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I started a new Astrology Forum. Everyone´s got one. And me being a Scorpio am suject to the green eyed sin more than most. I started it at the most auspicious moment imaginable. I don´t really care if no one joins, it was just a fad, a passing fancy. It was something piqued my interest and fulfilled my ego for five minutes while I achieved it. Its chart is here:


I myself am signified by the IC, with the chart´s Moon conjunct my natal Sun. It is curious that this chart which was not pre-meditated, elecion driven has all of the hall-marks of Astrology involved. It´s Ascendant ruler Sun is conjunct Uranus in the 8th house, house of deep emotions and of death and rebirth. This planet is accidentally weakened in the 8th house of death. However, conjoined with Uranus is friendly towards that Astrological thought. Midheaven ruler Venus in the 9th is once again in the house of Astrology, despite being debilitated and weak.

The conclusion that I make is that this is a forum dedicated to true astrology, however the weaknesses indicate that it shall not be very successful, despite some nice things like a strong Jupiter in 7th house and a strong Mars ruler of the 9th.

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1 01 2010

Very interesting time to choose for a forum.
Moon in its house trine sun in 7th. while jupiter sextile venus and north
node on the decendant. Great.

I like your Website A lot and your ideas,
I wish you further success And happy new year.

3 01 2010

I think I simply did the forum and then looked at the chart if I remember correctly.

4 03 2011

I tried to click on the link for your forum and found the link dead. Is there a better link?

And it sounds like you are using Hellenistic astrology….my favorite!

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