Ocean Currents and Sea Breezes

24 05 2010

Our human lives are conditioned by circumstances that change all of the time. It is not possible to take up a philosophy or set of principles without being tested. The testing comes in the form of our logic being opened up and exposed for its shortcomings. When something happens in life where our logic has been unable to provide assistance, that’s when logic is confounded.

Ocean Currents and Sea Breezes

When logic is exposed for its inherent retardedness and inability to help us humans in our condition, logic being a product of our condition in the first place, this is when one turns to raw human emotions.

Emotion as it is understood, has no logic behind it, or rather it is a form of logic which in itself is bestial, grand and uncontrollable. If reason were like ripples on a lake, then emotion would be the ocean current.

Emotion governs life on all fronts. The instinct and will to live and to survive is the primary form of emotional drive. This instinct may be garnished and disguised as many other things. And sometimes these things become the primary focus. Love for instance is one of these things. However, love although when it is felt is “real” to the participant, is nothing more than this animal instinct to live. In love is found alliance, but it is nothing more than instinct and raw emotion in order to destroy others “together”.

Love is a pact of destruction. Funnily, when the pact is successful, when opposition is destroyed and when the desire to live is fulfilled through reproduction, then there is no-longer a need for this alliance.

Despite our ability to render and understand emotion in the terms of logic, there is in fact no escape from it for the human physical body is constructed so that it must resort to these ocean currents.

Currents will always be the stronger party, the idea is that these currents though are being “below the surface” un- determinable and difficult to understand.

In terms of our rational understanding, therefor, it is impossible to be able to predict or even to understand the true nature of life. If emotion is without rational explication, and emotion is the power that runs the whole show in the first place, then where is the use of trying to rationalise?

There is no logic in life. Or rather there is perfect and pure logic, but like a one-man craft in the ocean, that logic is the ocean current which is not seen. It is there.

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