The Apple Tree Apples

8 12 2011

In Zen there is a metaphor which relates to the nature of life, to destiny and which tells us quite simply  that we go with our environment and the world. This isn’t just hinted at in Zen but in Christianity too. The proverb about the good tree producing good fruit relates to this point. In Zen, and I’m quoting Alan Watts here, the saying goes that “As the apple tree apples, the world peoples.”

Philosophically the core belief system which the world has brought me up with has made me uptight. The political system and our education system and basically society and our fundamental core of beliefs which are unspoken yet rigorously dictate our way of life is not of this Zen philosophy.

Human life, is organic, and this will become clearer as Neptune enters Pisces and leaves the artificial and intellectual sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is inorganic, but Pisces being water is a direct connection with emotional reality.

The Zen lesson that we need so badly to take is that there is a destiny. And it’s interesting that our apprehension or even anticipation about this destiny is in fact part of the destiny itself. The purest Zen is to realise that even if I didn’t anticipate things in life that they’d turn out just the same, but that my anticipation within life, the planning and the forethought is actually a part of my destiny.

If I am to spend years of my life worrying unnecessarily about the events of this life, how terrible. But, according to Zen, my nature as a worrying type is natural anyway. The fact that I have my 8th ruler rising in high strength makes me regard life in terms of death, and in Virgo Mars has a tendency towards analysis, but this is the natural destiny of this body and soul which I call “I”. If I were not to go through life feeling it as if it were one perpetual near death experience, I would not be living it according to my nature.

Many times in this life I have tried to “better myself”, and perhaps successfully, but perhaps not. The fact that I come back down to Earth with a great thud and feel like failure and feel terrible Saturnine depression tells me that whatever spiritual remedies or life path that I have been on has been unsuccessful. What would Zen say to this? Another biblical parable is about the 7 fat cows and the 7 thin ones which appeared in the Pharaohs’ dream. Zen would say that all things in the Universe and in life are perfectly balanced.  Well, my misery in life must be balanced out by some better feelings, and I imagine to myself that they are in the future.

What is the resolution? I do not wish just to feel better. Because the truth always wells up like blood seeping through the floorboards to remind you that you are just fooling yourself. There is a deep philosophical question. The question is whether “I” am able to create the life that I wish for, to steer my ship and to create my past as if it were as easy as determining the direction I wished to go in. But life has proved counter-productive and self-assertion has not worked out well for me. I have tried and not got what I wanted. So then I am a product of the world the way the apple is a product of the tree.

Uranus is the planet which symbolises purest ZEN. It is the conversion of energy. It is associated with astrology for a good reason, namely the stars send down energy and light to us and we must convert it into life on Earth.  Therefore what we are talking about is the need to channel and convert energy. When life becomes tough, when we are unable to cope with things and make mistakes, this is because we are unable to interpret what the divine power (God), though the stars is telling us to do.

Individually, we must act, and when we fail to do so  the consequences are depression, anger tension. These are consequences of not acting correctly too. One method of gaining knowledge on how to act, is through deep meditation and prayer.

God is always saying what we must do, through the stars. Feeling tension, feeling emotion, that’s the beginning of understanding the message that is being beamed down to us. The trick is to convert that message from the ether, and to translate it into words and actions. It is only possible to really do this if you still your mind and heart completely, which is always the toughest thing to do, when you are full of emotions and desires.

Neptune the spilt drink

4 12 2011

The orb of Neptune is 25 degrees applying or separating from any aspect. The fact is that this planet colours the entire chart from any point. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, but like a spilt drink it reaches out across the signs and wets everything around it. Naturally the orb at which a planet has effect by transit and progression is no different from one planet to another, so exacting astrologers will give an orb of two-three degrees for the transit and one degree for the Solar Arc.

Having established a link between Neptune and Pisces it is no surprise that this planet acts on the emotions and on the feeling nature of man. The primary way that it does this is to raise expectations, and thereby distorting the “truth” of a situation or house. Neptune has domain over all forms of romance or romanticism. “Great expectations” are always followed by disappointment. Poetry and stories of course, are not real, so when you go to touch it and try to hold on to it, it disappears, whatever beauty and greatness that it presented, whatever glamour it gave off will leave you shivering and cold and in a dark room all alone with no comfort.

Traditional astrology holds that Saturn and Mars are the malefics which cause the greatest deal of suffering. While this is true, and the anguish which the two traditional evils of the Solar system cause pain physically, Neptune is solely responsible for that pain which gnaws at the psyche causing deep unhappiness and dissatisfaction. With Saturn it is always clear the reason for the misery, whether it be fear and inadequacy, dumbness, stupidity, with Mars the anger shows up and there is no mistaking it. Neptune though doesn’t let you know why. Neptune like the spilt drink will not let you see the table beneath clearly. “Why are you unhappy? I don’t know.”

Going into the psychology of Neptune one begins to realise that unhappiness is always causal. Downs are always consequence of ups. What was the high in the first place? The high was a detachment from the day to day reality of life. Fantasy. The mind, when Neptune is influencing is taken in very easily with its own creation.  We never realise it at the time.

A peculiarity of Neptune is that this planet has very high winds, of up to 1,000 miles per hour. There are wispy clouds on Neptune, but they move so fast that what you are actually seeing may have taken place some time ago. Neptune’s wind is so fast it beggars belief, winds that move faster than the speed of sound? The idea of Neptune as some kind of passive and tranquil lake is laughable. The slowest planet to travel around the Sun very strangely has the fastest moving elements on its surface.

The deepest form of Neptunian disappointment is being in love with something that has no physical reality on Earth. In the 5th house for example Love is coloured up, and coloured in. All of it is illusion, self created illusion. When Neptune acts on the faculties in this house it is the artist, dreaming of his muse non-stop. But the trouble is that of course, the artist will never, never be satisfied, because he will never be able to touch that mental creation, she doesn’t exist, not the way he sees her.

Neptune working in the 6th house has the same effect at work. The subject of the dirty Neptune deception will think that they love their job, when in reality it’s not that great. They might project a romantic persona among their colleagues, therefore deceiving them, or being deceived by them. But the reality is that all illusions are a departure from reality and the more you dream about it and romanticise it the greater the eventual misery that it will cause.