No-one’s perfect: Solar Returns

18 11 2010

In astrology, as in life, there is no such thing as a perfect chart. The transits aren’t always good, but they aren’t always bad either. One great year in your life may pass, and you may have achieved many goals, you may have done better than you expected. But then you attempt more things, you go one step further, as it is always asked of you.

Mistakes are always made. In whichever area of life, there will always be some form of lack, some form of dissatisfaction with it. I was happy with the success of the last year. But today I realise that in the big picture of “my life” it really wasn’t much at all. I held down a job for a whole year, and I’ve been given more responsibility and there are greater expectations of me from my superiors. But I realise that in reality, those achievements are piece-meal, they are small potatoes.

You must ask yourself: “what do I want in life?” I want to keep my job, and I want people to like me at work. I want to enjoy it without worry, as I have done for the past year. Those ambitions are not great, but those things are the key to happiness in the long run. I make mistakes some days. Some days, I’m late and I can’t help it.

Sometimes, when one is tired, especially when one is tired, a wave of negatively charged energy can accumulate in the body and more especially in the mind. Negative energy travels downward, since the negative charge which forms in clouds in the sky sometimes breaks free and travels to Earth in the form of lightening. On days like this the magnetic, or ionic effects on consciousness can cause mistakes.

Mistakes on their own aren’t important, but it’s the self-doubt that creeps in afterwards in tiredness, in heaviness, in the stress between the shoulders. You can think that you aren’t good enough, and that others think this also. But doubt and tiredness are in fact the only enemy. Everything in the world is in some sense pre-prepared and pre-destined, and it’s all good, and it’s all right. The creator didn’t create anything bad, or wrong, he made it and “was well pleased”.

Tired eyes make the world seem difficult, which is why it’s important to sleep well, and drink plenty of coffee in the morning. Don’t ever stop and contemplate whether it was good or bad, whether it wasn’t up to scratch. There are no imperfections in the world, and there are no imperfections in what humans do. Work hard, do good and be humble. This year.