Moses received the Ten Commandments he left Egypt and travelled on a seriously long journey through the desert and literally climbed a mountain in a completely alien land where God spoke to him. This was Mount Sinai.

Journeys and “holidays” are not the purpose of the 9th house. They are manifestations of a need for religion, for Truth, just as eating is a manifestation of hunger.

With the bearing that the 9th is a house of the self, being related by fire to the 1st and the 5th, then the conclusion to draw is that there is an element in religion and law which is solely about the self.

Religion gives individuals strength of character, wisdom, personal Faith and understanding, which is not to be gained from any other sort of reading or learning. Polytheistic religion, the religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans glorified and made sacred individual human forms and personalities to the point of perfection. In these religions one would look to a “super-being”, a perfect immortal version of the self. Those perfect versions would be role models, in a crude self-oriented interpretation. A worship of Mars the god of war would first ask for Mars´s help in order to be victorious, but later on it would be an identification of the self with the deity. The eventual outcome would be “I am like Mars” because I am victorious, and perhaps eventually even, “I am Mars, I am the glorious and undefeated, when I die I shall go back up to the stars because that is where I came from.”

It is interesting to view the fire houses as being images of the 1st house of self and body. The 5th is clearly the “lower self”, being placed below the horizon and being traditionally the house of pleasure and the house of children. What are children, but undeveloped, smaller versions of their parents. Our own parents though do not fall into the category of our higher self. The higher self is not the parent, but the gods, or God.

I tread on rocky ground while writing about the 9th house with regard to religion. Ancient religion is synonymous with Astrology. The gods were seen in the heavens as planets. Then there came Monotheistic religion which said that the planets were not to be talked about, the “gods” were brushed under the carpet. And now we live in an age in which the current prevailing belief system “Science” says that all talk of gods, or God, or extra-terrestrial beings is pure cultural produce from human imagination.

I don´t like being alone in the Universe though. I don´t like dying and becoming food for worms, thoughts like that are not conducive to my happiness. I live in a world in which God did give Moses the Ten Commandments on the summit of Mount Sinai, I live in a world also where the planets are “gods”, and are perfect beings when in their domicile in the heavens. Does this make me a “pick and mixer” with my religion? I think not. I accept things that fundamentally do not conflict with each other. There are four Archangels, and there are four stars named after Archangels in the sky. Those stars are the Angels.

Science cannot say categorically that there is no God, because by its own measurements it cannot disprove its existence. Moreover, scientists´wet dreams have for centuries included “the theory of everything”, they are quintessentially on a quest for God whether they know it or not.

My natal 9th ruler is a Libra Venus in the 1st house. I will go as far to say that my higher self is balanced. When I pray, I ask not for favour but for overall fairness, I ask for peace, harmony and happiness. If I were an ancient I would no doubt worship Mars and Jupiter for expansion and victory and power, but I would have Venus just above and in between them because that saying about “you can win all the wars you want but if you don´t have Venus´s love then there is no point”. I ask: What is my religion? What is my role model?

My god is not an ancient statue of a woman with her breasts showing. The formation of my higher self has been created through reading and listening to ancient texts. My interpretation is based on the rays of Venus in dignity, religious dreams that I have had involve perfect harmony, Adam and Eve in the garden, me and my Eve at judgement, everything that has formed my higher mind has been around give and receive, and even if I were a scientist, the idea that there could be life without harmony, that there could be protons without electrons would not register.

The nature of the 9th though is not about partnership or love. The ninth is the house of going beyond this imperfect world into a perfect realm. Dreams sometimes give us glimpses into that world. And in fact dreams are mentioned in religion as revelatory of that place.

Having not been to this place, I claim no expertise of it. Yet the dreams that revealed something of it to me contained timelessness, perfection of colour, and of feeling, glimpses of heaven. Though naturally the heaven that I saw was a Venusian perfection, sensual perhaps, the vision of the Garden of Eden, the feeling of enveloping love in the form of a mist where the ground ought to be, the feeling of a thousand of the softest feather pillows.

Sun Jupiter Progessions: Individuals and gods

10 03 2010

Fate has been kind with me in the last few months and even during the last year. I might be thankful to Jupiter and Sun which are conjunct to the degree in my progressed chart.

I fear the loss of the new optimism that I now have. I fear the loss of the brilliant new opportunities. I fear losing the enthusiasm and happiness that I have found in my new job. I fear not getting myself a permanent contract.

But we are all humble servants of fate. We are not its masters. I am a humble human being, I am no king, nor am I rich, nor do I have any special talent for anything in particular.

There are many times in life when I have asked for things, prayed for things, and they have not come. I have been eager to achieve yet I have been over optimistic. I have found myself in a sorry state because those goals were way too big.

I will be humble. The job that I have now may not continue, though it may. I will say that if FATE wills it then I will not argue with the gods who are powerful.

I pay respect to God, the one who organises everything. I pay respect to the planets or the stars which seem to exert influences greater than us humans. There is no arguing with the tide. There is no way of saying that this is an age of kings when everyone is a slave.

As an individual I am persistent. I am flawed, I don´t always plan and I´m disorganised, and chaotic. But I have optimism that everything will turn out alright, and in the space of time it seems to do just that.

As an individual, I choose to be here, I choose to not give up or give in. I am not a passive entity. I am an aggressive, arrogant, angry, vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, charming being. I push forwards.

If the stars are in my favour I thank them. If the gods are on my side then I pay my respects. If the one God has blessed me than I pray and I am grateful.

But despite my wrath, despite my energy and my force, the greater powers are always there. I petition them. I pray to them.

I am here in order to push as hard as possible against circumstance. To work with it.  But I am here in order to exert myself, rather than take passive attitudes.

There is something great about force, there is something to be said about resistance and persistance.

What I am looking for is a philosophy which gives me opportunity and power in the face of adversity. I am not one to step on the toes of those in charge. I am not one to make myself immortal, since I am mortal flesh and I get sick.

But there is a definite difference between the man who is idle and gives up, and the man who pushes forward no matter how hopeless the task. The man who pushes gains my admiration. The man who loses his life over pushing is tragic. But the man who pushes and is victorious, wins my admiration and my respect.

I choose to be one who acts rather than talks, one who “does” rather than “is”. There is no glory in sitting around in a perfect society, in a perfect world. Some say that glory or success is vain. But glory and success, or rather, money and power are not the reasons for the glory. The glory comes from the action, from the doing part.