Mars Libra

Mars in Libra is placed in his detriment. Libra amongst other things signifies beautiful surroundings, a woman’s bedroom, a decorated dinning hall or restaurant with violins playing in the background, and like Taurus it generally signifies women and girls. Mars signifiesaggression and fighting. Put the two together in any number of combinations and you have behaviour which is not suitable, which is contradictory. You have a bar room brawl in the beautiful dinner hall, you have your ladies bedroom filled with “man things” power tools and dirtymotorbike parts, you have the cherub like violinists at the wedding playing Iron Maiden instead of Vivaldi.

This is Detriment for Mars. If this combination appears in a Man’s chart women will be agressive with him, or he will simply have marital relations which are filled with argument and fighting. If this combination appears in a woman’s natal chart, she will likely be agressive in relationships, and the men that she will be attracted to will be weak in some way.

George Orwell possessed Mars in Libra in the 1st house. He was a writer, not exactly the macho type, sophisticated and intellectual, yet he did voluntarily go and fight in a war. The war was in the name of peace, Mars in Libra likes to fight for peace. For Orwell though his side lost, the Fascists won and totalitarianism took over. This Mars is a very unhappy Mars, because it craves peace and security, but finds none.Orwells books are filled with a foreboding violence, with actions and violence that disturbs peace, that destroys any sense of security.

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27 10 2009

oh i strongly disagree with what you say about men with mars in libra attraccting aggressive women,no in my experience men with mars libra are outwardly charming first then behind closed doors are aggressive EXTREMELY possessive jealous and volatile and some are even violent .
they also have addictions problems ie sexual addiction and alcohol problems
and i know about 7 different men with libra/mars they all seem to have the same problems.
it’s awful i dont trust them.

24 11 2009

kate, its interesting what you say there about the libra men, – i also know some of them with those problems but they are libra suns.
libra mars… jeeeez.. they spend an eternity weighing before acting. they also have certain a way of letting someone know that what they think of you isnt much: charming face and then that “something else” lurking behind the scene. they know it shows; thats the point.

a man with only mars in libra does not necessarily attract an aggressive woman. but libra suns often do. and they dont really just attract them; they choose these women.

11 02 2010

Can you elaborate on this point, Mas?

“charming face and then that “something else” lurking behind the scene. they know it shows; thats the point.”

18 03 2010

im libra mars. I think this point is true but id ont think they realise it. I really dont like this bloke who is an aries, but i never let it show. But when we had a fight he said to me “i know you think im an idiot” And i was like , how do you know, i never let it slip, i’ve always been really chraming with him. Oh well.

12 12 2009
Shanique Salter

I truly agree the entire aspect of Libra in Mars and Sun in Libra. I also have the same placement in my chart. Passive aggressive I would call it.

Thank you for sharing,

1 06 2010

I have Mars in Libra and I do not have any problems with this position :) Mars is the planet ahead of my Sun so it is quite powerful in dictating my chart. I have Taurus ascending as well. I have 4 personal planets in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio. It is true that I find it difficult to voice my aggression but the thing is those things that I get angry about are not important at all. I would recommend you to seek out people who make you feel at peace and attend events which are peaceful. Even if you live in a house filled with annoying people, you have to escape somehow. Not showing aggression is not a weakness, it is a blessing but you need to know where to be- at the right place- and know when to escape from unnecessarily people/places.

2 07 2010

What can I say? As a wombman with sun conj mars in libra, it’s a constant battle to restrain myself from conducting open warfare on those who insist on declaring open warfare. Oh, how I fluff up and shine those silky velvet gloves in hopes of win-win, peace and love harmony and unity – seems like I’m in the wrong ‘zone’. An impossible combo despite diplomatic skills. No idiot likes a smart gal.

19 09 2010

I too have mars in libra , in house 8 -( though in conjuction with venus and uranus.)
I try to keep the balance in my relatonships, cause I believe all needs have to met : mine and others. Mars here works fine, beeing “just” is his thing.
Where mars is NOT working fine for me, is when I get angry. I feel easily insulted and my response Is either passive – agressive (ex. I dissapear) OR spontaneus compulsive explosion !
Men I met with this placement are cowards (afraid of risks) and women tend to get along with weak partners, that’s true.

4 11 2010

I have mars, sun and pluto in libra which is my 7th house. I’m used to be a very aggressive as a child. But i’m always trying to control my temper and people actually consider me as a calm person. But i still can’t stop arguing with my parents all the time. I’ve never had a boyfriend. So do you think that this positioning of planets will affect my marriage in anyway.

18 11 2010
Toby Sulieman

power tools can really save you from a lot of headache, specially when the job is very hard ,~;

22 01 2011

what about amplification of libran’s argumentativeness, even to the level of the ‘art’ of war? a true love of debate, seeing love as a battlefield? art of seduction – whether we want to talk about it or not, relationships (Libra) generally involve a power struggle(s), or war (Mars)… or in the lyrics of Jane’s Addiction “sex is violence!”

mars in libra also in first house 6-9-1982 aggressive female attracting womeny men – check! plus virgo ascending, cap moon, brainy gemini doesnt help i guess. no one with any dignity would put up with me treating them like that!

24 01 2011
Benzoic Acid

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5 03 2011

I’ve got Mars in Libra (and Venus in Scorpio) and you’d think I’d be aggressive with men for sure, but I’m very much so NOT that way at all. Its really disconcerting to hear such grand generalizations on the net about 1 planet. This is why I discount a lot of what I read about astro.

8 03 2011
Night Sky

You have a mutual reception.

13 04 2011

what horseshit!

27 04 2011

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29 05 2012

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1 02 2014
Beki Brindle Scala

I have Mars in Libra (I’m a Virgo) and although I think I used to be attracted to men who seemed weak in some way or another I found myself married to a Sagittarius and we are both rather aggressive, sort of.. I mean we are both musicians and fearless in many ways. We respect this about each other and encourage it. We do not play in a band together because we know that would be terrible! we would fight. We’ve been together for 14 years! I mostly agree with the female Libra mars traits listed. Libra is also my rising sign so this is a big planet in a serious house! Anyway.. very interesting to read. p.s. I also can remain charming while someone is iritating me to the ends of the earth but mainly because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings! I also live with a hope that maybe that person is just having a weird day (or life!) and by being charming, they may decide to be charming themselves!

12 11 2014


I’m a Sagitt woman with mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio in the tenth house. I wouldn’t say we like ‘weak’ men. Gentle, debonair, kind, cultured, well-mannered, sophisticated, sweet-tempered, controlled, maybe a little docile but not weak. I’ve really liked two men in my life, both are intensely secretive and nurturing; about maternal (Taurus with Venus in Cancer, Mars in Aquarius and Capricorn with Venus in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio) but I wouldn’t call them ‘weak’ in any way. They’re both very strong physically (6″2 and 6″4, athletic) mentally/professionally/academically (Oxford, Dartmouth; I.Q 165) and emotionally (maybe that’s an earth sign thing?)
My experience, my opinion.


19 02 2015

This bums me out. I like a man with Mars in Libra and after everything I’ve read on several sites, I am concerned that he is a cheater through and through. He always talks about how beautiful God made women and seems obsessed with talking about them. He’s also ver secretive.

His Mars in Libra is in the 12th house. I am a sun sign Cancer with a Mars in Taurus and am faithful to a fault. He is a sun sign Leo with a Mars in Libra and a Venus in Cancer, which I think is why he is attracted to me. Emotionally, we’re very similar. His moon is in Virgo and mine is in Capricorn. My Venus is in Virgo, which I guess speaks to his moon.

Everything I’ve read suggests that Mars in Libra means the person is a cheater. That makes me so sad. Faithfulness is what I cherish more than anything. God help me.

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