On the Path

8 06 2011

Supernova when you close your Eyes

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact astrological signature of any one event, though some are obviously easier to describe. The question I pose here is one of those which isn’t so clear cut, though I can offer some hypotheses in order to take a stab at where this blueprint is.

There are some, who search all their lives for “something”, and never find contentment, they read thousands and thousands of books, and travel an equal number of miles, both nautical and terrestrial, and they still don’t “FIND IT”.

I’ve spent a lengthy amount of time walking past it, day in day out, and one fair, fine day I walked in. I opened the door and simply walked into the garden of Eden, awed by the tree of life.

Planets which are terrestrial and rule over the personality, these are the traditional “inner planets”. Extra terrestrials include everything beyond Saturn. These have nothing to do with the personality. This is the point in the solar system where particles turn into waves.

The key to the door was having a peaceful spot, to practice the mantra. Not only peaceful, but beautiful, dazzled in Sun, surrounded by flowers that look like red and yellow flames. I might say that this is a Venusian picture of beauty and peace.

The primary accomplishment was to disengage from the ego, and the personality. It required some clean living, and discipline, so I can thank the long transit of Exalted Saturn for this. Once I desired nothing, it was easy to untangle myself from my-self.

Since this is primarily an “inner heaven” which I have found, I might thank Jupiter and Sun conjunct the IC. I progressed from living in mentality and rationality, to living in a different area. If the third rules the mind and the senses, then what is the fourth? It’s the core. So I travelled inside. Right into the heart.

Total Inversion

Spiritual realisation came from stopping on my current path, turning around and walking in the exact opposite direction. I’ve found purest consciousness. When I released myself from the word “I”, when thought became something that occurred around and in that person that I once “was”, it was possible to step out from my “body”.

Who can I thank for these mystical realisations? Pluto first brought me intense transformation, Neptune brought me transcendence, and Uranus hit me with the bolt of enlightenment.


Still a Demon

But, I am still here in this body. I still have desire and senses and thought and mind. What’s the state of my consciousness? Revelling in Nirvana. The only way to progress is the path of the Bodhisattva. Christ was temped by Satan himself. Where would I make a deal with the almighty evil one? I drive a pretty hard bargain normally, but if that one with the strong will and even stronger ego, came to me now, how could I resist it?

Keep Going

Keep doing the mantra and keep on  the path. Transcendence was found in a terrestrial place. But I now know that I don’t strictly need a place. Anywhere where I am, I can transcend. I’ve often wanted to travel, and I can do so now, without actually going anywhere.


Houses and the Great Illusion

29 05 2011

1st house

The first house is the house of the deception of the self. The stronger that this house is fortified, the greater the lie. The body is the most convincing lie of all. What happens is that the person becomes identified with the body in which they are, and the  grand mistake is  that when the individual feels pain, he, or she tends to say “I feel pain”, when in fact technically it is just the body which feels pain. There are many forms of illusion relating to the self, but the 1st house is by far the most powerful deception of all. This is the house where the person is incarnated into a physical body. This body is what most people refer to when they say “I”. When they say “I went to the cinema”, they are implying that their body went to the cinema, in conjunction with their mind.

2nd house

The second house is where the body gets nutrition. Many consider this the house of income and wealth but in fact the closer truth is that it describes the hunger that a person has for food, and what goes into the mouth. This house is deceptive, but unlike the first, a person can go without food for some time, but a person cannot go without a body. When we are deceived by the second house, we take great pleasure in eating. It is easy to become attached to food and to consider this as real manifestation, when in fact it is not.

3rd house

The third house is a truly hellish place. In this house manifests all logical reasoning, which naturally is interminable. No amount of reasoning or logic will lead to the truth. In general the human mind can only grasp and understand words and concepts which relate to the physical world of the five senses. In this house a person may travel thousands of miles going round and round his neighborhood, expanding that neighborhood until he knows the world like the back of his hand. But in the end all of these journeys are futile and meaningless, like the food that he eats, the money that he earns and the body which he identifies himself with.

4th house

In the fourth house a man meets his father. This is a grand deception, considering that he himself is a lie, the father however respected and great, is also a lie like himself. The fourth house is said to be the “foundation”. When the man comes into contact with the fourth house the grand lies which present themselves are his genetic ancestry through the father. Other lies which are prominent include the house or home, and the idea, if there is one of belonging to a nation or tribe. Such notions hold a powerful sway of any one person. Houses, like fathers are imposing and majestic in the eyes of a child. But the idea that one belongs in any one place is just another falsehood. Like the first house this lie is very powerful because of the physicality of it; a father is a physical person, like the physical body of the first house, and a home or a country is also a physical place with its own sensory experiences.

5th house

In the fifth house the man, or woman comes into contact with a fun illusion. This illusion tells them that there is something that can be won, that the physical body awaits some special satisfaction or prize. This house also manifests physical presence of people, in the form of children, but the love of children like the love of the self is equally mistaken since children are nothing more than physical bodies also, and when they identify themselves with their physical bodies, and demand their  parents to take care of them, their parents are dragged back into the web of deception.

6th house

This illusion involves comforts of animals or people who you can treat as animals. In the same way a horse works for you a man can also be trained to work for you. Slavery is abolished, but the same principle applies. The sixth in reality is a house of dependence in the way a leech or mosquito is dependent on human blood for its nutrition. Slaves, servants and horses may do good work for a man, but in the end, they must be fed and kept for by that man, and they pledge no allegiance or love for the man. Because the people of this house are not loyal then this house is less persuasive as part of the grand scheme of lies.  In the sixth house also dwells all of the bacteria and infections which we filthy humans carry around with us, some of this parasites are beneficial, and some are not.

7th house

This house’s potency to deceive is, along with the 1st house, extremely great. Its purpose is to provide a human opposite or “other” in order to encourage the person to cling to their first house and enliven it. In one sense the 7th stimulates the person into believing that their body is their real self, because that body desires the body of the other. If the other person is convincingly real, then the deceived person must accept their own body.

8th house

The deception here regards the fact of things in life ending, including life itself. When one is convinced that life ends, in the demise of the physical body, then this threat has a marvelously profound influence of the individual. The lie is that the end of the body = the end of the person. When the person believes this lie it is impossible to live to the true self and the life which was meant for fear of the impending end. The biggest deception of the 8th house is thinking (wrongly) that this is the only life. A person who believes this mother of all lies, will clearly go around in a panic trying their very hardest to cling to material existence, since they believe that this is the only and last material existence that they will experience. Misuse of the sexual energy is the primary reason for believing this falsehood.

9th house

When a person travels into the 9th house, the illusions which manifest include idols, and icons. This house also presents long journeys and literature of expansive nature.  This is the house of all false religion, because it relates to abstract thought. The idols of the 9th can take any form. Most people’s religion is idolatry when they worship Jesus the man, and Mary the woman. When they worship Mohamed or Buddha this is idol worship. Great teachers put on a pedestal and corrupted by simple minds. The Greeks and Romans, and other ancient peoples worshiped idols too, and in the same way, modern people worship “famous” people. The millionaire footballers and pop-stars are the idolatrous gods of the modern age. Modern economic policy favors “atheism” because it can create a religion which is more profitable. If people worship Jesus as an idol, they are less productive than if they worship footballers and pop-stars, since those gods earn lots of money, and as gods of money these are favorable in terms of economics.

10th house

A powerful deception is present here. The delusion for anyone entering this house is of being “well-known” or famous, or respected by the public or people at large. The nature of this delusion is that the public are just bodies themselves, and have no real understanding anyway. Ants may worship a human as a god, but this does not make the man a god

11th house

What a man hopes for may be a multitude of different things, but the lie of this house if manifested as people, is the same lie which is present in any other house. The happiness attained in this house is the same material fabrication of the previous houses.

12th house

This is the best house by far for disentangling the person from the cobweb of lies which come before. In this house a person will come to realise that all the other houses are false. But the danger in this house is that the person may become addicted to self destruction in order to fulfill that self’s desires and to feel alive. Self-annihilation requires that there be a self in the first place, however if the person attacks their own body in an attempt to destroy the self, then they are mistaken.

Rapture, today and every day

21 05 2011

Heaven is found within. All religious and spiritual truth is found within. These are words that I heard but never understood, for most of my life, until I started meditating and seriously working on understanding “myself” or the illusion of myself.

If I were to go to heaven tomorrow, there “I” would be. In this sense I’d be taking my “self” with all of its flaws there and I would still be suffering there, and so it wouldn’t be heaven. To find heaven I must leave behind the “Ego”, all thoughts, and all emotions which relate to the physical body or the idea of the self. Heaven is to be found by those who are able to leave behind everything which builds ego.

I will be in the “Rapture” tomorrow, I am sure of it, because I will go and meditate in the afternoon after work. And as I meditate repeating my special prayer, or “mantra”, I will confess all of the things which are of this earth and which cause me to be caught up in hell, which is internal. After hours of this meditation I will ascend into a part of my being, which is spiritual and it will appear as a white light. And there will be no thoughts which perturb this vision, and there will be no emotion which is able to destabilise it, and with my eyes closed I will find heaven.

Jesus Christ the man, may be walking the Earth. But I do not need to see the man, to know Christ the consciousness. My physical body and mind will not go to heaven. In heaven there is no death and decay, and so the physical body as it is with blood can’t and shouldn’t go there. The solar body, which is a different kind of body, which operates in a different dimension can find heaven, but this body can only be created through not being attached to the physical existence, which is animalistic.

When I realise that my ego and my body are just a test for the real self, which is of a different dimension, when I understand that the earthly plain is not truly real, and that it is more or less a game or an act, and that my self in fact and my body is not my real self, then I am able to move forward.

I, as a man, am a body, and of flesh, I have family which are also made of flesh and I have a job and a role, which is mental, but which is nothing more than sustenance to that flesh. But when we talk about consciousness, we leave the lower mind, which relates to the matter of the earth, and we also leave behind all things related to the body. Those who will find the rapture tomorrow will leave behind their physical bodies, this does not mean death, it just means awakening of consciousness.

The idea of heaven is not “post-physical death”. This is the great mistake of modern thought, which looks at the spiritual writings and says, after death, is the afterlife and heaven. No, heaven is on earth, heaven does not occur after one dies at the age of 78 after living a “good life”. Heaven is possible now. Heaven is spiritual living. The biggest spiritual mistake is to believe that God is only to be found or seen after physical death. All my life, I inclined to believe that God was something the individual came into contact with as an external entity. It is true we must be “good” in order to begin to live the way we were meant to live, which is in true glory.

To begin the journey I must go into myself. It takes concentration to silence all thoughts related to the lower mind, and there are techniques to doing this, which involve prayer, or mantra, sitting in silence in a serene location, preferably with a pond or lake with fish in it and trees, and stillness. The aim is to leave behind totally the daily life. At first thoughts which relate to this unreal life will swim around in the consciousness, and they will do all they can to talk over the spirit. Once the lower mind is conquered, there will still be emotion, or feeling which exists, like a residue of past events, which can weigh a person down. Focusing on something within nature such as a stone or flower, and understanding its existence in relation to all things around it, will help me to calm those waters. This is a long process and it requires persistence and strength of mind in order to get results.

All belief which relates the personal ego of this life to the eternal soul, is seriously mistaken.  The idea that “I” as a personality, or even as a collection of memories related to the physical life of my human body could live, or even want to live eternally is absurd. When one has experienced suffering in life and has understood that all of life is suffering and that all individual egos are caught in the illusion of the self, then one understands that for that individual ego to continue living after physical death is not only impossible, but utterly undesirable also.

I as a person, as a physical body, do not wish to continue living after death. This life is a trial, it is suffering. But this suffering is a wonderful opportunity in which to develop pure consciousness. All that which you can see and test, is logic, and relates directly with physical existence. But  there is a higher knowledge, a higher understanding which is not one mind which can only deal with one thought at a time, and this is heavenly knowledge, and relates to the tree of life.

In this life I must turn things on its head. It doesn’t matter if I lose my job or fail my course. It doesn’t matter if I have not money either. It doesn’t matter if my love for someone is not mutual. All of these things are superficial distractions, because they are primarily external to the true self, and that they are all part of the ego of illusion. If all of these things in my life were to fall apart and leave me, I should be happy, because I would have the chance to work on my true self. I would have the chance to go inside and find heaven.

Conversations in Zen

15 03 2011

A: Do not renounce anything, do not accept anything. What is built upwards is also built downwards.

B: I feel doubt, and I feel loss, and I feel terrible despair.

A: Clinging, or trying to capture and keep things is the source of suffering. This is why the rich man cannot get into heaven, because he is attached to the things and people of the world.

B: How is it possible to walk on water?

A: When one is lighter than water, when one is not weighed down by any attachment.

B: But it is impossible to live without being attached to anything. Should I chose to be homeless, and destitute and without family, work, or friends? Should I chose to starve and burn in the midday Sun? I love comfort. I love people, and I love my shelter and food served every day. I love my job, and I love being loved. I am attached to people, I have desire and need and want, and I can’t renounce, and I can’t let go, and I love and I crave, and I am a storm of desires.

A: Nothing is built up, without being built down also. You must accept that the castles you build in the sand, will be flattened with the tide.

B: But I shall build it out of cement and I’ll build it on a rock.

A: It will last longer, but it will still be eroded and destroyed, and the stronger you build it, the greater will be the destruction of it.

B: I will build my castle magnificent, and its destruction, I will accept and take pleasure in.

A: You will take pride in the creation, because it will cost you your life and blood and bones. And when its destruction comes, you will be desolate.

B: Be it so, I shall be proud and pleased with what I build in this life. And it shall last me until death, and it shall be good, and solid and strong. And I shall suffer to build it and test it and keep it, but it shall be good and it shall be with me, and I’ll not lose it.

A: This is a noble goal. And it shall be your eternal happiness and grief at the same time.

B: I shall build it, because I must, because I desire it.

A: This is admirable.

B: I am unhappy.

A: Why?

B: Because my dream, is still just a dream it is not real, it is a fantasy in the air. I cannot touch it, I cannot feel it, I have no satisfaction from it.

A: What have you got right now? What have you built up to now?

B: I have modest achievements, but in reality it is nothing. It’s not enough, I am a hollow cavern with nothing but all-consuming desire, and I crave my future, now.

A: When your future comes, you shall still feel you have nothing, and that all you have it rot and that you still crave to improve your castle and your dream will always try to reach out into the future.

B: I shall never be content. I am doomed by my desire. I am doomed to suffer eternally for my dissatisfaction.

A: Everything that you want you already have. Everything that you love and desire are in existence and present. You just do not know them properly, you do not know their properties and true value.

B: But, I love… C.

A: And C loves you equally, and with the same force that you love.

B: How can you be so sure?

A: The building loves the earth it stands on, and the earth draws the building towards it. Gravity is the attraction of two masses towards each other.

B: I am still unhappy.

A: You will be loved in exact proportion to your love.

B: But even if I were loved by C, it would still not be enough would it…?

A: Perhaps you are not born to be satisfied.

B: Perhaps it is my destiny…

A: But all are capable of being aware of truth. All are capable of being revealed the real nature of life. Those who have great desire and great suffering, and don’t know, are no different to those that have little suffering and little desire but do not realise the truth.

B: So just by understanding that all things are ephemeral and are in perfect balance and harmony, I somehow am better?

A: You will never cease to suffer and to desire. But in understanding you may be able to achieve harmony.

B: Harmony then. A balance between up and down?

A: Build your castle in the East of the land, and you will be balanced by a castle in the west.

B: But I thought that the balance was “creation and destruction”?

A: You are the East. And you will be balanced by West, and you may love West, and marry West, or you may hate West and go to war with West.

B: But should I not suffer then?

A: Only if you chose to.

B: No, I chose to build and I chose the path of peace.

A: But you must prepare for war, because if you are peaceful, West will be aggressive and angry with you for it.

B: This is not fair. I chose the path of peace, and I chose equability.

A: Then you shall be balanced by fire and in-equability. Your order will be balanced by its equivalent and you will have to continuously fight in order to maintain it.

B: I wish for contentment and peace. I wish for security and happiness. But I also wish for excitement and fun, I wish for change and movement and dynamism. I wish to have my desires, but I wish also to be happy and content with those desires when they are fulfilled.

A: Your wish is already granted.

B: I am eager and impatient to have my wish.

A: Your wish is in existence already, all you had to do is to imagine it and conjure it, and it will materialise.

B: I wish also that I will one day realise that everything I ever wanted I got. I wish my life to be like the sweet smell, touch and glow of a ripe peach in the autumn Sun, I wish for it to be golden-red and deliciously sweet, dripping with sweet juice. I wish it to be a shared experience.

Snake: Your wish is already true.

Adam: I love God, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have money does it?

A: Yes, this is the truth of the path. However, there will be no peaches on your tree come winter.

B: But, there is a different beauty in winter, there are different shades of colour and different pleasures.

A: The path is narrow dear student.

B: Yes, sometimes I forget all about the balance…

Political, the 9th house

1 02 2011

When one begins to make demands, and ask for things, those things are usually given, no matter how long it takes. I don’t like things  in the world, from country to country the same things are present and the same rotten ideas are present, like a virus.

I am not an idealist, I am a realist.

So I must analyse exactly what it is that I am asking for, politically. Most of the things that people ask for from their representatives are material, and as such their politicians do things in order to increase wealth and to increase the amount of money that they have.

Countries are like people.

Just the way a rich camel cannot go through the eye of a needle, a rich country also cannot go through the eye of a needle. No amount of wealth can buy dignity. Rich countries like rich people have shown us this. A rich nation still has got rotten people and good people, and that will never change.

Do I want independence? Do I want freedom from tyranny? History has no mercy. I believe that you have to suffer in life in order to appreciate it. My political demands are real though. The things that I see that I don’t like are lies. Subtle manipulations, which make people believe in falsehoods.


Real freedom does not consist of being  exposed to a pack of lies on a daily basis. The more stuff that you have floating in your mind that does not relate to real human life, then the more enslaved you are.

Stories are fine, they are part of culture, they educate. There is no question that the human mind is conditioned by the type of story that it is exposed to.

I could probably write a book on the lies of the media, on the lies of the academic and scientific world, which hold considerable sway over our world, but in the end I should really focus on what is truth, truth about humanity, and how things will without question, eventually pan out.


The history of man is not entirely violent. The Romans, although we view them as genocidal and merciless conquerors created the “Pax Romana” and also spread Christianity. How strange that such violence was balanced out in equal proportion by peace.

The current lies which abound in the world today are here because of the changes within humanity or rather, because of its expansion. There are more people, this is the primary, main change.

But people have always been the same, and will continue to be the same. I object to the de-humanisation of industrialised society. But to demand the “de-industrialisation” of society would be to demand the total destruction and in fact annihilation of it. Cities can’t function without the structures that they have and without the current lies that exist.

I do not want total destruction.

Ideas do not go back into the box, ideas like socialism, or capitalism, or any philosophy. They must run their course until human beings come back to their senses to realise that there is only one thing which is worth striving for, and that is dignity.

The world seeks equilibrium at all times. This philosophy is faultless.

Politically, it makes no difference what I believe. Since I am noble, I will succeed under any circumstances. Since I think and I see beyond  the lies, I shall overcome those lies and be superior to them. Instinctively the noble mind can sense rot.

I do not need to ask for anything, for it shall be given to me in due time. Such is the equilibrium and perfection of the world.

If I were an animal, I’d act solely on my animal nature, and death would find me quickly. There are people who act animalistically, and they are given what is given to animals: namely bondage, they are put into abject slavery.

The test of the lies is to be able to discern them, to work out real truth. How do I act nobly and serve a noble master, if all around me are serving a wicked one? This is a hard test. A man must instinctively know what is right and wrong, and if he doesn’t, then he must be a slave.

Only the educated are free, but it is only those that can decipher what is truth that are truly free, because “education” is a pack of lies also.

Lies can be told, but the truth is like a light in darkness, it shines all around and cannot be hidden. Perhaps experience teaches us. Perhaps it takes an entire life to realise truth. Perhaps it even takes more than a lifetime to realise truth.

Truth is the absence of lies. Truth is naked. Truth is not a single word. Truth is a man tending his crops, with bare hands, with no machinery. Truth is pretty hard. But truth is also right. And truth will find a way. Truth is what you are given and not what you take.



God and astrology: the 9th house

27 01 2011

The teachings which have influenced the lives of billions over the last two millenia, whether you believe in them or not, the teachings of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who works through the holy spirit. The writer of this article is imperfect. When I realise what is implied in those words “love thine own enemy”, I realise how shoddy I am in the presence of the perfect one, Jesus Christ, who loves us and knows all about us.

Christ’s teachings are good, because in the light of astrology it’s easy to see that they resonate with the nature of Jupiter and of Venus, Jupiter goes out and has total compassion for the world in Pisces, his night time home, and in the day he goes out and he understands the spiritual implications of all actions taken on earth, Jupiter in Sagittarius really sees above and beyond all mundane and petty daily events and knows what counts in the end. Venus again, the planet that is associated with love, is belonging to Christ, when he tells us to love, just plain and simply to love those around us.

Jesus hates violence, and God hates violence, which is why Saturn and Mars are termed “malefics”. It is clear from the astrological point of view that Christ is good, because he resonates solely with the planets that are termed “benific”. He also tells us that those people who do things “for show”, to demonstrate to others and to draw attention to themselves in order to gain position are also evil, that they have “already received their reward”, those people are of the nature of Saturn, who do things in calculation, and without love.

In Astrology the benifics and malefics still stand firm. Good and evil still stand. To say that we live in a “new age” is the biggest deception, because in real terms people are people, and violence is still evil and love is still good and will always be good. These things separate us from the animals, and if as a species humanity rejects the binary of “good and evil” then we will go back to animalism with rapidity. It is from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that we ate.

There is no mention of going back into the garden of Eden. In the scriptures it is said that Christ will come down from the heavens, and all will be able to see and there will be no doubt whatsoever that it is him.


God hates sorcery just as he hates violence and whoring and lying. So perhaps this study is partly evil, for which I beg forgiveness. However, it is here and it is done. There is sorcery only if there is a wicked and calculating heart behind it. My heart sought only for a way forward in life, a vocation and love, and so perhaps those sins were not enormous. But in being away from the real source of truth, which is the Holy Spirit, there was spiritual death which I’ll not deny.

Real sorcery is where someone makes money from nothing, without putting in “real” work, without sweat, tears and blood. Let me re-affirm, there is nothing in this life which is worth having without real living sacrifice.


The Kingdom of Heaven is close.

Some things to ponder about…

8 01 2011

It is recorded by the historians and archeologists that human history is actually only a few thousand years old. I say “a few”, because the geologists claim that in the grand scheme of things, our culture and way of life is a blip in time. We’ve had our cushy lifestyles for only a couple of thousand years, and before this, we as a human species were out there in the wilderness getting chased by lions. As in H.G. Wells’ book “The War of the Worlds”, I contemplate the civilisation of which I am a part, and I find there is great arrogance in our species, and that we are in effect blinded by our presumptions.

One thing that is interesting about our history is that apparently humans have actually been around a lot longer than our civilisation. It is said that we were anatomically ourselves about 200,000 years ago, and about 50,000 years ago we reached full behavioral modernity. Well, what happened during those 45,000 years before the first city, before the invention of farming and the wheel, and the alphabet and the comfort of communal living?

It is said by science that humans were “full capacity” 50,000 years ago. With our ability to think and to communicate with language, with our large brains, with our sensitivity and intelligence. The thought that I am thinking is that 50,000 years ago, my ancestors were as intelligent as myself, because they were anatomically and genetically “modern”.

I do not aspire to some “past idyll”. But I am also skeptical of the scientists and anthropologist who can do no more than scratch in the dirt and speculate. To say that we had developed to our modern genetic state, this is to say that we are now what we were 50,000 years ago has some implications.  It means that the ability to think and to feel and to reason was the same then as it now is. To say then that bronze age man was “savage” would be highly wrong.

What, really is the difference between now and then? I would argue, that the only real difference is culture, and numbers and perhaps the length of life. But I’d argue that quality of life is no different. To be satisfied in this life, one has to put one’s nose to the grindstone. And this is probably the same as in 48,000 BC.

One difference which I romanticise about 48,000 BC, is that those, my ancestors, that couple, that mother and father of the past, they were closer to Truth. Perhaps we as a species are more intelligent because we have to contend with many lies, many deceptions that remove us from real life. Things that remove us from the earth, and the source of life. Things that remove us from death, from being able to see the Milky Way at night, these things, I suspect although have increased our success as a species, they have taken us away from truth.

The natural order of humanity without civilisation appears to be benign. But it’s usually headed by one leader, or chief, whether it’s just one family living alone in some remote part in the jungle, or whether it is a kingdom or a republic. It is clear that genetically, we are predisposed to adhere to the rules that the “boss-man” wants. In our new Global era, it does make sense to diversify genetically, since it is claimed that genetically, as a species we have very little variation. But more over, it’s clear that the world is moving towards a one world government and whichever way you paint it, there will be one that takes charge.

One thing I am becoming fairly certain of. And that is this: If I had lived a thousand years ago, I would have probably lived the same life. I would have thought the same thoughts and written down the same things. I would have written with a feather pen. If I had lived 50,000 years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have written anything down, but I may well have thought the same thoughts, my ancestors thought, because I think.

If I consider that this era is no less evil than any other era in history. If I consider that my blood and my genetic inheritance gives me the ability to think and contemplate, it gives me philosophy and it gives me the chance to find truth and in truth find happiness. Therefore I am lucky, and I am special. I am not a king or a chief, but I have truth, which they do not have. I am not a slave, I am a free man, and will always be free, because it is my inheritance. Should I ever be made a slave, or a king I would abdicate and find my place once again.

One thing is sure, human happiness is guaranteed. In whichever tribe, in whatever circumstance. Fear and love, basic human emotions, emotion refined into intelligent thought, but rationality must not deny the driving force. God has created us all dignified. If I stood naked in the middle of a desert I would still be dignified, exposed, but I would still be dignified, I would know what to do, I would adapt and be content. Why am I dignified? I am dignified because I appreciate my existence, I want for nothing, because I know that I am created and I know God has not created me for nothing.

The man without dignity is the wicked man who does not appreciate his creator or his existence. The evil wicked man is the one who needs to enslave others. But although this man has existed and was probably around 48,000 BC, I must know that his lies and whatever he may take from me, he cannot ever take my dignity and my happiness. Those are given to me by my God, through my fate and through my blood.

I may also know that even though I am exposed to wicked people around me, I am immune, and I will remain dignified, oil does not mix with water. Though it may cover it completely and obscure truth, truth will remain. It does not matter how large civilisation becomes, it doesn’t matter if we all become enslaved in a communist state. In the human heart there will always be truth, and there will always be love. The human heart will always find truth, and will always throw away lies. And the wicked, will always suffer eternally, and infernally, since not having Truth is probably one of the worst punishments, not being dignified in the love of God, this is eternal damnation.

Love God and Love, and keep his commandments.