Mars Capricorn

Mars is considered exalted in tropical Capricorn, has essential dignity by terms at 19 to 25 degrees and face between 10 and 20 degrees, making Capricorn a highly dignified place for Mars.

This placement naturally results in a  Mars that is given practical organisational ability and administrative power. The archetype of Mars being that of the warrior, it is an odd seeming fit that he ought to be powerfully placed in the low energy sign of Capricorn, whose only real strength is devised from material solidity and being built with longevity in mind. It is paradoxical that Mars, ruler of Aries ought to be given highest esteem in the sign ruled by Saturn by night, Capricorn, while Saturn in return is exposed through fall in Aries. Part of the reason for this is that while Saturn has forethought, Mars doesn´t, and so the fighter who fights using planning, and fights only when he knows the outcome of the battle which is the nature of Capricorn is the victorious one.

In truth though, this Mars is not a fighter, nor an aggressor. His energy is controlled and his emotions are also suppressed to the point in which they are turned towards the mechanical, towards activities which are constructive and status oriented in some way. In the same way that aggression and assertion are carefully controlled and planned in this position, the energy that Mars creates can transform all ambitions and goals into realities without too much struggle and strife, all that is needed here for Mars is a goal or an aim and the resolve of the Capricorn spirit combined with the spur and energy of Mars will guarantee him success.

The nature of this exaltation is really that of balance. The temperament of Mars is inhibited but not denied outlets, it is repressed to a certain extent without realisation for this is Capricorn´s doing, but in that repression it is given the right opportunities albeit not often to show its true face. Like the other Earth Mars Virgo, Capricorn Mars is given the tools of the Earth and its resources in order to achieve its ends, the reason why Capricorn is the better place however, is due to the fact that Virgo has a rather changeable and roving mental state which is why Mars´s energy is often scattered about and not sufficiently concentrated on one object for long enough in that sign. In Capricorn Saturn forces Mars into activities in which his slow and focused nature is brought out.

Some people with Capricorn Mars: Albert Einstein, Jim Carrey, Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Frida Kahlo

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10 05 2009
Jenna Jupiter

Hey, Denis!

What astrology Natal aspect is good for a tiny waist?

(Sorry but i’m actually serious)

9 12 2009

Hi………………….I read your comment and like it.I also interested in student and do my mcitp certifications.but me interested in such type of sites…………keep it up..its interesting…….

11 05 2009
sameer sood

Should be a small planet like mercury/venus but presence of jupiter there with them would expand it to some extent.

i have mercury / venus in seventh but jupiter/moon also there so I can tell, seen other with only mecury/venus and tiny stomachs no matter how much they eat :D
mer/venus in seventh with no jupiter aspect :)

do correct me if I am wrong.

Well I have an exalted Saturn and Mars as well, but saturn in 5th and mars in 8th :(
what a tragedy any advices ?

28 09 2009

Its true, the temperament of mars in me(capricorn) its more suppressed. i usually hide my anger WITH A DISTINCTIVE LOOK and keep it controlled. It takes a bit to get me angry. But there are sometimes when (mars) trys to get out. Its like a push pull thing where im trying to control it or let it out. but i only let it out(mars) when im sure of my ground. But there are sometimes when i cant control it. when mars is let out beneath the surface, its not a sight to see. it actually fits my personality just to say….

12 04 2011

oh my god i love the description of the fighter who knows the outcome of the battle, i’m not mars in capricorn but it’s in 4 degrees aquarius and i feel that the exaltation does apply.. i think

14 04 2011

I wonder how a Capricorn Sun man with Capricorn in Mars would be in a relationship with a Capricorn Sun woman who is Scorpio in Venus, Mars and Jupiter?

….Oh, I can just about tell…!

11 05 2012
Lisa McBride

Thanks for the article! My Mars in Capricorn is currently being “conjuncted” (grammer be damned, this is Astrology!) by Pluto in Transit, and natally this Mars is trine Pluto. I’ve been looking forward to this time in my life for quite a few years and actually planned some major life changes for now. So another win for Practical Astrology! :) Love your blog.

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