I still have hope but I don’t need it



I still have hope…

I still have hope

I still have hope,

And I think you are hot

I still have hope,

Even though the leaves are falling fast,

And this coming spring,

I hope to see you at last.

(Interlude) GCD


I don’t need hope anymore…

I don’t need hope anymore

Because I know I can make things

Turn out the way

I want them to be

I don’t need hope anymore

Because I know that

You love me…

Because it’s so damn easy to see…

4 responses

2 04 2009
Johanna Martinez


20 06 2009

I don´t know how i got here…

But I´m happy that i did…

That stunning picture captured my heart.Love the autumn and especially red trees. And your lyrics touches the soul.

Earlier today I was really sad… When I read what you wrote about Venus in Virgo

I understood yes It´s sounds like me…Now I´m beginning to see the light in the tree with red colours and lyrics who´s captured me…and suddenly I´m free…

Many thanks

Light and the best Marianne

14 02 2010

This is indeed a beautiful site. Thanks!

28 02 2011

AMAZING…. so beautiful love it!

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