Some things to ponder about…

8 01 2011

It is recorded by the historians and archeologists that human history is actually only a few thousand years old. I say “a few”, because the geologists claim that in the grand scheme of things, our culture and way of life is a blip in time. We’ve had our cushy lifestyles for only a couple of thousand years, and before this, we as a human species were out there in the wilderness getting chased by lions. As in H.G. Wells’ book “The War of the Worlds”, I contemplate the civilisation of which I am a part, and I find there is great arrogance in our species, and that we are in effect blinded by our presumptions.

One thing that is interesting about our history is that apparently humans have actually been around a lot longer than our civilisation. It is said that we were anatomically ourselves about 200,000 years ago, and about 50,000 years ago we reached full behavioral modernity. Well, what happened during those 45,000 years before the first city, before the invention of farming and the wheel, and the alphabet and the comfort of communal living?

It is said by science that humans were “full capacity” 50,000 years ago. With our ability to think and to communicate with language, with our large brains, with our sensitivity and intelligence. The thought that I am thinking is that 50,000 years ago, my ancestors were as intelligent as myself, because they were anatomically and genetically “modern”.

I do not aspire to some “past idyll”. But I am also skeptical of the scientists and anthropologist who can do no more than scratch in the dirt and speculate. To say that we had developed to our modern genetic state, this is to say that we are now what we were 50,000 years ago has some implications.  It means that the ability to think and to feel and to reason was the same then as it now is. To say then that bronze age man was “savage” would be highly wrong.

What, really is the difference between now and then? I would argue, that the only real difference is culture, and numbers and perhaps the length of life. But I’d argue that quality of life is no different. To be satisfied in this life, one has to put one’s nose to the grindstone. And this is probably the same as in 48,000 BC.

One difference which I romanticise about 48,000 BC, is that those, my ancestors, that couple, that mother and father of the past, they were closer to Truth. Perhaps we as a species are more intelligent because we have to contend with many lies, many deceptions that remove us from real life. Things that remove us from the earth, and the source of life. Things that remove us from death, from being able to see the Milky Way at night, these things, I suspect although have increased our success as a species, they have taken us away from truth.

The natural order of humanity without civilisation appears to be benign. But it’s usually headed by one leader, or chief, whether it’s just one family living alone in some remote part in the jungle, or whether it is a kingdom or a republic. It is clear that genetically, we are predisposed to adhere to the rules that the “boss-man” wants. In our new Global era, it does make sense to diversify genetically, since it is claimed that genetically, as a species we have very little variation. But more over, it’s clear that the world is moving towards a one world government and whichever way you paint it, there will be one that takes charge.

One thing I am becoming fairly certain of. And that is this: If I had lived a thousand years ago, I would have probably lived the same life. I would have thought the same thoughts and written down the same things. I would have written with a feather pen. If I had lived 50,000 years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have written anything down, but I may well have thought the same thoughts, my ancestors thought, because I think.

If I consider that this era is no less evil than any other era in history. If I consider that my blood and my genetic inheritance gives me the ability to think and contemplate, it gives me philosophy and it gives me the chance to find truth and in truth find happiness. Therefore I am lucky, and I am special. I am not a king or a chief, but I have truth, which they do not have. I am not a slave, I am a free man, and will always be free, because it is my inheritance. Should I ever be made a slave, or a king I would abdicate and find my place once again.

One thing is sure, human happiness is guaranteed. In whichever tribe, in whatever circumstance. Fear and love, basic human emotions, emotion refined into intelligent thought, but rationality must not deny the driving force. God has created us all dignified. If I stood naked in the middle of a desert I would still be dignified, exposed, but I would still be dignified, I would know what to do, I would adapt and be content. Why am I dignified? I am dignified because I appreciate my existence, I want for nothing, because I know that I am created and I know God has not created me for nothing.

The man without dignity is the wicked man who does not appreciate his creator or his existence. The evil wicked man is the one who needs to enslave others. But although this man has existed and was probably around 48,000 BC, I must know that his lies and whatever he may take from me, he cannot ever take my dignity and my happiness. Those are given to me by my God, through my fate and through my blood.

I may also know that even though I am exposed to wicked people around me, I am immune, and I will remain dignified, oil does not mix with water. Though it may cover it completely and obscure truth, truth will remain. It does not matter how large civilisation becomes, it doesn’t matter if we all become enslaved in a communist state. In the human heart there will always be truth, and there will always be love. The human heart will always find truth, and will always throw away lies. And the wicked, will always suffer eternally, and infernally, since not having Truth is probably one of the worst punishments, not being dignified in the love of God, this is eternal damnation.

Love God and Love, and keep his commandments.



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