My Jupiter Return 2019

I like doing return charts non-precessed. Once in 12 years we have the Jupiter return.  I did my chart for this to see what areas of growth there may be in my life. It’s purely personal and I may be at a stage of not caring about anyone else’s opinions on anything except where I am going and I need to carve out myself a new path.

The areas I wish to expand and enjoy are in a general sense ruled by the 5th and the 7th. I want more fun, and I also want some company in life, someone I can travel with, not necessarily get married, but rather a love that is also a best friend and will climb that mountain with me. Marriage is important, but you should be sure about it and do it right.

The aspects in the chart are as follows:

  • Sun and Mercury conjunct DSC
  • Jupiter conjunct Venus
  • Jupiter and Venus trine Mars
  • Jupiter square Neptune
  • Moon trine Sun and Mercury
  • Uranus square Sun and Mercury
  • Saturn square Mars



Jupiter Return

As a Jupiter return chart we begin with Jupiter as the period of the next 12 years is what is being analysed. It is well positioned in domicile in the 5th, ruler of the 5th and 8th, boding well for all areas related to the 5th, including love, the inner child, self-expression even procreation and children. The Neptune square is manifesting in big dreams. Possibly dreams that are too big or too vague. But never mind, the trine to Mars in Aries in the 9th is the promise of fulfilling the dreams of climbing up that mountain somewhere far away. Will I be accompanied by that someone special? According to the chart we have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th both trine Mars in Aries in the 9th. That Sagittarius Venus is that enthusiastic love that I’ve been looking for that is ready for the adventure.

ASC is in Leo, with Sun conjunct the DSC. The nice thing about this is that Moon is making the trine. Moon is in Virgo trine Juno and entering Libra, perhaps this signifies a healthy and happy marriage. I meet a girl who is shy and modest at first but eventually comes round to the idea of being in a relationship. This is a nice signification for that Moon starting in Virgo but making the perfection of the trine to Aquarius Sun from Libra. Obviously Mercury is also there signifying communication is very important and ruling the 2nd and 11th for the need for money and friendship as important stepping stones to make it work.

The second Solar aspect of note is to Uranus and this is the square. I can categorically say that since the start of this return I have taken my anarchist ideas and ideals more seriously (Ron Paul anarchism) and a philosophy of freedom is becoming more important to me. I need a solid basis of stability and a good wife and family home to look after me, in that sense I am totally conservative. My belief in the bible as ultimate truth is not shaken, but biblically speaking revelation and much spiritual enlightenment is indeed of the nature of sudden revealed truth as by the nature of Uranus. It must be possible to live according to God’s law, and yet be unconventional and break loose from what others think and believe. I break free from those who deny “religion” as garbage, their conventionality and conformity to secular atheism and its doctrines is extremely limiting. I also break free however from conventional “religiosity”, people who repeat the same things over and over without living spiritual water. A personal contact with the divine, with God signifies that you do not need to listen to others to receive truth. The preacher who says, “don’t believe me, but read the scripture and find out” is the one I am heeding.

Obviously the position of Mars and Uranus in the 9th are playing a role in these new thought processes concerned with how the world thinks, with spiritual truths, which are part of religion, media and philosophy, the general milieu and the personal revelation of God. If I can say that my religion is personal then no-one has the right to tell me what to think or how to think, if I believe that Jesus walked on water and has a plan for my life and that is part of who I am, then no-one has a right to silence or mock me for it. What I believe is part of who I am and it is unconventional and revelation.

Venus is 10th lord in the 5th. I have found a way of doing my art while doing my normal work. Interestingly I’ve been able to work and to do art at the same time. The 5th like the 9th is again a personal house, if God’s creation is revealed in the 9th, it is my own creative efforts which are being revealed in the 5th. I’m interested in nude oil painting and I am working on it with great pleasure and happiness, and surprise at each new stage.

The 7th house cusp has Sun and Mercury describing a great love, a great warmth which I seek in another. Whether she responds to me or not is difficult to say, again this aspect is influenced by Uranus which requires newness, freedom and revelation to be part of the mixture and some days I don’t feel up to the task or I don’t feel happy with the instability or uncertainty. 7th lord is Saturn which although in domicile is square Mars, however this greatly balances the Uranus and Aquarius influence. A partner may be mature, and very stable, which is a good thing. The square to Mars though indicates either frustration or difficulty with decision making. All great aspects in the chart are balanced by this ultimate of the two malefics being at odds with each other. The only positive thing I can say is that the Saturn Mars aspect in this chart is separating, and Mars is perfecting the trine to Jupiter.

The 6th house is finally probably the last major focus, with domicile 6th lord Saturn in the 6th. Illnesses are governed by the 6th and a powerful 6th house planet indicates a powerful illness, however, it is said that Saturn in dignity is “less malefic” and inclined to do less evil. Saturn is also in sect, which is another big plus, Jupiter and Sun are in sect as although almost Sunset it is a diurnal chart. The condition is improved. I have some health concerns, but since Saturn is not aspecting any personal planets I am hoping that my health will not be affected. I have undertaken a number of health oriented decisions since the chart came into effect and become very meticulous with daily health habits and routine including a reduction of carbohydrates, and increase in consumption of home-made fish soup, swimming as exercise, and working while standing up. Health concerns are major issues for me here, my daily routine has definitely undergone some deep changes, we also notice Pluto here. Saturn in Capricorn here is extremely regular. Mars may possibly upset that routine occasionally. In terms of pets, a new bird appeared, a little blue bird, which died suddenly, and a new kitten also appeared and is now causing trouble.

This is one of the best star charts I’ve mapped out in many years. Of course it is my own, but I have no reason to care for anyone else’s as much as my own right now. Other aspects, progressions and directions are of course necessary for understanding where you are and where you are going. However, the Jupiter Return is a good chart when thinking about a 12 year period of growth and newness. My intention is not to come back here in 12 years except to celebrate the fruition of all these imperatives.

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