Mars Leo

Mars in tropical Leo is peregrine for the first 20 degrees of this sign. Between 25 and 30 degrees Mars has terms, and between 20 and 30 degrees of tropical Leo Mars has face. These are small dignities which allow Mars some degree of essential dignity. The first twenty degrees of this sign being peregrine for Mars results in a Mars that has about the same dignity as Mars in Gemini.

Mars the warrior in Leo desires recognition for its bravery and victories, even though those victories are unlikely to be very great in themselves. In spite of this, the Sun confers heat onto Mars here and allows it the potential to be centre of attention and on central stage. An analogy might be of a Martian actor  playing a great king and being victorious on stage, on the stage his ego is satisfied, but off stage he reverts to his “normal” character, which is that of actor and not necessarily aggressive, assertive or victorious in real life. So in a sense he steals the spotlight, directing the heroic and brave deeds of the character onto himself.

The real essence of this position though is manifested through what might be termed as a fighter who is given by the Sun all of the fame and centre of attention, in the form of a King or Emperor at war. Mars is always a good fighter, but not always a good King. In Leo therefore Mars the King is not always a “just” King, but one who is prone to tyranny and tempestuousness. In Aries, the Sun is exalted, because Mars´s decisiveness and speed allows any King or hero to be victorious with speed and alacrity. Mars however, does not appreciate being in the spotlight all of the time, its actions under the beam of Leo become pre -meditated and always with the knowledge of having an audience, and while the performance might have been good, it might not be spontaneous or even authentic. Leo Mars is forced by, the Sun into donning all of the trappings and decorations of Nobility. But in reality Mars knows that all of this is fancy and not very meaningful.

Mars fights in the hot Sun in Leo. It is no surprise then that his judgement can become clouded by the excessive heat. When Kings take to the battlefield and lead the army instead of their generals they can make foolish mistakes based on desire for spectacular Victory. On the other hand when Mars has the dignity of fighting beside his King his pride and self esteem is brought right up and so the war is given a quality which is Noble and meaningful to him.

Some people with Leo Mars: Emperor Hirohito, George Clooney, Hillary Clinton, Frank Sinatra, Anthony Keidis, Donald Trump, Amy Winehouse, Max Robespierre, John McCain, Quentin Tarantino, Serena Williams, Neil Young, Jet Li, William Blake, W. B. Yeats, Boris Yeltsin, Phillipe II of France, Emperor Caligula

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30 12 2008
Jenna Jupiter

Write about the fifth house? ;)

1 01 2009

Jenna, you write this just as I have Jupiter enter my natal 5th. I will let you know what happens. ; )

26 04 2010

sì, io ho marte in leone: sarei stato un buon gladiatore :)

18 09 2010
cobble stone

My mars in leo is like 28 degrees, does that mean that im essentially less tyrannical than other mars leos? would the venus conjunction 1.5 degrees, give me more or less dignity? i do like to be the center of attention, but im more concerned with giving people the right answer and NOT being tyrannical, because i was tyrannical when i was younger.

18 09 2010
cobble stone

by the way, i’ve had some mars gemini friends and dignity is something that they lack completely, or seem to. every other story they tell is fabricated, although you only slowly find that out, piece by piece.

18 09 2010
cobble stone

alright, i got the terms thing. saturn is more or less helpless in scorpio because its peregrine (in fall, borderline worthless) until the last three degrees. mars in leo, my mars, actually has both terms and face, which convey no real power, just, quite literally, the ability to procure lip service. that makes alot of sense.

2 08 2014

Completely disagree! Leo, in ancient astrology was the sign of the warrior-king and not this sad, kitty performer modern astrologers try to put him as. He was the only sign classified as both “bestial” (aggressive) and “feral” (savage and destructive).

Mars does wonderfully in Leo since Leo and the sun are not just the signs of ego (remember, Aries is pretty egotistical too!) But are also signs of strength, energy, dominance and pure fire! Leo represents such warrior-kings as Agamemnon, King Arthur and of course Emperor Napoleon (who actually was a Leo Sun) and some of which were better warriors and strategits so than their own generals and soldiers! Plus, the Sun and Mars are beneficial planets to each other. So please get the facts straight. Leo is a warrior-king who shines as brightly on the battlefield as in a palace.

27 06 2018

This post was RIDICULOUS.

First of all, Leo is a LION and as his ancient archetypes which were FAR more accurate than the pathetic “show kitty” modern astrologers are trying to turn the sign into are: natural warrior-king, gladiator (lions even fought in the arenas in Rome), hunter, protector, conqueror, and apex predator! Lions are fiercer and stronger than rams. And the Sun ALSO governs strength, courage, energy, vitality, willpower, and health, not just the ego. It’s the most powerful force in the solar system, of course it’s going to project power.

Also, Leo rules the 5th House which includes SPORTS and ATHLETICS (not just the exaggerated creative arts and romantic affairs). And Mars in the 5th or in Leo gives great strength and athleticism like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Paul Anderson, etc.

It also rules the Strength Tarot Card and wild and solitary places like forests and mountains which means that we both love the outdoors and our alone time so we DON’T always need attention or luxury! Leo is a physically active fire sign and a strong and determined fixed sign.

In fact, in medieval astrology it was Aries who was considered the “luxurious” and “royal” sign. Leo was considered one of the “strong signs ” and the only fully “feral” sign (capable of savage and destructive behavior when angered). In fact, many earlier astrologers claimed that Mars was in peregrine in Leo not because it wasn’t a good fighter, but because Leo made Mars TOO destructive and combative! In fact, som ed of Leo’s earliest descriptions claimed it was “strong and courageous, fierce countenance, and loves woods.” Manilius and Firmicus said the sign made hunters and warriors.

Leo is symbolized by the near indestructible Nemean LION who fought Hercules himself and even managed to bite off his finger!

It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that a lion is a worse fighter than a ram or that the Sun is any weaker than a mere planet. Leo’s “normal” persona is NOT this show kitty performer ignorant modern astrologers made up. It’s the warrior-king and conqueror and apex predator of the Zodiac. Exactly what a LION is.

Get your facts straight and describe the sign for the powerful, fierce, determined, courageous, fierce LION it is. It’s the mighty lion for a reason and the Zodiac’s ONLY natural apex predator and should be described as such. Just like a lion, it’s a VERY powerful fighter. This should be obvious. 😑♌💪

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