Samsung, Apple and Sony and the non-replaceable battery scam

8 02 2016

The great deception is that after buying a beautiful tablet and smartphone, and after using them only for a few months I noticed that the charge on the battery was lost considerably. In 8 hours I lost 6 percent on standby at the beginning, after two months I lost 10 percent in the same time. I then realised that the smartphone and tablet both are unopenable and to replace the shitty battery is not possible. In 24 months when the makers of my phone and tablet release their brand new products, #8 or #9 or #3 or whatever edition it is, do they expect me to throw my old phone and tablet in the garbage? I paid about $300 and $600 for my phone and tablet. I bought beautiful cases for them and take extreme care over them so as not to scratch them or damage them in any way. I expected to keep them for the next ten years in mint condition with the option of selling them, if indeed I wanted to update to the latest version.

Samsung, Apple and Sony are in the planned obsolescence game together. All tablet and smartphone makers are. When Neptune in Pisces made a square to natal Uranus, I realised the deception going on with regard to new technology. As with all deceptions and thefts, there is a moment of great joy that you bought something on the cutting edge, followed by a very painful realisation that actually the guy you bought it off switched phones just before you handed him the money and in fact when you walked away you were carrying a fake, just a piece of glass wrapped in cardboard and you may as well throw it in the river now. As for your hard earned cash, that guy is in another country, you can’t get your money back now.


As the graph demonstrates, after 250 charges, if you charge once a day that is 250 days, lithium ion batteries lose between 15-30% capacity. In 500 days instead of lasting 8 hours, the charge will only hold for 4 hours. After 1000 days what is the result? No-one has talked about that. But it is true that in the old days, replaceable AA 1.2 volt rechargeable lithium batteries would have to themselves be replaced after 1000 charges because they became useless at holding energy.

I like reading using my tablet, and playing games, I use my smartphone for music while commuting, for reading while bored at work. The energy drains fast. It is not that I can’t afford to buy the latest version, I can and I want to. I just don’t like being tricked. Samsung, Apple, Sony and possibly their other competitors are perfectly capable of utilizing standardized replaceable batteries in their mobile techonolgies. They have calculated, very cynically and colluded together in order to trick the consumer into wasting his money. Additionally, what about the unnecessary cost to the environment in extra plastic, glass and valuable metals being wasted unecessarily?

I have read thousands of comments in reviews about these products indicating a fury over the changes between the S5 and the S6 and S7 about non-replaceable batteries. But the truth is that all mobile products whether cameras, tablets, laptops or smartphones should be obligated by law to give the consumer and the environment value for money rather than short-changing us and the planet. These companies should be held personally responsible for climate change crimes, and for theft. What am I supposed to do when my S6 holds only 2 hours charge in the space of 24 months? The hell am I buying another faulty product from Samsung. I will find a product that fulfils my criteria for value for money. Dear Samsung, Apple, Sony. If you rip me off, I will not buy your products and what’s more I will talk about it to other consumers so that they boycott you too. Some other competitive manufacturer will come along and will give me the product that I want. I guarentee that.

Don’t forget the golden rule: “The customer is always king”.