Neptune, messages from Pisces

28 01 2011

Throughout my life there have been ups and downs, but one thing is a continuity, and something that I’ve inherited from my father, since Neptune is on the IC in my nativity. I am looking for something. I’ve never been able to put my finger on it exactly. It’s not a physical thing, it’s not even related to anything that someone can give you like love.

Since it’s impossible to describe what this something is, because I don’t know what it is, I might begin and end in the same sentence. It’s more like a feeling. But this is not just any feeling, it’s probably something akin to what Columbus felt when he set sail into what was then the unknown.

In this world everything appears to be knowable, or categorisable. It appears as if modern technology through wikipedia and such, and through the internet is able to shrink the world beyond recognition. What kind of adventure is there, if you already know in advance, the exact terrain, the wildlife and the route you will take? The only frontier left is space, but in fact space is so mesmerisingly vast, and dark, there cannot possibly be any romance here. Humans are not made for space, we are not evolved for it, our bones slowly weaken in space.

What was it that I was looking for? Expansiveness, and depth perhaps. Not yes or no questions, but interminable enchantment. When I meet a girl I think, “yes, she is attractive”, fine, but there is nothing “else”. Like a flower, plain, you get what you see. But then, that’s that. There must be something that continues, some mystery, something which pulls and pushes like the river between the tides.

Things that are finite and “perfect” are in direct rebellion against God, who is the only true perfection. The things of the world are mortal and therefore beautiful, and the things that are built without “organicness” in them are to my mind worthy of destruction. Those two perfect rectangles in New York deserved destruction, (not the people), but for man to build such a shape is blasphemy. The mind of God is perfect, the mind of man is not, and we ought to stick to building mud huts with chimneys rather than pretending to be able to “make a perfect world” with everything “known” and “understood”, with buildings square, or rectangle.

Corruption of the human soul will destroy those squares nicely. Many banks are built like perfect gleaming square sky scrapers, with shiny blue or sometimes golden glass. But, we can see just how corruption or lets be nicer and say “imperfection” of humanity is God given. The people who work in those perfect sky scrapers are corrupt, and actually working for their own destruction.

One child builds a sand castle on the beach, another child jumps on it to destroy it. The Aquarian crowd (illuminati etc.) are convinced that they can educate the other child not to jump on the first child’s sandcastle, so that we all live happily in an era of understanding and world peace. The tide comes in now… A spring tide, with a swell. The sandcastle like each individual human being is born to die, born to be dying throughout life and to suffer, and sometimes to share their suffering with others.


What I’m looking for is not something that is perfectly square (or triangular), such things are dull beyond belief, they are anti-spiritual. Things with a million different edges and sensations, with intricacy, things that are of nature are the only truth. To search and to find is fine, but to search and to fail is equally fine.  Creation and destruction.

God and astrology: the 9th house

27 01 2011

The teachings which have influenced the lives of billions over the last two millenia, whether you believe in them or not, the teachings of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who works through the holy spirit. The writer of this article is imperfect. When I realise what is implied in those words “love thine own enemy”, I realise how shoddy I am in the presence of the perfect one, Jesus Christ, who loves us and knows all about us.

Christ’s teachings are good, because in the light of astrology it’s easy to see that they resonate with the nature of Jupiter and of Venus, Jupiter goes out and has total compassion for the world in Pisces, his night time home, and in the day he goes out and he understands the spiritual implications of all actions taken on earth, Jupiter in Sagittarius really sees above and beyond all mundane and petty daily events and knows what counts in the end. Venus again, the planet that is associated with love, is belonging to Christ, when he tells us to love, just plain and simply to love those around us.

Jesus hates violence, and God hates violence, which is why Saturn and Mars are termed “malefics”. It is clear from the astrological point of view that Christ is good, because he resonates solely with the planets that are termed “benific”. He also tells us that those people who do things “for show”, to demonstrate to others and to draw attention to themselves in order to gain position are also evil, that they have “already received their reward”, those people are of the nature of Saturn, who do things in calculation, and without love.

In Astrology the benifics and malefics still stand firm. Good and evil still stand. To say that we live in a “new age” is the biggest deception, because in real terms people are people, and violence is still evil and love is still good and will always be good. These things separate us from the animals, and if as a species humanity rejects the binary of “good and evil” then we will go back to animalism with rapidity. It is from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that we ate.

There is no mention of going back into the garden of Eden. In the scriptures it is said that Christ will come down from the heavens, and all will be able to see and there will be no doubt whatsoever that it is him.


God hates sorcery just as he hates violence and whoring and lying. So perhaps this study is partly evil, for which I beg forgiveness. However, it is here and it is done. There is sorcery only if there is a wicked and calculating heart behind it. My heart sought only for a way forward in life, a vocation and love, and so perhaps those sins were not enormous. But in being away from the real source of truth, which is the Holy Spirit, there was spiritual death which I’ll not deny.

Real sorcery is where someone makes money from nothing, without putting in “real” work, without sweat, tears and blood. Let me re-affirm, there is nothing in this life which is worth having without real living sacrifice.


The Kingdom of Heaven is close.

Some things to ponder about…

8 01 2011

It is recorded by the historians and archeologists that human history is actually only a few thousand years old. I say “a few”, because the geologists claim that in the grand scheme of things, our culture and way of life is a blip in time. We’ve had our cushy lifestyles for only a couple of thousand years, and before this, we as a human species were out there in the wilderness getting chased by lions. As in H.G. Wells’ book “The War of the Worlds”, I contemplate the civilisation of which I am a part, and I find there is great arrogance in our species, and that we are in effect blinded by our presumptions.

One thing that is interesting about our history is that apparently humans have actually been around a lot longer than our civilisation. It is said that we were anatomically ourselves about 200,000 years ago, and about 50,000 years ago we reached full behavioral modernity. Well, what happened during those 45,000 years before the first city, before the invention of farming and the wheel, and the alphabet and the comfort of communal living?

It is said by science that humans were “full capacity” 50,000 years ago. With our ability to think and to communicate with language, with our large brains, with our sensitivity and intelligence. The thought that I am thinking is that 50,000 years ago, my ancestors were as intelligent as myself, because they were anatomically and genetically “modern”.

I do not aspire to some “past idyll”. But I am also skeptical of the scientists and anthropologist who can do no more than scratch in the dirt and speculate. To say that we had developed to our modern genetic state, this is to say that we are now what we were 50,000 years ago has some implications.  It means that the ability to think and to feel and to reason was the same then as it now is. To say then that bronze age man was “savage” would be highly wrong.

What, really is the difference between now and then? I would argue, that the only real difference is culture, and numbers and perhaps the length of life. But I’d argue that quality of life is no different. To be satisfied in this life, one has to put one’s nose to the grindstone. And this is probably the same as in 48,000 BC.

One difference which I romanticise about 48,000 BC, is that those, my ancestors, that couple, that mother and father of the past, they were closer to Truth. Perhaps we as a species are more intelligent because we have to contend with many lies, many deceptions that remove us from real life. Things that remove us from the earth, and the source of life. Things that remove us from death, from being able to see the Milky Way at night, these things, I suspect although have increased our success as a species, they have taken us away from truth.

The natural order of humanity without civilisation appears to be benign. But it’s usually headed by one leader, or chief, whether it’s just one family living alone in some remote part in the jungle, or whether it is a kingdom or a republic. It is clear that genetically, we are predisposed to adhere to the rules that the “boss-man” wants. In our new Global era, it does make sense to diversify genetically, since it is claimed that genetically, as a species we have very little variation. But more over, it’s clear that the world is moving towards a one world government and whichever way you paint it, there will be one that takes charge.

One thing I am becoming fairly certain of. And that is this: If I had lived a thousand years ago, I would have probably lived the same life. I would have thought the same thoughts and written down the same things. I would have written with a feather pen. If I had lived 50,000 years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have written anything down, but I may well have thought the same thoughts, my ancestors thought, because I think.

If I consider that this era is no less evil than any other era in history. If I consider that my blood and my genetic inheritance gives me the ability to think and contemplate, it gives me philosophy and it gives me the chance to find truth and in truth find happiness. Therefore I am lucky, and I am special. I am not a king or a chief, but I have truth, which they do not have. I am not a slave, I am a free man, and will always be free, because it is my inheritance. Should I ever be made a slave, or a king I would abdicate and find my place once again.

One thing is sure, human happiness is guaranteed. In whichever tribe, in whatever circumstance. Fear and love, basic human emotions, emotion refined into intelligent thought, but rationality must not deny the driving force. God has created us all dignified. If I stood naked in the middle of a desert I would still be dignified, exposed, but I would still be dignified, I would know what to do, I would adapt and be content. Why am I dignified? I am dignified because I appreciate my existence, I want for nothing, because I know that I am created and I know God has not created me for nothing.

The man without dignity is the wicked man who does not appreciate his creator or his existence. The evil wicked man is the one who needs to enslave others. But although this man has existed and was probably around 48,000 BC, I must know that his lies and whatever he may take from me, he cannot ever take my dignity and my happiness. Those are given to me by my God, through my fate and through my blood.

I may also know that even though I am exposed to wicked people around me, I am immune, and I will remain dignified, oil does not mix with water. Though it may cover it completely and obscure truth, truth will remain. It does not matter how large civilisation becomes, it doesn’t matter if we all become enslaved in a communist state. In the human heart there will always be truth, and there will always be love. The human heart will always find truth, and will always throw away lies. And the wicked, will always suffer eternally, and infernally, since not having Truth is probably one of the worst punishments, not being dignified in the love of God, this is eternal damnation.

Love God and Love, and keep his commandments.

Science does not replace Moral Law

5 01 2011

These proponents of science as a justifiable replacement for religion or as a disproof and reason to discard the Pope and the beloved Church have not missed the point. They propose their ideas deliberately and concertedly, in order to de-moralise people. “But why should it matter if people have no religion? Why should it matter?” I hear you say. I hear you say, “let the people be free, let them live life and choose the kind of life they want to live.”

Yes, these are reasonable points, delivered by mercury himself. But we must note that Mercury serves any master, and will flit from one master to the next, taking payment from the highest bidder, or in fact from both masters, while adhering or being faithful to neither. Mercury is the knave and the thief, the liar, and the one who creates mischief in cahoots with Saturn and Mars.

Astrology is a form of science. And it’s possible astrologically to understand the events of life, and the events that take place here on Earth in astrological terms. But one thing which is lacking from astrology and likewise from science is morality. A cat may get pregnant, and have kittens, some people kill the kittens because they are unwanted. A woman may get pregnant, and have children, some people kill the children, because they are unwanted. No morality is present in abortion, or kitten killing. But, both woman and cat can be treated in the same way in a moral-less society.

What those proponents of the “new scientific religion” don’t tell us, is that, their plans are to treat people in the same way as they treat animals. Powerful men will be able to use people like animals, if the people have no religion and have no moral law. Without moral law we are intelligent animals, like pigs who can talk (George Orwell has written about these themes). He saw that Communism was an inherent evil, but he didn’t realise that the reason for its evil was its absence of religion.

People are sacred beings created by God. Science sees people as numbers, as meat, as animals in a meat factory. Democracy which governs under scientific principles, principles which appear reasonable, is a very large deceit. The powerful men use democracy to gradually de-moralise people. If people are sacred, you can’t exploit them. If people are like pigs, butcher them by all means.

There is a natural order on Earth and in human society. Religion, culture and art are domains which come under the protection of Venus and Jupiter, the benifics. The immense population explosions of the 19th and 20th centuries have obscured truth, in favour of other things, of, primarily growth. What are the main issues of the first decade of the 21st century? The main issue is the economy, the economy and religious terrorism. But both of these issues in reality are tied together. Terrorism in effect was an attempt to strike at the world economic order.

Moral Law is continuous. It doesn’t change. Moral Law is truer than science, and surer than gravity, because it is not devised from man’s deceitful and master-less Mercurial faculty. Moral Law understands humanity and human happiness and love, and is the only key and source in finding these things. The teachings of our dear God, are true. And they will always be true, and the new “paradigm”, the new buzzwords of the new age will all fall away, because truth cannot be hidden. Light shines through darkness always. Karl Marx’s historical materialism which has spawned the majority of 20th/21st century thought, is in fact of darkness. Light shines through darkness.

Love in the Abstract

4 01 2011

Love God before anyone else.

No love on Earth will ever be perfect or last without God, who is the divine source of all things. God is not just for the priests or for the “religious recluses” of the world. Loving God does not mean renouncing the world. It does not mean total abstinence of all desire in life. God knows all of our desires and wants, and he will give us everything in life in his due time.


All God wants, like a father, is that we love him and trust in his divine wisdom. God has decided what we as individual human beings desire and want in the first place. And it may even be that he has sent Satan as a test of our love for him. But since God loved us, from the beginning, he probably didn’t do this.

It’s hard to love God, because it is hard to know God, without reading about him, or listening to him everyday. But you’ve got to be creative in your search. There are pictures of Jesus, and we know his words, they are recorded in text. There is mass, and there are houses dedicated to God called churches.


No love which is without God will ever be good, will ever last. God created Heaven and Earth and the stars and the planets. And although we sin, in trying to control these things, I have concluded that these things are for God to know rather than man. But the man who does learn about them must realise that he witnesses God’s blueprint, and that he is the most foolish idiot to think that he has any control or ability to manipulate them.

Jesus is our lord God, and the most powerful king on Earth will bow down to him and serve him. We are all servants of God. Let me love God, and serve good and let me also love the one who loves me also, in justice and in truth and in faithfulness.