SQUARES: Esoteric Meaning

28 09 2013

This is something I’ve thought about before, but it never occured to me to put pen to paper, because it was such a simple realisation. The truth is often far simpler and far less complicated than I had ever imagined, so much so that I actually put it asside, in my search for something a “bit more” satisfying. This introduction may seem obtuse but it is only so in order to prepare the reader for a concept which appears so appallingly simple, it can be shrugged off, yet which may permit him or her to see the world completely afresh. The meat is here, I will not expand it beyond the initial idea, nor fluff it up with extra words beyond this introduction.

The square is “hard”. Hard things in life result in pain, and suffering, argument, strife, problems, difficulties. When two planets are in a square, they are said to be at war. Squares are actually part of the grand cross which includes the 180 degrees opposition and the midpoints between the squares are 45 degree octagon or (semi square).

When acting on impulse, and when acting according to animal nature (as humans are biological) one planet must fight against another and defeat it or be defeated. This may be physical or psychological. The Mars in a square allowed to act according to animal nature will always kill, and always be violent, and always rape. Only look at a nature program, to see  this in action. Mars or Saturn in Lions and snakes are the same two planets in humans.

What makes us different from animals? Humans are able to take a square and decide not to act on animal impulse. What’s required in such an act? Sacrifice. Plain and simple, the square makes up with four other squares the grand cross. The Cross is a symbol of human sacrifice. It is as simple as a choice between the Beast (act on animal nature) and the lamb (sacrifice), the essential meaning in the book of Revelation. A second point on this “esoteric explanation” is that of Christ’s birthchart, which is an angular GRAND CROSS. Do not forget Christ had a choice to when Satan said that “all of the world could be yours”, but he chose the path of sacrifice. So when confronted with a cross, square, opposition there is always a choice, you can fight, or you can sacrifice.Image

Why sacrifice? Christ’s sacrifice has lived on throughout two thousand years of history, it was no fluke. While those who acted according to animal (beastial) nature, their effects were detrimental to themselves and to others, why? because they did not sacrifice for God, which is essentially the number one esoteric thing to remember.

How to sacrifice properly? As stated above, anyone can observe his or her personal squares and life difficulties. If you have a Mars square you will get angry and want to fight or shout, or put other people down (kill), proper sacrifice is learning to control these thoughts of anger, and follow Jesus’s teaching, (when someone asks you to walk a mile, walk the next mile also).

Remember, the Lamb (sacrifice), will always be victorious over the beast (no sacrifice). The Book of Revelation may be seen in these terms. Sacrifice which is down with the self interest doesn’t work either, it is only total sacrifice and subjugation to God which counts. Praying for yourself or your family is not sacrifice. Praying to God as worship, as subjugation of the animal nature to spirit, this is sacrifice.

Fasting, prayer, giving change to the poor, meditating, taking unfair criticism, and not reacting to injustice: these are all little ways to sacrifice. You don’t have to die like Christ, or like a martyr. Following the ten commandments (or the eightfold path, or any form of abstinance), is another path to sacrifice. Reading the bible, will obviously further explain how it all works. My words are just a finger pointing to a greater teacher, from someone who is on the path and knows the direction, and admittedly is not “there” yet.Acrostic Cross Take-Up-Your-Cross-480x400 followme



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