Pain is mind-expanding

28 05 2010

There are some types of pain that are unbearable. But there is pain also which although abrasive and overpowering is neither life-threatening, nor does it prevent one from fulfilling daily tasks.

The mind is most powerful. The brain is where pain is felt and experienced, and pain in fact, like any stimuli has a conditioning effect on the mind, on the brain and on our existence.

When pain is felt it is the sensation which eclipses and takes over all other thought and emotion. Pain although physical has its primary effect in the neurological firings of the brain. This is raw and powerful though, it is an imput which is stronger than emotion and one might argue that pain is in fact primal emotion, though it is categorised as “physical”.

Pain is the connection between  the mind and the body. Because pain is experienced as a neurological sensation in the brain, which is where emotion and thought are experienced, then it clearly shapes the brain’s functioning, having a direct effect on emotion and thought patterns.

The effects which result from the body’s physical damage and the particular nerves are without doubt the causes of mental brainwave functioning.



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