Free Requests, Chart Readings

I am grateful to all who come to this site and read and comment, whether it is out of a simple interest or in appreciation of my writing or whether it is simply to get a heads up on your own birth chart and self-understanding.

In appreciation, this page is dedicated to the reader’s requests.

You may request that I write a piece on one or another thing.

You may also request free chart readings.

Save and upload your chart onto flickr or photobucket, and then paste the link into the comment box.

18 responses

29 05 2011
Night Sky

If you copy the html code from photobucket this works:


29 05 2011

Would you please write something about Venus Opposition Moon in Natal Chart? Moon in 11th house in 6 degree of Cancer, Venus in 5th house in 7 dehrees of Capricorn. Neptune is also in 5th in Sagitarius. Ascendant in Virgo.

29 05 2011
Night Sky

Moon in Cancer is in essential dignity and therefore strong. Venus in Capricorn might be in triplicity if it is a day time chart, but this is unlikely since Virgo is rising.

The opposition between the 11th and 5th supposedly shows disharmony between friends and between the romantic life, though this might be said of children. If Venus is lord of the 9th, if she is also lord of the 2nd, then these houses play a part.

1 06 2011

hello and thank you if a new or already knon relationship will develop for me this year- light and gratitude, Grace date of birth 30/12 1954 at 17.20 paris france

1 06 2011

Hi, I have been working on this chart for a friend and would like to hear your opinion on it. I was impressed with what you wrote about Pluto in Scorpio.

Here is the link:

4 06 2011

I don’t know if the link appeared to you and we just can’t see it or if it didn’t work at all. I pasted the html from photobucket like the example at the top of the page showed, but I have been watching for a response and there isn’t one. Did it not work correctly?

13 06 2011

hello, here is my chart :
altough there is a strong libra influence, i don’t really feel like a real libra…maybe u can tell me way. bye

15 06 2011

Hello, Not sure if you’re still doing free chart readings or not, but if you have time, i’d love some insight into my chart. It’s on flickr:

I am particularly interested in any thoughts on the relationship between Saturn, my AC and NN as well as any other insights you might have. Thanks.

11 08 2011


i liked guy(childhood friend) but i shifted to someplace esle;we lost touch but when our contacts revived…things didnt fall into place as i was skeptical about relationships and didnt act in the right way..i tried to forget him bt couldnt…i cannot like anyone else ;we have a slight communication gap and he has girlfriend since a very long time!!
will he and i be in a relationship??will he come back???

21 10 2012

can you please read my chart. February 6, 1960
Brooklyn, NY (Kings County)

23 01 2013

I am a Capricorn sun/Venus in Scorpio woman, what can you tell me about this placement? I am extremely curious to see what this says about me and the vibes that I exude.
My birthday is 12-30-78.
Rock Hill, South Carolina (york county) USA
Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated!

7 02 2013

Can you tell me anything about my natal chart? 3/14/1964 7:44pm mpls, Mn Any info would be great. Thanks

13 01 2014

Can u please read for us our composite chart i dont know his time…..mine is MAY 8,1980…AM 5:01..TACURONG SULTAN KUDARAT PHILIPPINES……MY BF….JUNE 20 1975….KISSIDOUGOU GUINEA…THANX IF U HAVE…

3 09 2015
John Peterkin

Please do a chart reading on me. Birth 3/20/1959 Greenwich CT, 11:58PM
Also, an interpretation of Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Scorpio rising natal

23 12 2015

hmm…i hope your still taking free requests….im interested to hear and to learn more about myself….more like a self discovery :D here are my placements and i would be thank full if you looked ^_^
south node:pisces
north node:virgo

all i need is a bit of description about my personality nothing more :)

9 03 2017

Jupiter and Saturn both in Taurus, in the 12th house. Venus being my 12th house lord and is actually in there as well. Could you explain to me as to how this all works out.

23 06 2017

Do you still read Birthcharts?

16 08 2017
Night Sky

Yes. Please read the updated information on the page.

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