Parallels and Contra-Parallels -Latitude

Here is a secret which most astrologers don’t know about. Here, unless you are an 8th house native and already go about looking beneath, are the aspects that go, well below the surface. And unless you are committed to seeing the unseen, and knowing the unknowable, the practically invisible forces, you will, like 99% of the population who supposedly dedicate themselves to this particular study, totally miss out, and totally live on the surface for the rest of your life.

I am not going to go into how the aspect is calculated, or how it compared to different types of calculations. I believe that these are all possible, but basically amount to the same thing. Basically calculating the degrees of latitude allows you to view planets placed on line X. Whereas the vast majority of the study depends solely on line Y, calculating line X allows you the third dimension. It is that simple.

In the past the Antiscion was used. Some people still use this. Some people use it and are unaware of how or why they use it, of the reasons behind its tabulation. It was created to delineate a rough line of latitude. Latitude which the Sun follows and which the planets follow in relation to the Sun as they are roughly on the same disk shaped eliptical path around the Sun. The Antiscia are an old fashioned latitude calculator, and used today for no other reason than that this was the tool for which parallels were most easily seen in pre-computer days. Antiscia are simply a crude parallel calculator, they gave approximation of latitude through the solstice point, but with a rather large degree of error. Today however, the declinations are easily known, but not easily illustrated, not in relation to the longitude, without a three dimensional chart. Now that would be something.

Here is the secret then. The Parallel and Contraparallel aspects by their nature, allow two points which are not linked through elemental basis to be linked together, to be merged, to be combined in signs and degrees which are totally random as compared with longitudinal astrology. That is the core of it. This is the big secret.

But that is not all. The Parallel and Contraparallel are the pinpointers. These are the things that give you real things which actually happen, whether or not other longitudinal aspects are in operation.  Many times a conjunction occurs, an aspect of great importance, an opposition, or a square, but nothing apparent really takes place.

The way Astrology works is that the Stars make their rays felt on Earth. This is fine. This is why planetary placements work so well. This is why temperament, why house dispositors work. The Stars send down their qualities, their gifts and special talents, as well as their doubts and atrocities. But the aspects are not complete. This is what is greatly lacking in the vast majority of readings. The simple fact that Y by longitude is located and aligned with the zodiac, while X is totally ignored. Well X is the degree of latitude.

Parallels are more important than longitudinal aspects. This is the great and rigidly kept secret of astrology. Astrologers don’t want to share it because it is that tough little nut to crack, that little aspect which is the back door entrance to the third dimension. This is the aspect that lets you see in colour while all the other astrologers are still seeing in black and white.

If you have read as far as here, then you know what a parallel is, and you don’t need me to go into any more detail because you have done your own research on the subject, and you understand the importance of such aspects. Instead of giving examples though of its use, of its application I would like to give a definition, terminology which is distinctive and which befits the parallel and contra parallel in comparison with its longitudinal counterparts.

The Parallal: Harmonious aspect. This aspect is as strong as a conjunction on its own without the need for any longitudinal coinciding aspect. If the aspect is exact it should be considered as an exact conjunction is considered, if not more powerful. The reason for its power lies in the fact that its power can be felt even when there is no elemental connection between the signs. This amounts to a latitudinal alignment in the sky, and like a longitudinal alignment must be considered as its exact equal in strength and power.

The Contraparallel: This is an extremely potent force, more so than the opposition, it must be read as an extremely strong force, which does not have to be antagonistic, it does not have to be strained like the square, but it must be thought of like the Parallel in terms of materialisation of reality.

The latitude of planets are as important as the longitude. It is no secret, it is just something that an astrologer must work out before really seeing what is there. Looking at a chart and then looking at it through latitude is like looking at a body and then looking at it through X-Rays. Latitude must be considered in relation to all of the planets and all of the major points including the Ascendant-Descendant axis and the MC-IC axis as well, since these also are calculated using both longitude and latitude.

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29 01 2010

Great article, I enjoyed it and learned! :P

3 02 2010

Thank you Theresa.

Please, if you ever read anything on here that you think is a little off the mark, tell me about that too. I know I can be a little stubborn with what I believe to be true, but I like feedback. Don´t be all Neptune on me, give me the hard facts.

13 07 2011
Lynne Morgan

Of course and at last I see it in print! It’s the same as saying the dark moon is as important as an eclipse. On the dark moon the sun and the moon are aligned at the same degree of the zodiac in the sky. This is a monthly occurance. But in a (solar) eclipse they are aligned at the same degree and the same declination. Of course it’s so much more pokey. When I first arrived in Glastonbury ten years ago there was a diagonal line of planets in the sky for several months. It was stunning and clear as a bell…but you couldn’t pick it up in the ephemeris.
Question. I have two ephemeris’s. One for 2000 on with declinations, one pre 2000 with no declinations. Where do I find the declinations of the planets and chiron prior to 2000?

15 02 2012

Did you take that picture of the night sky?, If not can you tell who did?

Thanks, Andreia

14 07 2014

This really makes sense, like a missing link or lost technology.I’d like to get to know more about it.

24 11 2015

Nice comments i from astrological point of view. Nevertheless, parallels and contra-parallels are base on declinations of the bodies (other coordinate system to pinpoint a body in the sky) , not on the ecliptic latitude as indicated by the author. The system used to achieve the //s is right ascension and declination. This system is based on equatorial plane and the declination of the star or planet is the same GEOGRAPHIC latitude. For this, there is a special interest of the parallels since both bodies in parallel project its light force over this geographic latitute it is force. As a general information the declination of the stars are very important, since their lights come into Earth through this geographic latitude, as Algol has 40º N 57 of declination, it passes once a day over New York, Chicago and over the Zenith of many cities at 40ºN of geographic latitude.

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