Pluto in Capricorn

It is hard to say exactly what will happen over the next couple of decades. Pluto’s conjunction with the constellation of Capricorn is something that most of the Astrological world has been eagerly awaiting, partly because it’s not every day that outer planets move into different signs, and partly because this isn’t just any old sign, this is the Cardinal Earth sign.

Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn will bring a sigh of relief to the people and places ruled by Sagittarius. In Capricorn the energy will be low key, it will be sober, cool headed, there will be a cool breeze blowing in from the North. I am not going to digress into what happened “the last time Pluto was in Capricorn”, the world is simply too different to how it was 246 years ago to make a statement concerning this planet-sign combination.

Much of what has written about Capricorn depicts falling empires, and rising nations, and this is one thing that should be of interest to most people. The only real prediction that I am willing to make about the planetary placement with absolute certainty and commitment, is this: Countries all across the world will be prepared to either merge with each other or separate even more so. The European Union is daily intergrating itself more and more possibly in preparation for that final act of Unification. While in other parts of the world separatist regions are trying to break away from the yoke of power, Central Asia is one example of this, but South America and Africa have examples of cities that are beginning to protest their political autonomy from centralised and often tyrannical authority.

The United Kingdom has recently under the ray of Sagittarian Pluto undergone a partial dismemberment, all completely voluntary, though still as a Union holds on tenaciously to its strategic Imperial territories like Gibraltar and The Falklands. Whether the UK will be “assimilated” into the European Union or whether it takes on a different partisan role is irrelevant. Both England and the UK are strongly Capricorn and will be on the offensive in the world at large, leading the world as that nation has done in centuries past. Resurrect the British Empire? It may not be possible, but there will definitely be a desire to create, to build a civilisation, an all-powerful civilisation based on order over chaos, of duty, responsibility and people working hard for achieving stability.

That stability of course is not going to happen for this poor Capricorn Pluto transit. The incoming T-square of Uranus and Jupiter mixed in opposition to Saturn and Mars will bring about turmoil in very short time. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where the cards will fall, but this transit denotes a most unstable Capricorn power structure for a period of 7 years at least.

The massive trauma which occurred during Pluto’s transit of Cancer must not be ignored, war and destruction was occurring during this period. But it is possible that responsible old Capricorn will not let things get out of hand too much. Pluto in Capricorn is extremely down to earth, and will definitely bring people closer to the land in which they live.

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6 12 2009

I just liked this because my Pluto transit has brought it through my 12th house and it will cross the Sag./Cap line into my 1st house. As a 1st house Sun sign, this might seem more personal…now that we’re SURE Pluto is not a planet but some sort of dual-system, almost as if it were a set of twins or a couple who shares power … amongst itself.

31 05 2016
Tim Seekins

Pluto in Capricorn is exactly what we are seeing. The government and their way of existing is being revealed for what it is. When Pluto was in Sag, most were proud of this country and were happy to defend it during the 911 attacks.
Now a light has been shown on the activities of our government and has shown that almost every facet of our government is corrupt beyond repair.
We have police officers killing people and walking for it. Drug addicts thrown in prison while Child molesters receive probation. Almost every single politician in office right now is guilty of high treason. It is becoming clear that the people have more rights and freedom than the government has allowed us to see. All statutes, codes, and ordinances are being exposed as nonsensical law that violates our natural rights as Americans.
This also has to do with our government and it’s means of surviving. Many people would have no clue the real reason we invaded Iraq, and Iran in the 90’s or why ISIS exists now. But these secrets(Pluto) are being revealed.
The very fact of the matter is, is that the U.S. has abandoned it’s ways long ago and has become nothing more than a corporation, with a CEO of such, not an actual president. During Pluto in Sag, these were all conspiracy theories, as Saturn’s time ticks by, it becomes more and more evident that they are conspiracy facts. The only reason the U.S. has an economy is due to OPEC regulations. Put plain and simple, the dollar has no value, Nixon made a public statement about this and his interest to defend the dollar but what he did not say was it would be through extorting other nations of their resources-in particularly… oil. The U.S. has stepped foot on foreign soil and under duress forced countries like Iran and Iraq to sign an opec regulation that they would only sell their oil for U.S. dollars which in fact have no value to them. If any of those countries violates that treaty and sells their oil for any other currency than U.S. dollars, we go in, remove their dictator, and replace him-hence the Petrodollar. Thus our nation is nothing more than a giant criminal orginization. These muslims that are apparently the bad guys are actually the good guys simply defending their territory and resources. This is why we lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, it had nothing to do with that. Saddamm was running a black market, selling oil for Euro’s-that is why he was removed and executed, same as the Gulf war as well with Iran. More and more people will know.
There is great tension now. We are looking at a third world war. What happened during Pluto’s last transit will in fact happen again. There will be rebellion and war and by the time it is over, peace and justice will be restored again by the time Pluto enters Aquarius. The war will probably continue as Pluto is moving in the early degrees of Aquarius as it did last time. The people will see what is real, WHO HAS A REAL PURPOSE, and WHO’S TIME IS COMING TO THEM. Saturn can only allow such wrongful acts to exist for so long before he rears his head and puts an end to them as well. This will all come to a head when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.
We are looking at something serious here. Right now… Iran has had enough of it. They are selling their oil for Euro’s and do not care anymore.
This is not the same defenseless Iraq either we invaded or Iran in the 90’s. This is Iran with Russia and China sworn to protect them as allies. We can no longer push them around but we can arm rebels in Syria(who is an ally to Iran) to draw Iran into a war. That is exactly what is happening.
The government is involved in all kinds of corruption everywhere you look. It’s ways have grown stale and festered in the dark for too long. One of the evilest crimes our country is guilty of is the kidnapping and trafficking of our own children through the foster care system. When the American people see where their tax dollars are going and what the government is really doing, one by one, they will refuse to aid and abett in criminal activity.
I’m taking nothing away from you. You are one of my favorite Astrologers… but I had to put that in there. Thanks.

12 10 2017

Bravo. do not forget hollywood satanism the destruction of male female relations, poisoning of food and exploitation by healthcare and medical institutions, and pizzagate.

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