Let´s write some Haiku

It´s fun and it´s easy too

A Child could do it



Ruined buildings fall

While confluent rivers meet

The scene is stormy



The stitches open

As the blood begins to rush

Old wound is now death



Hamster hides away

Accomplice to the evil

There is no escape



Sausage found in fridge

It is old but seems OK

Old man eats today



Monkey holds balloons

Flying through the air he moons

Cheeky ape he is



Scintillating thoughts

Dark eyes stare with obsession

Thoughts are mine to see



Coloured up so high

Underneath the stars we lie

They belong to us




Snowflake falls on Earth

It is cold and white as death

Squirrel must hide nuts



Air is warm and still

It is hard to breathe in here

Open the window



Time of day is fine

It is now our place to rhyme

Find the perfect line

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