Neptune Capricorn

Neptune is the planet of imagination and illusions. Capricorn symbolises the father. The father of Capricorn Neptune is likely to be idealised. Neptune has the effect of making the father psychic or highly sensitive. Those are positive manifestations of the energy, negative manifestations are those associated with the down side of Neptune, confusion, the wrong end of the stick, lies, deceptions, and of course absense.

Capricorn also rules institutions and governments. Capricorn Neptune therefore has similar effects for these institutions, the heads of state of the Eastern European states and of Russia are destined to be senstive, psychic and idealistic, they are likely at times to deceive, but looking at 1990-1993, the countries whose consitutions were born in this period will have both Saturn and Uranus close by in either the same sign or in Aquarius, so the power and the backbone is all-present.

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2 11 2009

That’s sooooo untrue!!I have neptune in capricorn on my natal-chart and I’m about one the most stupidly over-sympathising persons I know…!

3 11 2009

Since Neptune is an interpersonal planet it’s got no personal effect on personal sympathy. Neptune in Capricorn makes the father of a Neptunian character.

15 11 2009

kenaz i agree! im very empathetic

3 02 2010

let me tell what i know, author of this description have not Neptune in Capricorn and probably don’t like Dostojewsky lol

3 02 2010

Alright, thanks for the comments.

I´ve re-read what I wrote, and you have a point. That descriprion was way off the mark. I have re-written the page. Hopefully this description is more fitting.

30 12 2010

I have Capricorn in my Neptune, and well… I’m not at all imaginative or somewhat similar to those words. I also have Capricorn in my Jupiter, which is pretty helpful with my financial issues… but anyways, my Capricorn in Neptune basically empowers my Jupitar (as well with my Capricorn in Jupiter empowers my Capricorn in Neptune.) in some way… Should I be happy? :-) All I know is that I’m going to be Financially Successful when I get older. (I’m 16.) Lifes great. :-)

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