Neptune, messages from Pisces


Throughout my life there have been ups and downs, but one thing is a continuity, and something that I’ve inherited from my father, since Neptune is on the IC in my nativity. I am looking for something. I’ve never been able to put my finger on it exactly. It’s not a physical thing, it’s not even related to anything that someone can give you like love.

Since it’s impossible to describe what this something is, because I don’t know what it is, I might begin and end in the same sentence. It’s more like a feeling. But this is not just any feeling, it’s probably something akin to what Columbus felt when he set sail into what was then the unknown.

In this world everything appears to be knowable, or categorisable. It appears as if modern technology through wikipedia and such, and through the internet is able to shrink the world beyond recognition. What kind of adventure is there, if you already know in advance, the exact terrain, the wildlife and the route you will take? The only frontier left is space, but in fact space is so mesmerisingly vast, and dark, there cannot possibly be any romance here. Humans are not made for space, we are not evolved for it, our bones slowly weaken in space.

What was it that I was looking for? Expansiveness, and depth perhaps. Not yes or no questions, but interminable enchantment. When I meet a girl I think, “yes, she is attractive”, fine, but there is nothing “else”. Like a flower, plain, you get what you see. But then, that’s that. There must be something that continues, some mystery, something which pulls and pushes like the river between the tides.

Things that are finite and “perfect” are in direct rebellion against God, who is the only true perfection. The things of the world are mortal and therefore beautiful, and the things that are built without “organicness” in them are to my mind worthy of destruction. Those two perfect rectangles in New York deserved destruction, (not the people), but for man to build such a shape is blasphemy. The mind of God is perfect, the mind of man is not, and we ought to stick to building mud huts with chimneys rather than pretending to be able to “make a perfect world” with everything “known” and “understood”, with buildings square, or rectangle.

Corruption of the human soul will destroy those squares nicely. Many banks are built like perfect gleaming square sky scrapers, with shiny blue or sometimes golden glass. But, we can see just how corruption or lets be nicer and say “imperfection” of humanity is God given. The people who work in those perfect sky scrapers are corrupt, and actually working for their own destruction.

One child builds a sand castle on the beach, another child jumps on it to destroy it. The Aquarian crowd (illuminati etc.) are convinced that they can educate the other child not to jump on the first child’s sandcastle, so that we all live happily in an era of understanding and world peace. The tide comes in now… A spring tide, with a swell. The sandcastle like each individual human being is born to die, born to be dying throughout life and to suffer, and sometimes to share their suffering with others.


What I’m looking for is not something that is perfectly square (or triangular), such things are dull beyond belief, they are anti-spiritual. Things with a million different edges and sensations, with intricacy, things that are of nature are the only truth. To search and to find is fine, but to search and to fail is equally fine.  Creation and destruction.


One response

26 04 2011

I have Neptune in the 4th and still havent found what I’m looking for. The Tower of Babel was keeled over as people thought they were invincible. So, a sign indicating otherwise was given.Power used negatively, selfishly or as an ego booster is always short circuited.The presense of Angels – the new found interest in same is noteworthy. We need to call on them more than ever to help combat the meaness in the world. That that is Good comes from God.

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