A Personal Progression

15 12 2009

Something that has occurred to me recently is something that is fairly obvious. It´s not seriously difficult philosophy based on logic. But it does have some important effects on the way I conduct my life, and also in relation to the studies which I have put on this site.

The progression which I am under involves progressed Sun and Jupiter on the natal IC in Sagittarius.

To state it simply I have come to the conclusion that everything in life, and everything in this world is how it is meant to be. Being sat here writing this blog is fate, I would not be anywhere else, either by some illusionary idea of “free will” which I now believe to be nothing more than an excuse for certain immoral types to do what they want and hurt other people. But this “FREE WILL” LIE is also important and part of the equation because without it it would not be as easy to come to the truth.

Celestial law governs Earth. “As above so below”. What does that mean for us? Well to me it means that when as individuals we try and control our affairs, when we think and ponder, when we plan things, we are not in fact in command even though we think so.

The human body is created with the same magnetic frequencies as the Earth, and is imprinted with this at its birth. The human body is destined to play out all of the planetary energies which are in the sky at the time of its birth in the duration of its life. This is determinism. But it´s empowering when we realise that everything is destined. The reason is that when we do things we can do them with the certainty that they are meant to be, designed to be and that there is no reason to doubt.

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29 10 2010
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Such an informative article to read.

30 01 2011

You make it so simple! Amazing!

1 03 2011


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