Neptune Pisces

Magic is in the air. Magic more to the point is in the water supply.

When Neptune slips into the sign of Pisces in 2012, illusion and beauty will fill the world, there will be such fine emotion, such merging and people will feel that they are one with the Universe and with each other. Water of course is what connects the world, not only are human beings mostly water, but so is the Earth’s surface. The Mayas have predicted that the coincidence of Neptune Pisces, of which they knew nothing about with their own Astrological system heralded the End of the Age.

Now in true Neptune fashion, half the population have taken these words to signify the end of the world. But of course logic states that this is not so, our Solar system is stable, and changes slowly. Pisces is often confused, often does not know the difference between logic and imagination. So there will be part of the population that truly believes that the end is nigh. And they will make their contribution to the feeling that will permeate the world… because crisis and confusion often does bring forth moments of clarity and redemption from the impending catastrophe.

There are musicians who have Neptune placed in Pisces, who were in tune with the finer emotions of humanity. They were able to use that talent to affect people through their art, through their creativity, they were able to capture people’s hearts. This placement is the most powerful placement for Neptune, Neptune Pisces is spiritually awake, and the most sensitive placements of Neptune.

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5 02 2010

would a sun/neptune conjunction (scorp/5th) lend a piscean quality? i’ve always felt the pull of that soft, warm, seductive current out to sea (sometimes entailing an arduous swim back to land/”reality”). and strong attractions to piscean women but finding soon enough that in some ways we were too much alike, waves washing against each other producing whirlpools.

5 05 2010

god, u r soooo gullable if u beileve this crap!

18 05 2010

one wonders how someone who is not so gullable (sic) arrives at this page.

28 02 2011

neptune in pisces, & pluto in capricorn seem like very different energizes, i have pisces, cancer, sagittarius primarily in my natal, so…. looking forward to pluto in aquarius.

12 03 2011

Thanks for the article. On my birthday next year this Pisces girl will have Neptune sitting at 0 degrees Pisces.

31 07 2011
Jim Probe

This Neptune will bring my 8th – house natal Neptune in Libra to my first house Ascendant, Pisces. At age 61, I hope I survive to live the next 14 years.! :<]

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