SQUARES: Esoteric Meaning

28 09 2013

This is something I’ve thought about before, but it never occured to me to put pen to paper, because it was such a simple realisation. The truth is often far simpler and far less complicated than I had ever imagined, so much so that I actually put it asside, in my search for something a “bit more” satisfying. This introduction may seem obtuse but it is only so in order to prepare the reader for a concept which appears so appallingly simple, it can be shrugged off, yet which may permit him or her to see the world completely afresh. The meat is here, I will not expand it beyond the initial idea, nor fluff it up with extra words beyond this introduction.

The square is “hard”. Hard things in life result in pain, and suffering, argument, strife, problems, difficulties. When two planets are in a square, they are said to be at war. Squares are actually part of the grand cross which includes the 180 degrees opposition and the midpoints between the squares are 45 degree octagon or (semi square).

When acting on impulse, and when acting according to animal nature (as humans are biological) one planet must fight against another and defeat it or be defeated. This may be physical or psychological. The Mars in a square allowed to act according to animal nature will always kill, and always be violent, and always rape. Only look at a nature program, to see  this in action. Mars or Saturn in Lions and snakes are the same two planets in humans.

What makes us different from animals? Humans are able to take a square and decide not to act on animal impulse. What’s required in such an act? Sacrifice. Plain and simple, the square makes up with four other squares the grand cross. The Cross is a symbol of human sacrifice. It is as simple as a choice between the Beast (act on animal nature) and the lamb (sacrifice), the essential meaning in the book of Revelation. A second point on this “esoteric explanation” is that of Christ’s birthchart, which is an angular GRAND CROSS. Do not forget Christ had a choice to when Satan said that “all of the world could be yours”, but he chose the path of sacrifice. So when confronted with a cross, square, opposition there is always a choice, you can fight, or you can sacrifice.Image

Why sacrifice? Christ’s sacrifice has lived on throughout two thousand years of history, it was no fluke. While those who acted according to animal (beastial) nature, their effects were detrimental to themselves and to others, why? because they did not sacrifice for God, which is essentially the number one esoteric thing to remember.

How to sacrifice properly? As stated above, anyone can observe his or her personal squares and life difficulties. If you have a Mars square you will get angry and want to fight or shout, or put other people down (kill), proper sacrifice is learning to control these thoughts of anger, and follow Jesus’s teaching, (when someone asks you to walk a mile, walk the next mile also).

Remember, the Lamb (sacrifice), will always be victorious over the beast (no sacrifice). The Book of Revelation may be seen in these terms. Sacrifice which is down with the self interest doesn’t work either, it is only total sacrifice and subjugation to God which counts. Praying for yourself or your family is not sacrifice. Praying to God as worship, as subjugation of the animal nature to spirit, this is sacrifice.

Fasting, prayer, giving change to the poor, meditating, taking unfair criticism, and not reacting to injustice: these are all little ways to sacrifice. You don’t have to die like Christ, or like a martyr. Following the ten commandments (or the eightfold path, or any form of abstinance), is another path to sacrifice. Reading the bible, will obviously further explain how it all works. My words are just a finger pointing to a greater teacher, from someone who is on the path and knows the direction, and admittedly is not “there” yet.Acrostic Cross Take-Up-Your-Cross-480x400 followme

Personal Notes during a Saturn Return

17 09 2013

I’m beginning to take the long view of things in this life. My desire is to move from observing the minute and the changing to the eternal and unmoving. (North Node in the 9th house). Yet I find that the more minutae I observe, the more my sense of the eternal is realised. I read more books about individual characters, individual events, happenings, and occurences, yet I find that when I put the book down, those petty details stay less and less with me and a bigger picture of continuation even with the death of characters, begins to give me a sense of the eternal, a sense that all details and life events are not pressient, not life-determining.

I realise that money is not a goal for me, but that my happiness is tied up with all of the twelve houses equally. I realise that going travelling an doing “tourism” is not a goal for me either, Travel’s purpose is tied up with knowing God, or with a job, or with creating feelings with someone. I ask myself the question: “Why do I want money? Why do I want to be married to that girl? Why do I want to live in a certain place or do a certain job?” The answers are no longer “because they give me pleasure or make my life easy.” The answers I am looking for are, whether or not these details are decreed by God more and more with each day.

Another tough realisation which I’ve had over the past years is that I don’t need to be going anywhere. To just do my job that I have is enough for me. To know that it’s not really necessary to do anything more, is the best thing that anyone can know. Observing nature, I see that the flowers do nothing, the rain also does nothing once it has fallen, mountains and rivers do nothing, except ebb downwards, and though animals chase each other, lion after impala, they are still not doing anything, not really.

It is only man/woman, who runs around without knowing what he/she is doing. Without knowing why. I have often looked at a chart and wondered about its potential, about the “oak in the acorn”, yet to look at it the other way around now seems more fruitful.

It is possible that I do not need to achieve anything anymore. I’ve observed that billionaires sometimes fall, because they have a need which they will never be able to satisfy. Neither take action, nor be inactive.

I’ve come to the conclusion that ancient people may have been happier, in the same way that the flower, the lion and the impala are obviously happier than the tragedy of humanity. Clearly action is better than pre-meditated action, though it may bring on an early death.


I can see clearly now,  that, even though I’ve got myself some financial security, (a flat and a job) to actually start to take part in the system of consumerism would only further enslave me and diminish my happiness and freedom. Do I need a car? No. If I get married and my wife needs a car, or needs to buy luxuries, she can buy them with her money.

I see that the human hive is vast and complex and that I am lucky in order to be allowed chances to learn chances to discover real knowledge. Many people are trapped without sight of the opening which could lead them above ground and out of the mole’s tunnel in which we are all born into.

Life above ground is bright, when you know that you don’t need to do anything. The majoritty of God’s commands involved not wanting something. Interesting then, that capitalism constantly has to persuade people to want something. Why do yogurt adverts involve attractive skinny women smiling, with a background of light and fluffy clouds which resemble some heavenly place? Because yogurt is a luxury, as are ALL things which are advertised on TV. If we actually needed them, they wouldn’t be advertised. People lived for thousands of years without toilet paper or deoderant, and now that we have these things we know that they are the primary causes of global warming.

So finally, individual death is what frightens me. I need a certain level of comfort in my life in order to ward off disease and death, money for amenities, luxuries even, so that I may have time to ruminate on life, in order to discover knowledge, I must first be able to have the freedom from fear of death, or disease or discomfort. Yet, and yet. I also realise that I will never really be free. I will always be a part of society, capitalism, needs, destruction of nature, which makes me like the rest of humanity, just another dirty flower of civilisation. Kill civilisation! Some people are doing that, or trying to, yet, I am still on the side of comfort and permanence. Though you may secretly root for destruction, you know deep down that your little flat and job, soap in the bathroom and air-con, is what generations have been striving for, you know it’s wrong, but you will also die before willingy giving it up.

I don’t need to, or have to do anything. The main thing I have  learnt has to be that to think that I actually have the power to change my life is an illusion, and the greatest illusion. Lions don’t strategise about hunting. The weakest animal in the herd falls behind, and that’s the one that they catch and eat. They chase, they don’t train daily, with suplements, and vitamins, lions don’t read about the possible benefits of vegetarianism, or that too much meat can be one of the possible causes of early cancer. Likewise impalas, don’t contemplate what they might do to put the predators off the chase,  they simply run.

Yet, Mercury has some power in my chart and therefore I am condemned to think about possible options. But, I am keen to move from the particular, to the general. I know I am still caught up in details, inescapable details. I know at least where I want to be, and how I want to think and see the world. I know the destination, even though I know I am not there yet.

Do I need to move house, move country, change jobs, change people, food, scenery in order to attain it? Not of my own accord. However, I know that the objective has been set, the goal defined, and now all these details ought to take care of themselves.

Finally, if I was there, this piece would not have been witten.

Which love most, or desire it most. (Horary questions on love and reception)

17 09 2013

The following are some quotations from William Lilly regarding the “desire” in questions relating to marriage.


The Lord of the seventh in the ascendant, the party desired loveth best: The Lord of the ascendant in the seventh, the Querent loveth best; and so with the other Significators, for those that apply argue most love,&c.
The Lord of the seventh in the seventh, especially in one of his owne houses, the party desired is free from love, hath little mind to Marriage, and her Portion is knowne, or the mans.
TThe Significators of the party desired, not beholding the Significators of the Querent, noteth the love of some other more then the Querent, or an aversnesse to the party now enquiring.
The applicatio[n] of the Significators frustrated, notes the Marriage to be broken off, by such person or thing as that Signifier noteth, which you may know by the house he is in & Lord of, viz.
If by the Lord of the 2nd house, want of Riches; if Lord of the 3rd, by the Brother, &c. contrariwise,
Tthe Marriage being presaged by translation of light, or collection, it shall be furthered by such a one (as above mentioned) viz.
If by the Lord of the 2nd, by some friend promising Dowry; 3rd, a Brother; 10th, a Mother; 5th or llth, a Friend; 6th, an Unckle, Aunt, or a Servant:
Where note, that Marriages promised by conjunction square or opposition, note performance with much adoe; trine or sextile, easie; with Reception, best of all.


These are all  extremely useful and interesting affirmation when regarding the horary chart, when asking any question, not just about marriage. Lilly says that if the lord of the 7th is in the 1st, then it is the “quested” which desires/loves most. But we may go into further detail and say that when the lord of the 7th is beheld (found or received) in a sign ruled by the Ascendant, then it means that that person, (the quested) is after the querent.

Put the 7th lord received in the first and it is in its detriment. What’s the conclusion of this? If the other person loves you crazily, she comes to your house (1st house) knocks on your own door, and takes all the chances and risks, then it puts her in a desperate situation, a situation of risk and therefore the planet being in detriment signifies unhappiness. If you love someone though and 1st lord is received by 7th lord, then your signifier is in detriment. How does it feel to desire someone and be at her mercy? This is why a planet in its rulership isn’t too worried about it, though there may be attraction, if your signifier is in domicile then you are not bothered either way, if you lose her or if you win her. Likewise, if her signifier is in rulership, she’s not bothered either way too much about you. Put a signifier in detriment though in a marriage/love question and that signifier is the party which wants, or desires the querent.

Using a non love related example, if someone asks if he/she will travel, and the lord of the 9th is on the ascendant, yet the 1st lord is somewhere else, what does it mean? It means that I don’t really want to travel anywhere, (Asc lord in the 8th) I had different worries, 8th signifying changes, my desire was primarily changes or help from other people. With no aspect between 1st lord and 9th lord I won’t travel. I can see clearly that my needs are elsewhere. But then what’s a dignified 9th lord doing right on the ascendant then? Why did I ask the question? I asked because other people were suggesting that I travel. Using the rules garnered from the above quotations, can it be concluded that “travel desires me”? It may. It may mean that some foreign person wants  me. It may mean that there are plenty of chances for me to travel, that these chances are offering themselves on a plate to me, yet because my signifier makes no aspect to the 9th lord, it will not happen.


The chart serves as a nice tool to help us understand circumstances, desires, hopes. Yet in using it I have begun to realise that it is wise to begin with the goal of independence, knowledge and peace with God before asking into particular details of life, Say I want to marry a certain woman, I ought to take a step back from my lust and really meditate on whether God wants her to be my wife. If I ask whether I’ll travel, I ought first to ask what is the goal of the trip.

Charts and charts will not bring happiness, even if you are able to discern the future at different stages. If the oracle prophesies war and destruction, no marriage, and no travel, loss and death, it is up to the querent to accept this as the will of God, rather than looking for better prognostication. Those who live in harmony with God’s will are the ones who find true spiritual life and happiness, even if that will contains hardship, which is necessary for all. Just as a tree has a side which is in light, it has a side in shade.


There is always more complication with any chart, especially when there are multiple signifiers. Say the Moon is in one sign, 1st lord another sign, and furthermore there is a planet in domicile rising in the 1st house which is not lord of the ascendant. Here are three signifiers, two of which may be useless, yet the third as a house almuten cannot be ignored. What happens if a planet rises in its domicile, yet the ascendant lord is beyond help? This may be taken for any strong planet placed in any house, without ruling that being lord of that house.

Planets in houses which are dignified will bestow the benefits of those houses, even if the so called lord of that house is in a poor state. It’s always a tricky question when there are two or more different possible signifiers for a house. Should the  lord of the cusp of the house be used only, or should the other planets in that house be used? If the almuten is stronger than the cusp lord, what then? Any person may have two or more interests or abilities. The cusp is where that person starts, so where the house starts can give you a clue of the beginnings of matters related to that house, and if a planet is not received by the cusp lord yet in that house, it may simply not be visible or easy to see the qualities of that house.



Ultimate Dispositors

8 09 2013

I’ve been looking at ultimate chart dispositors. Two planets in detriment in MR are still two planets each in detriment, and both act in an undignified way. I think the MR allows for the possibility that the two planets are able to be successful together.

To have two chart dispositors in MR in detriment is worse than having one domicile planet dispositing the other detriment planet. In this case you would have one dignified planet rather than two detriment ones cooperating to do evil.

On the other hand if you look at a chart with one dispositor, the accidental debility is also interesting to look at. An afflicted dispositor if there is only one, has no alternative course of action. Unless there are other domicile planets. Adolf Hitler’s chart is a telling example of this.

When there is no ultimate dispositor planets form a chain which is circular. These planets may be essentially dignified by other means, exalted or in minor dignities like  terms, yet if they are peregrine they will still behave undignified.

So, when you have a dispositor in domicile, it needs no reception, because it’s at home. The only things which will decide whether it delivers the benefits it promises are whether it is in a positive house, and accidentally dignified also. That means that if it’s square a planet or retrograde, or in the 12th house, then its positive attributes can be wasted. But the reverse is also true, by putting it in the 1st house direct and free of combustion, free from hard aspects.

Bible Quotes

6 09 2013