Love in the Abstract


Love God before anyone else.

No love on Earth will ever be perfect or last without God, who is the divine source of all things. God is not just for the priests or for the “religious recluses” of the world. Loving God does not mean renouncing the world. It does not mean total abstinence of all desire in life. God knows all of our desires and wants, and he will give us everything in life in his due time.


All God wants, like a father, is that we love him and trust in his divine wisdom. God has decided what we as individual human beings desire and want in the first place. And it may even be that he has sent Satan as a test of our love for him. But since God loved us, from the beginning, he probably didn’t do this.

It’s hard to love God, because it is hard to know God, without reading about him, or listening to him everyday. But you’ve got to be creative in your search. There are pictures of Jesus, and we know his words, they are recorded in text. There is mass, and there are houses dedicated to God called churches.


No love which is without God will ever be good, will ever last. God created Heaven and Earth and the stars and the planets. And although we sin, in trying to control these things, I have concluded that these things are for God to know rather than man. But the man who does learn about them must realise that he witnesses God’s blueprint, and that he is the most foolish idiot to think that he has any control or ability to manipulate them.

Jesus is our lord God, and the most powerful king on Earth will bow down to him and serve him. We are all servants of God. Let me love God, and serve good and let me also love the one who loves me also, in justice and in truth and in faithfulness.


3 responses

7 04 2011

True that!! I agree with you on this topic WHOLE~HEARTEDLY:)

22 05 2012

God is not Jesus! Jesus was one of the prophets created by God.

24 01 2013

Beautiful. Amen. Pax Christi.

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