Write to Me

For the last five years I’ve been

Searching for you, but I didn’t know it

No I didn’t know it, no I didn’t know it, in everyone’s

Eyes it was always yours that I was

Looking for, and now I can see them

I thought I saw you last month,

But I wasn’t sure if it was you or not

It was on that day that I realised it

Was always you, you from the beginning that I want.

How did I not see that you loved me back then?

Was I so blind? I was blind. I remember you

So well, everything about you, your voice

Your eyes, your hair, your laugh, and I

Remember we laughed a lot.

And I still feel your warmth five years on

Because no one compared, no one came close,

And I am in a cold place now, but the

Thought of you is like the melting of ice in

The hot Sun.

I can’t really say or think of anything else,

Except that your name is on my

Lips most days now. I don’t hope for

Anything great, I don’t ask for

Anything from you now.

All I want is to know that you are

There somewhere, and if you’re not happy

Maybe I could joke and we’d laugh like

We used to.

You should know that I’m no Gatsby, And

I’m no Moulder either, my faith is strong

But it isn’t misguided. I wouldn’t be

Searching now if I knew deep down that you

Didn’t want me to.

I saw you at that Wedding, And I knew it was

You, And I let you go just like I did

Back then. But that wasn’t how it was meant

To end, because I know that you have

Been thinking of me.

58 responses

2 10 2008
elsa p

Hi there, I added your blog’s feed to astro dispatch…. we are a group of over 150 astrology blogger, pooling our energy so that ‘all boats rise”. I hope you get some hits!:)
Elsa P

23 11 2008
Tom Gorham

Who are you? I like you. I enjoy your writings which I just found by accident. You are now in my favorites. Tom DOB 10/30/1950

23 11 2008

Thank you Tom Gorham, my name is Denis, I write astrology, song lyrics and fiction. The fiction is to be found on another site called Mystic Mountain:


Feel free to comment on anything you want. The feedback actually gives me an incentive to write in the first place.

2 04 2009
Johanna Martinez

Aww, your writing is so beautiful, touches my heart. Thank you.

7 05 2009
apollo palaestra

i read your mars in scorpio page. AMAZING. every last detail perfectly describes my interior city; its actions; its wars–everything.

you are one to watch.

as soon as i have disposable funds, i want to hire you for fuller readings.


7 05 2009
pat bishop

Ok then, you, Denis of rich human depth are the best discovery of mine in a very long time.
I love your honesty which is only effective when ego doesn’t predominate perceptions, which is evident that it doesn’t create static to recipients of what you say. In addition, you think and express on 3 levels it appears.

You’ll see postings from me especially on the 2010 topic you’ve covered.
Very scarey for us who live in the states. As an early aries 7 (more of course)
am feelin’ it. Am one of those birds who did not experience any Obama swoon, in fact my skin began to crawl instead. Voted for him, feel I’ll not waste energy on this collective theater since it IS behind all appearences and no longer “real” in this currently developing paradigm.

‘Nuf said. You’re wonderful. Thanks for sharing your generous non-hysterical views. Quite special.

7 05 2009
pat bishop

Forgot to mention I’m an astrologer too of longstanding, find nothing more exciting than a good mind w/a thorough heart attached.
As the Japanese would bow with hand over his heart and say, “my mind is made up” when he reached a decision.

22 07 2009

I love your musings. You are one of the few people who’s words I’ve read dig into the depths of the soul.
I found your site because I was looking for analysis of a Saturn in Aries placement. Another astrologer has been emphasizing STRUCTURE for me as an antidote to feelings of frustration at work.
I’ll look to you for more analysis!

18 09 2009


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regards / Prafulla

17 10 2009

Hi there,
While i am almost sure, i still want to ask,
I have 5 planets in my 5th house (Sun&Merc:Tau , Moon,Venus,Mars in Aries)
Which one is corresponding with these options? :)
a)Strong Gemini influences
b)Strong Aries influences

sorry,there is no “d ” option.:-)


21 10 2009

Hi there,
I was born at the end of may 1974, as you will see transiting saturn and pluto make aspects to my natal saturn and pluto at the same time .You wrote that psycho pluto will not be able to get any power over saturn as saturn is exalted in libra in the up and coming transit. adding my natal configuration into the mix , does your statement still stand?
rgds Andrew

3 11 2009
Paul Henrickson

Re Wlliam Blake. I notice he seems to have “secret enemies”. Is there some purpose in this, or is it an every chart occurance?

3 11 2009

Of course there is purpose, but the 12th isn’t simply “enemies”, but secret persons, and affiliations. Think about the times that Blake lived in and his political views…

5 01 2010

hey really like your texts, found your blog while searching for venus in aries-mars in scorpio. Youre a good writer, like your texts especially about scorpio, and that one about venus in aries.
happy new year and all the best!

Curious about grand trines, in earth, if you want a new topic ;)

5 01 2010

Thank you.

I wish I was a good astrologer too. It´s slowly coming along with study of the essential dignities. But I can´t say that I can predict anything in particular. I generally look at things that have happened and like to correlate it with the stars. It´s more of a realistic form of study.

With the grand trines, you want to see perfection, you should look for an orb of moiety of 1 degree. So by this I mean 119 to 121 degrees of separation with all planets falling opposite to the other two´s midpoint.

One grand trine that is fairly powerful and will reveal to you much about it is that of George Orwell. He had an Air grand trine with Mercury and Saturn both in essential dignities. It´s got obvious potential for great talent, and for producing. Some writers have said that you need to have Saturn or Mars in a grand trine to make it produce something, to make it less of a passive thing.

10 03 2010
Mo Li

What does it mean when Ascendant line is broken? Sudden death?! I am Leo Rising and there is a break in the line just beyond the mid-point. I have looked at other peoples’ ascendants and can’t find a break in any of the lines. Oho?

10 03 2010

The Ascendant is the Eastern horizon.

12 03 2010
Mo Li

You’re right – I mean a clear break in Descendant line. Any idea what that means? Mo Li

13 03 2010

Can you describe to me what this break looks like? Or how you´ve calculated it? If I knew more about the dynamics of the break, then perhaps I´d have a better chance of helping you out…

13 03 2010
Mo Li

It’s a clean break close to point where descendant line starts in western segment. I’ve seen charts where the asc/desc line is jagged. But this one actually disappears then starts up again.

It’s calculated by computer. At first I thought the printer had run out of ink – but break appears at same point every time.

28 03 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your insigts, knowledge and wisdom with such generocity. I came across your writings at a point of feeling lost, hurt and tired from the effects of transiting saturn conjunct my sun/asc/mars/jupiter in Libra. After reading your findings and feedback, I have once again taken courage and can see the mishaps of late in a whole new and broader context. Humbly I go back to what I was doing and pick up the thread, knowing that this is making me stronger from the inside out.
Thank you wise friend.
Love and respect

26 04 2010
Sera MacLeod

Hi Buddy,

What a cool site; I especially appreciate your open invitation to write and your explanation of your intent. I found your site doing a search for more indepth information about synastry. I then stumbled across your history-astrology-zeitgiest posts and was blown away for a few reasons, one of which I thought you might find interesting.

If you were to run my natal chart – DOB 17 Jan 1966, USA EST – you will find I have the 1966 T-square, magnified as a grand cross with my moon of:

Pluto conjucnt Uranus in Virgo H1,
Moon in Saggitarius H4,
Saturn conjucnt Chiron in Pisces H7;
and Jupiter in Gemini H10

Also, Neptune @ 22 degrees Scorpio is inconjuct Jupiter in Gemini within 1 degree.

Somehow, reading your description of the astral shift of 1966 put my whole life in context and helped explain at least one of the underlying challenges in my life and my utter determination to look for answers wherever the path may lead. That said, until now, I have lived an apparently successful mainstream life which I am in the process of gently deconstructing (can you say ‘Uranus return’?)

I have been an information junkie my whole life. For various reasons, I left my successful law practice 2 years ago and began to study stuff and write in earnest – and become full-time wife and mother to our 6 & 8 year old boys. I have been fascinated with the stars my whole life & started studying astrology as a science about 10 years ago, but like learning all things a little at a time, as each new piece of information fits into a construct that is then validated by observation (it makes sense to me) so I can remember it and use it in my life. Lately, I’ve been going through major relationship change (you could probably guess :-) and have been playing with synastry. I also study the Tao de Ching and a really cool new astrology based system known as Human Design Theory. If you’ve written about it and I missed, my apologies. If not, I think you’d be interested in checking it out. See JovianArchive.com to do your free ‘Rave chart’ and get some information on interpretation. Lots of other sites too; one with excellent video clips is Thomas Martin in Hawaii. If anyone else has any personal experience with it, I’d love to hear.

In any event, I find the things you write about and some of the ideas you have uncannily similar to some of my own over the last few years. I am working on a relational art project – a term I stole from a very cool segment on currenttv.com about the artist Sophie Calle – and because your thoughts run along such similar lines to mine on your pages I have read, I thought you might be willing to participate. I would, of course, be willing to pay your fee, but I’d want to work out with you exactly what I was asking first. The overall plan involves 2 overlapping synastries, a love triangle, with major aspect patterns in both (kites, grand crosses and a whole bunch more…)

Thank you for your time, your openness and the sharing of excellent information and what strike me as truly innovative ideas. Keep up the good work!

Love & Light, M

27 04 2010

We’re all on the same path. But human destiny is inevitable. You can research into the astrology of yourself and your relationships, but in the end you will not control that eventual destiny.

Self knowledge is good. Astrology tells us what is right, it confirms the truth that we are living. Virgo rising will research, Venus rising will search out beauty and alliance.

Only when I accept my fate and life as it is though will I find peace. When I decide that there really is no future, there is no past eiether, there is just now. To engage with the future or the past is to live according to Neptune, an illusory reality.

The relationships which are meant to happen will happen, the ones that aren’t won’t. It makes no difference what synastry you have, to think you have a conscious choice over it is foolish.

6 09 2010

There’s 10 buckets of ice-cold water. God, I need that. Thank you.

7 06 2010
patricia darrow

curious…what are your esteemed thoughts on a fella
with a natal Venus square Pluto?

7 06 2010

Venus Pluto is about extreme love. There are always two dynamics. Either the person owning the chart will be obsessive or “deep” or it will be seen in what Venus represents. Much also depends on the houses that Venus rules, and the sign placing of Venus. If Venus ruled the 9th house then the effects of Pluto would be seen in beliefs of the native. If Venus ruled the MC, then the career would be affected. Venus rules the love nature, but it also has rulership of houses also. One must take into account all receptions also, take into account the accidental and essential dignities of this Venus before making judgement.

Pluto as an outer planet adds a “flavour” to the planet, brings it into contact with special circumstances. However, the dignity of the native is is extremely important when judging questions. A stressed planet in detriment will be very different to a stressed planet in essential dignity, even if that dignity is no more than its terms.

11 07 2010

I really enjoyed reading your articles–

With my natal Saturn at 3 degrees Cancer squaring my natal Pluto at 4 degrees Libra, this 2010 Cardinal T-Square is really activating a lot of transformations in my life.

I try to hold on to faith–I can’t control what’s happening around me anyway.

But it is comforting to read your thoughts. Thanks.

13 07 2010
Night Sky

Yes, faith is all important. I’ve slowly come to an understanding of this. We do not control the events of life, and there is a God, and we must all simply learn to have faith. No amount of star-gazing will change our destiny. But there is calmness and serenity which is to found in real faith.

13 07 2010
patricia darrow

I absolutely LOVED these ramblings. I just happen to have Debussey playing softly in the background, and your cardinal square hooked into my Moon in Cancer at 3* evoking tears from my eyes.

13 07 2010
Night Sky

I don’t understand, why would it make you cry?

13 07 2010
patricia darrow

Because it was so beautifully-written, and it evoked alot of emotion!
You are gifted with your words.

14 07 2010
govinda raj

Saturn, mars in the first house, and jupiter, in the 7th house, still confuses
me why my timing is not good enough. Any comments.

23 08 2010
Karla Strohm

Could you explain to me why I have been told that since my significant other , has his Ketu and Saturn in Capricorn, and my moon is in Capricorn, that we will never have a full relationship?

7 10 2010

Hi, Night Sky!

I am pleasantly surprised to find a Christian astrologist online. I am very glad I found you!

I have a couple of concerns. I have always been interested in astrology and have always tried to learn as much as I could about it. I’ve been reading more in depth lately and am so saddened by what I’ve uncovered in my own chart. I have so many aspects in fall or in detriment that it is unbelievable! I’m wondering if I am cursed or something. It is very discouraging. If you have a few minutes, could you check out my chart and provide me with feedback on how I can overcome the obvious negatives? Also, do you think that there are some sun signs that are naturally luckier than others? I notice that you are a Scorpio. Are water and earth signs unluckier than fire and air signs? Are fire signs naturally the best signs? For some reason, this world seems built for them.

The details are below. Thank you for any insight you can provide!

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Cancer 28°08’43 in house 12 direct
Moon Capricorn 8°28’30 in house 5 direct
Mercury Cancer 15°57’53 in house 12 direct
Venus Virgo 7°31’33 end of house 1 direct
Mars Taurus 14°10’38 in house 10 direct
Jupiter Aries 23°45’02 in house 9 direct
Saturn Cancer 23°16’11 in house 12 direct
Uranus Libra 28°26’54 in house 3 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 9°16’16 in house 4 retrograde
Pluto Libra 6°48’14 in house 3 direct
True Node Scorpio 29°25’14 in house 4 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 13°47’30
2nd House Virgo 7°54’11
3rd House Libra 6°13’34
Imum Coeli Scorpio 8°34’36
5th House Sagittarius 12°16’48
6th House Capricorn 14°21’25
Descendant Aquarius 13°47’30
8th House Pisces 7°54’11
9th House Aries 6°13’34
Medium Coeli Taurus 8°34’36
11th House Gemini 12°16’48
12th House Cancer 14°21’25

Major aspects
Sun Square Jupiter 4°24
Sun Conjunction Saturn 4°53
Sun Square Uranus 0°18
Moon Opposition Mercury 7°29
Moon Trine Venus 0°57
Moon Trine Mars 5°42
Moon Square Pluto 1°40
Mercury Sextile Mars 1°47
Venus Square Neptune 1°45
Mars Square Ascendant 0°23
Jupiter Square Saturn 0°29
Jupiter Opposition Uranus 4°42
Saturn Square Uranus 5°11
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°28
Neptune Trine Ascendant 4°31
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

7 10 2010
Night Sky

The fact of planets being in detriment or fall, does not predestine anyone to unhappiness. It’s more to do with rank, and recognition. For example Sun in Leo is a king, he looks like a king and loves the attention and the suit fits perfectly. Sun in Cancer can still be a king, but is not so suited to it, because of shyness, doesn’t mean that he can’t be a king though.

Detriment planets symbolise being out of your element so to speak, the qualification for what you do is not the right one. Venus rising in a day time chart means she has essential dignity by triplicity which nearly cancels out the fall debility. It’s better than a peregrine planet rising. It means that you ought to be blessed according to Venus. You need to look also at the accidental strenth of Venus. If it is direct that’s 5 points, swift, not combust, and not in hard aspect to 8th or 12th ruler.

You have a mutual reception by domicile between Moon and Saturn. The detriment effects here are cancelled out.

11 10 2010

Wow, that is fantastic news! I had a feeling that certain things in my chart cancelled each other out. In fact, at one point I wondered if Saturn in Cancer cancelled out my Moon in Capricorn (although I hope not because I think good old Cappy keeps me from revealing the torrent of emotions I’m usually feeling at any given time.

Thank you so much for this valuable information. I have learned a lot from your blog and hope to continue to do so. God bless you and your teaching spirit!

11 10 2010

planet sign degree motion
Sun Cancer 28°06’20 in house 12 direct
Moon Capricorn 7°56’46 in house 6 direct
Mercury Cancer 15°52’57 in house 12 direct
Venus Virgo 7°30’18 in house 2 direct
Mars Taurus 14°08’57 in house 10 direct
Jupiter Aries 23°44’51 in house 10 direct
Saturn Cancer 23°15’51 in house 12 direct
Uranus Libra 28°26’52 in house 4 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 9°16’19 in house 5 retrograde
Pluto Libra 6°48’12 in house 3 direct
True Node Scorpio 29°25’30 in house 5 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 1°07’00
2nd House Leo 24°11’33
3rd House Virgo 21°07’04
Imum Coeli Libra 22°52’10
5th House Scorpio 27°25’21
6th House Capricorn 0°50’13
Descendant Aquarius 1°07’00
8th House Aquarius 24°11’33
9th House Pisces 21°07’04
Medium Coeli Aries 22°52’10
11th House Taurus 27°25’21
12th House Cancer 0°50’13

Major aspects
Sun Square Jupiter 4°21
Sun Conjunction Saturn 4°50
Sun Square Uranus 0°21
Sun Conjunction Ascendant 3°01
Moon Opposition Mercury 7°56
Moon Trine Venus 0°26
Moon Trine Mars 6°12
Moon Square Pluto 1°09
Mercury Sextile Mars 1°44
Venus Square Neptune 1°46
Jupiter Square Saturn 0°29
Jupiter Opposition Uranus 4°42
Saturn Square Uranus 5°11
Uranus Square Ascendant 2°40
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°28
Pluto Sextile Ascendant 5°41
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

11 10 2010

Not sure where that other chart in my original message came from, but my chart details are below. You don’t have to approve my subsequent comments, but I wanted to make sure you saw my real chart (above). I must have pulled the other one from somewhere other than astro.com. Weird!

That said, again, I thank you for your insight!

9 10 2010

I have read through your blog and found it really enlightening yet simplified. I love the choice of words, the ebb and flow and the cadence of how the thoughts and ideas piled onto each other. Your writing inspires me. Please keep it up.

18 12 2010

I have read alot of the different pages you have on this site & I have so many questions & no one really to talk to about them! you may after reading this might think I’m crazy but here it is….I’ve always felt like I was different from everyone else, I am a libra my birthday is October 2, 1979! I am 31years old and lets just say in those 31years i have gone through so much! Its been way rough and still I feel like I have not really had the chance to truly live…as a kids I was the escape goat in my family etc. was very hard…anyways I am a very indepth person, think to much etc. I feel like I have some sort of purpose in my life, but not so sure what..Destiny! Anyways, There is just too much to write so I will just stop…thank you for all the info and insite you have offered to everyone that is interested….

28 01 2011
Suzi Dronzek

Beautiful blog, with beautiful words and touching thoughts. I’ve enjoyed it so far!

27 06 2011

night sky you havent given any replies since 2011 for the topic saturn in libra . Please do reply my posts over there pleaseeeeee

4 12 2011

you really ARE a BRILLIANT astrolger and im sure you are an amazing person also. Thanks for this incredibly insightful work. Come and visit me at http://www.Fablefoundation.com
I will continue to read your words of wisom with alacrity.
PS do you do personal readings>
x Charty

6 02 2012

I’ve got a question. Any advice on the upcoming saturn return? my pluto is conjunct saturn libra right now, then it will roll over into saturn scorp conjunct saturn scorp. Any advice on the saturn return? Oh, and another thing, i see that the second degree of scorpio is particularly bad for saturn. Why?

1 03 2012

Very Very Nice website and Thank You for Sharing

6 04 2012
Rajesh Pandey

Dear Sir,

I have Sun(Exalted), Mars(Own House) & Mercury in Aris in the Fourth House, Venus(Own House) in Taurus in the Fifth House, Moon & Rahu(Dragon’s head) in the Sixth House, Saturn(Exalted) in Libra in the Tenth House, Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Eleventh House and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) in the Twelth House.
Kindly give me a brief discription about my Horoscope as per the above mentioned details.


23 04 2012
Ms y

Hello All!
This is my first post. I usually stay away from forums and such since I’m in IT and anything on the net that has to do with me is vulnerable. So that being said, I would still like to introduce myself as much as possible…

I’m a female and I’ve been studying astrology since 2009. It has become an obsession…especially the charts that have been shared with you. About 1.5 years ago I “fell in love” with a man that I worked with at the time. Even though we no longer work for the same company, I’m still absolutely mad about him. I even dream of him often. Just so you all know, I’m not someone who gets infatuated with people. I don’t go around crushing on just anyone. I basically feel crazy and confused about this all. No one has ever made me feel like this before, and I’ve had my share of loves….

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’m in a bit of a complex situation and I cannot make my feelings known to this person without causing much upheaval. I need to know if these feelings that have come to infect me are purposeful – meaning, will they lead to something? Or, is it just a schoolgirl crush? I need to know if these feelings and attractions are only one sided or mutual. I need to know if maybe these feelings are just the remnants of a past life…I need to know the lesson I’m supposed to learn from all this/from knowing him.

Basically I really need your help with this…I don’t want to delude myself into thinking things that aren’t true. I need some fresh and objective eyes to take a peek at these charts and let me know what’s up.

Since I have to be on the DL about this all, my name in the charts is “Y” and his name is “X”. In the progressed charts, I’ve set the date to the day him and I first met – the same goes for the transits. To make it easier on everyone, I’ve included charts with and without extra asteroids. The first meeting charts are of the day we met. You’ll also notice that in the charts with extra asteroids, I’ve included some name asteroids: Gabriella and the other starts with a “G” and ends in “S” that is his asteroid “name.”

As you can tell by the links below, I’ve looked at all the the possible chart combinations except natal to draconic synastry – does anyone know a site enables me for example to compare my draconic to his natal chart synastrically?

I’m anxious to hear back from everyone! Thank you in advance!

Here are the links to the charts:

X and Y Tropical and Draconic Synastry (natal and progressed) http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/…moon/synastry/

X and Y Tropical and Draconic Composite (natal and progressed) http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/…oon/composite/

X [HIM] Tropical and Draconic Natal and Progressed http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/…only%20charts/

Y [ME] Tropical and Draconic Natal and Progressed http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/…only%20charts/

X and Y First Meeting [the day him and I met](tropical and draconic) http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/…rst%20Meeting/

10 08 2012

You gave me some advice a few years ago, that unbeknownst to me i ended up taking to heart. I am actually in a pre-saturn return right now with saturn wobbling over my pluto in libra, that is conjunct my saturn in scorpio. I’ve been evolving while staying in one place, but you wouldn’t believe the things i’m going through, and the way my emotional stability has been destroyed and rebuilt in a way thats ultimately been beneficial. Thanks for the advice.

4 12 2013

Hello there beautiful stranger :) Reading this made me feel like you reached into the depths of my soul and gave it some coherence, a form. I feel like I know you because you spoke my language. I’ve always been intense….blame it on my Venus in Scorpio. It’s tough handling all that intensity and emotion but it gets easier with time…reigning it in so I don’t scare off the other more ‘normal’ folks out there, lol. Adding you to my list…you are amongst my favourites already.

12 01 2014

Nightsky, you’re insights into Astrology are the some of the best, if the THE BEST I’ve read. You should put everything together and publish a book.I have one request. Please do an article/blog on Mars in Taurus?

23 01 2014
Clinton Garrett Soule

When Luna waxes again I’d like to apply as a member of your forum here, as so many astrologers seem to be allergic to Christ, despite Lilly, William Ramesey, Bonatti, Henry Coley, and so many renowned astrologers of our past were in fact devout Christians. Lately on one Forum in particular I’ve been persecuted for my Biblical and astrological beliefs about ethics, as I find those whom are caught in the trap of Satanic Astrology like Aleister Crowley, to on a self deceptive path.

Matthew 2:1-12
Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

2 Therefore when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Juda, in the days of king Herod, lo! astrologers [lo! kings, or wise men,] came from the east to Jerusalem,

2 and said [saying], Where is he, that is born [the] king of Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and we have come to worship him.

3 But king Herod heard, and was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

4 And he gathered together all the princes of priests, and scribes of the people, and inquired of them, where Christ should be born.

5 And they said to him, In Bethlehem of Juda; for so it is written by a prophet,

6 And thou, Bethlehem, the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda; for of thee a duke shall go out, that shall govern my people Israel.

7 Then Herod called privily the astrologers [the kings], and learned busily of them [busily learned of them] the time of the star that appeared to them.

8 And he sent them into Bethlehem, and said, Go ye, and ask ye busily of the child, and when ye have found, tell ye it to me [tell again to me], that I also come, and worship him.

9 And when they had heard the king, they went forth [went away]. And lo! the star, that they saw in the east [And lo! the star which they saw in the east], went before them, till it came, and stood above, where the child was.

10 And they saw the star, and joyed with a full great joy.

11 And they entered into the house, and found the child with Mary, his mother; and they felled down, and worshipped him. And when they had opened their treasures, they offered to him gifts, gold, incense, and myrrh.

12 And when they had taken an answer in sleep, that they should not turn again to Herod, they turned again by another way into their [own] country.[

30 05 2014

Hi. I love your insights about Astrology. They go far deeper than most knowledge that is available. I have a request. Please do a blog on Mars in Taurus. You’re insight would be valuable to me. Thank you.

P.S. Have you thought of publishing a book?

8 10 2014
femmestyle Klinik

What i do not realize is if truth be told how
you’re no longer really much more smartly-preferred than you may be now.
You’re very intelligent. You know therefore considerably when it comes to
this topic, made me in my opinion imagine it from numerous various angles.
Its like women and men don’t seem to be involved unless it’s one
thing to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs excellent.

Always take care of it up!

16 10 2014
Jennifer Young-Thompson

I see that you have not spoken for a while but still i feel the need to write. I am also a Sagittarius with a Virgo rising. What a strange combination of discipline and liberty. A limitless gypsy who chooses to live by the ordered minuets on the wrist watch of destiny. I speak (well..really preach) for a living and write fanciful tales I hope will bring people to the knowledge of God. I am a Christian whose faith is as part of my being as breathing and where astrology just echos the truth of the connected-ness of all Creation. Thank you for your beautiful offerings – i found you by accident (but not completely – for there are no coincidences are there?) God’s blessings upon you fellow follower of the Light.

13 01 2015
mesteru valentin

night sky, i’ve already asked you a favor, that is: the meaning of havind both the 1st and the 12th houses in scorpio. perhaps this time you’ll grant my wish.
i have huge fits of anger, so i thought that might be the reason.
thank you.

8 11 2016
27 02 2017
julie bodnar

I would like to subscribe to any newsletters you may publish…
I love your description of SATURN IN CAPRICORN…I would like to know more..Thank You for your awesome knowledge and wisdom….

29 09 2018
Jenna jupiter

You can stop jerking of to my picture
Contact me
Don’t publish this just contact

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