Neptune Sagittarius

Star Wars

It wasn’t so much the actual wars that captured my imagination about these films which came out towards the end of the Neptune in Sagittarius transit, but more the adventure, the expansiveness of it, different worlds with lush forests and mountains, as well as Icy worlds or desert worlds, and then the noble and bold fight against darkness by the force. It also included a rather exotic and beautiful princess from a distant galaxy and the Jedi Knights, who were all filled with great belief in the heroism and bravery that is of the essence of Sagittarius which is Fire. The films which began then were all about expansion, of going further on a journey which was as spiritual as it was about the hot princess. The “Force” was a spiritual power which could only be mastered by knowledge and wisdom, these were possessed by the wise Obi Wan Kenobe and Yoda, who were the masters and were Jedi because they knew how to use their knowledge of the force for Good rather than Evil. Sagittarius is a sign of strange and foreign, or exotic places but also has much affinity with animals, and in the Star Wars films there are a vast array of various different species of alien half human half animal who just like the Centaur of Sagittarian myth are wise and on the side of the Light.

Neptune made Star Wars a myth which was so in tune with the Sagittarian expanive feeling, with Neptune in that sign it was something which was all about dreaming and fulfilling an ideal, and the ideals of Sagittarius are similare to Neptune’s visions, which is why this was combination works very well, combining expansive noble qualities with idealism, compassion and a sense of being out there in something great and wondersome. It should be noted that three more films were made during the transit of Pluto in Sagittarius, staying fairly true to the original soul of the films. Neptune of course had moved on into Aquarius, and with it also went the idea of the universe being inexhaustible and expansive because the plots and themes and characters were already known… Aquarius has the facts remember and doesn’t need to go out searching, but to simply resolve. It is interesting though how the Dark Side features in the newer films with great awareness of its power, Pluto working his total catharsis and painful transformation through the Spiritual dimension… the pain of Anakin Skywalker is Plutonic, it’s beyond what any human being ought to take, but it does explain, and that is Neptune sextiling its earlier place in Sagittarius from Aquarius, bringing true understanding.

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11 01 2011

i have neptune in saggitarius in my 11th house and it makes me miserable. all my hopes and dreams are unattainable, are too big for this existence and even though in my mind they are extremely real, in reality i don’t even get close to achieving them…its so frustrating !

24 05 2011

I have Neptune in Sagittarius in my 1st House in one degrees barely missing Scorpio. I think it is so cool having my Rising placement in the first decanate of Sagittarius Neptune in 0 degrees because I possess both aspects of Sagittarius and Scorpio in my Rising.

I have extremely big dreams too that are real in my mind. But mine are attainable and everyday I’m getting close to achieving them.

So Julie stop not believing and start believing in your dreams and they will come true!

If Walter Disney had given up on his dreams after 135 banks denied him, then the 136th bank would have never given him a chance and there would be no Disney Land!

Capricorn Sun
Aquarius Moon
Sagittarius Rising barely missing Scorpio Rising by mere seconds
Gemini Descendant I love variety in men that is
Capricorn Mercury Retrograde
Scorpio Venus
Scorpio Mars 15 degrees Avatar 12th House
Scorpio Jupiter
Libra Uranus
Taurus Saturn 15 degrees Avatar 6th House Retrograde
Sagittarius Neptune
Virgo Pluto
Aquarius North Node Retrograde
Leo South Node Retrograde

4 02 2014

I have Neptune in this Sign. At its GC point in the 10th house.
It’s no open book. How can we know?
a song I found says the words that help me to feel I may be going the right way. I have no idea how I found this song, but if you feel the need to be brave you should listen to it. The lyrics were: “in life, I look up, my face, kissed by the sun, I smile, I embrace the being within.” The voice of self belief. a new flower

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