A lesson on the malefics


The past few days have been nasty in the astrological world. The massacre in Norway and all the other bad news with newspaper hacking and other violence, we might allocate to Mars being particularly malevolent in Gemini with the South Node. What was most disturbing about these events is that they are an echo, if not an almost direct mirror image of what happens almost daily in Afghanistan.

The Gemini Mars killings of this month have the hallmarks of intelligence, and calculation, of cold-bloodedness which is particularly blood curdling. There are no excuses for killing in astrology because it follows upon the laws of karma. Even suicide bombers, although apparently noble in “sacrifice” or martyrdom don’t know who they are killing and don’t know what karma they are incurring. All murder is disgusting and wrong. The revolutions in Libya are wrong, all violent struggle is wrong, Gandhi taught us this lesson not so long ago. Reconciliation must be found, all people’s must be tolerated and lived with and no person is superior to any other person, whether by race or religion or anything else.

Astrologically, the Uranus-Pluto square is within orb. This is significant because the link up here often results in ideological changes. Political extremism is one nasty facet of this square. However, as the fascists took over Germany during the last square, during the trine, they were defeated.

Injustice will always be punished. There will always be balancing out of all forces which are not in harmony. The universe has celestial music and those who do not follow this music will be silenced in the end.

Mars, who is Lucifer, must join in with this music, but this must be with dignity and with perfect control. There is a place for Lucifer. But for Satan  there isn’t. Satan is what happens when Lucifer let’s go and lets rip, without control and without respect.

The planet Saturn can make the heart very hard, and full of fear and inadequacy, and can make a person feel very alone and stupid. When this happens we can have rage. But this rage once again become Satan without proper control. Saturn has a place too. Mars must control, which is why this planet exalts in Capricorn. Saturn must learn to love, and must learn to be balanced and rational, hence the exaltation in Libra.

Saturn must be open and admit fault. Its purpose is to provide us with the ability to perfect things through rationalism. To fail is part of being human. Where Saturn is, there is failure, at first. Perhaps I must fail a thousand times before the desired result is achieved.


When a person feels alone, and feels pain and anguish. When a person feels as if they are unable to succeed in anything, and that others are better, then this is the punishment churned out by Saturn. We have to realise that when depression or pain happens like this, then it’s not caused by “other people”. The only possible resolution in this situation is to be  humble and to continue with life, and to not think about the failure. The challenge of Saturn is to serve and to give.


When I was angry, I wasn’t controlling the elements of Mars and Lucifer. But now I have control of them. When I was sad and depressed, I wasn’t in control of Saturn. How do I take charge of this beast of misery? I must be very humble, I must also be honest and direct and open.


The New World Order

This is not a conspiracy it is a fact. It is not evil, it is merely the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Saturn is lord of Aquarius. Saturn is only “malefic” because it’s not easy to harness and to control this energy and make it work. In this new dawn though, people will live happily in freedom. Enlightenment will reign. Saturn will show us how to be humble, and if it takes a police state and totalitarianism in order to do this, then this is what it will take. On the other hand, if people join hands and love each other, then there will be no need for a police state to enforce this. In this new age the personality is not of central importance, rather the soul. Since Saturn is karmic.

Looking at history it is clear that, the growth of towns and cities always lead to centralisation, the improvement of communications both long distance and short distance lead to centralisation. Cities become states, states become countries, countries become empires. God will lay down Israel among the animals of the desert and he will make a pact with her and he will banish the bow and the arrow and the axe forever from the land, and she will live in righteousness and in peace and she will know the lord.

When something hurts badly then this is an important sign. The only rational way forward is through persistence. Saturn hurts us in this way. It hurts individuals and we suffer individually, alone, late at night in misery and unhappiness. It also hurts collectively too and makes everyone suffer together. Suffering though is part of soul growth, and it is fine, it is normal. However, it’s purpose is to make us do things and to persist in them.


It’s probable that in this new Saturnine era, humanity collectively will suffer a number of times, repeatedly, until what the soul of the planet requires is achieved. We must live and persist and live in hope, which is an 11th house thing.

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