Pluto in Scorpio

The generation that is born with this placement is born into corruption. This generation however is present on this Earth at this point in time and will wield power. These are the people who bring renewal to humanity and purge it of its ills, of its inherent badness. Pluto in Scorpio is said to be the purest form of Pluto’s manifestation, it is said to be coloured by no tainted glass and no other planetary ray that disturbs its pure expression.

Pluto sees falseness in everything, anything that is remotely artificial will be exposed for itself. Pluto in Scorpio has opposite in the Zodiac Venus in Taurus. Pluto’s quest is to see through the flesh which Venus in Taurus represents. Venus’s falseness is its attachment to material life, to things that it can touch, see and sense, and it becomes so embroiled in its own beauty and ideas of its own attractiveness that it becomes corrupt and proud like Leo. Pluto is there to make Venus see that love consists of more than physical pleasure.

Venus is the planet that is most associated with love, and this is true, Venus has the ability to give and to receive also. But what Venus misses out on is that love can and in fact must not be dependant on physical existence. Venus in the 2nd house is so used to getting what she wants that she becomes blind as to what others needs might be. Pluto in Scorpio is aware that there is a collective humanity and just as pride is sacrificed in Aquarius, in Scorpio Pluto sacrifices physical pleasure and ego.

The thing with Pluto is that it knows what is real. When you are not seeing human beings the way you ought to and interacting the way you ought to, when you do not value life the way it ought to be valued, Pluto will bring you down from your pedestal. Pluto will only bring down because you have elevated yourself. If you are humble already and Pluto makes his transit, not that much should happen, just a reminder and a renewal of that truth of love and emotional existence which is the basis of us all.

Pluto is the higher truth, the deeper meaning, it can bring out your own hatred and fear, but these essentially belong to you and not Pluto. Pluto is here to make you see that life is based on love and acceptance and that ego, and vanity are things which get in the way of seeing that truth.

The more your ego is out of line with the reality and truth of love and equality in the face of Nature, then the more suffering is waiting for you, because Pluto doesn’t know how else to bring down that ego, without threatening its death.

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30 04 2009

This was insightful, I have pluto in scorpio in my second house alongside venus in scorpio. This insight that you have provided has given me clarity thank you.

27 05 2009

I have venus and pluto in scorpio conjunct in 2nd house–>
what else does it mean?

28 05 2009

Venus in Scorpio is essentially in detriment. It means that Venus has a hard time. There is potential for wealth with Venus in house 2, as with Pluto. However, you ought to also state which houses Venus has rulership in your chart. This would mean the houses with Taurus and Libra on the cusp. Those two houses along with all planets that aspect Venus will give you more of a complete picture. If Libra is in your first house then you might be focused on making money because Venus would be Ascendant ruler. If Taurus is in your 8th house then Venus might be an indication of money through inheritance or marriage. Then you add all planets in aspect along with the houses represented and other aspects such as the parallel and contra-parallel.

27 05 2009

I have venus and pluto in scorpio conjunct in 2nd house–>
what else does it mean?

18 09 2009

I have scorpio in mercury in the second house, scorpio in mars in the second house and a scorpio in pluto in the second house. What does this mean for me? Please reply. Thanks :)

20 01 2010

this is very interesting and insightful. ihave pluto and saturn conjunct in scorpio in 6th house?? what does this mean?

21 01 2010

It could mean anything from keeping an intimidating dog or it could mean that you work in forensics, or that your colleagues are powerful people. If your 6th ruler is Mars then your health may be affected by that planet in your chart. If your 6th ruler is Venus then you want to look at Venus´s aspects and situation to assess the situation.

10 03 2010

I just had to comment that I have Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio in 6th house in that order and placed nicely 15 degrees apart.

15 05 2010

I have a Sun on the cusp of Aries-Taurus Opposing Libra-Pluto Born April 21, 1985 in Sacramento, CA 8:50pm. I’m gonna be straight forward and honest- I’m having a hard time attracting the right mate. I’m straight, easy to get a long with and fun not looking for a prince to sweep me off my feet right now but however I could use some company of a fun passionate guy…or just someone to talk to …listen to whatever. I like a man who enjoyes life with a gorgeous smile. I’m a Professional Digital Photographer, Guitarist, Vocalist, and Dancer.

With out prejudging me would someone please take a look at my chart and see if you can figure out when the next window of opportunity comes my way for a boyfriend or perhaps my soul mate? Thanks!!!

N. Node in Taurus
Pluto in Scorpio
Scorpio in 12th House
Pluto in 12th House
N.Node in 6th house
Mars in Taurus
Saturn in Scorpio II
Moon and Mars Conjouined in Taurus III
Sun Trines Neptune in Capricorn
Venus in Aries
Mercury Aries

Is my chart heavily affflicted if so how can I work on myself so I can go spiritually,,,

15 05 2010

*******Correction Opposing Pluto in Libra-Scorpio

2 06 2010
cobble stone

hrrm. Im a pluto libra myself and i haven’t seen this particular generation do anything to build anything. they are ridiculously conservative, hard-headed, and insecure to the point where their conformity makes me want to vomit. A never ending stream of cliche they appear to change opinions quickly based on media influence without ever being able to figure anything out by themselves. To top it off they seem to be some of the most selfish human beings imaginable. They seem to think that anything well-intentioned is fake….. ive had nothing but problems from this treacherous generation and am glad the transit was brief. They think that anything well intentioned is fake due to the fact that they never have good intentions….or if they do they’re very unoriginal, unthinking, animalistic, they seem to get married and have kids really really young. They’re very good at thinking they won because truth simply isn’t important to them. everything has to be a lie to make themselves feel better about their shallow existences, their own lies. I’ve gotten along very very well with my pluto librans over the years and yet can’t find anything that these pluto scorpions have contributed

7 06 2010

I can’t remember what I wrote about Scorpio Pluto. However, I’m not sure I would like to say that a whole generation is damned. There are both good people and evil people. I won’t go as far as to say that an outer planet like Pluto can condemn everyone.

I have come to realise that Pluto does not have any essential dignity in Scorpio, this is Mars’s domain only.

Speaking of good and evil though, it is possible that good and evil can become polarised into extremes. Instead of most people being a little good and a little evil, perhaps you have some who exhibit the extremes. Scorpio the sign of extremes, combined with Pluto a planet of temptations, of breaking rules.

27 12 2012
Eliakim Williams

As a member of the Scorpion generation I will defend us. First of all, Cobble Stone we are not old enough to hold a government seat. Most of us are still growing up and learning life lessons from Saturn and Pluto. Were you a loving, caring, reformist lone wolf when you were younger? As much as you would like to think you were, you were not. Shut your ignorant mouth and watch the Libran generation finish their Occupy Movement. The real show will begin in 5 years or so. The ANONYMOUS hackers are only the beginning of what the Scorpions will do. How dare you judge our generation without knowing anything? Hypocrite.

9 06 2010
cobble stone

thats probably it, to be honest. i have actually had quite a few pluto scorpio friends….some are absolute saints, some are evil. for whatever reason its very very polarized, like you said. i befriended six pluto scorpios recently, and have had plenty of friends with the placement. some are absolute saints, my friend kenneth can’t even dream about hurting another human being. some are as treacherous as people can be. i learned to read people a long long time ago, and either these people were saints who wouldn’t dream about cheating on a lover, or they were as degraded and degenerate as human beings could be. either way they thought what they were doing was going unnoticed and i wasn’t about to enlighten anyone, but it mostly had to do with sex, to be honest. the strange thing about it though was that it was all hidden….i real air of sexual dishonesty among some, sainthood for others. I am a pluto libran, concerned ultimately with the truth, and most of us are pretty one dimensional. If and when we are overly promiscuous we really don’t try to hide it, would rather have the freedom that honesty gives you. these polarized plutonians seem to think that you can still have a fulfilling relationship with complete dishonesty. My friends g/f is cheating on him with a guy who’s sleeping with a male friend of mine….. a very dangerous game given the aids rate in the homosexual community. Her child calls him daddy…. i can’t really judge, or care that much either way. its not my thing and doesn’t belong to me, its just very very strange to me. all secrets are inevitably revealed, hers will be in time, not by me but by human error. why build something you’re actively destroying? i don’t get it. anyway, i’ve seen very similar scenarios among them, the theme repeating over and over, and don’t understand it.

25 07 2010

Everything has its pro and cons. Like Pluto in Libra has the only truth? Yes they do represent the search for justice and that is why they are speaking out today. I think Pluto in Scorpio generation has the bigest potential for collective power and also collective self destructiveness. Acting out unrighteous behaviors just send them towards the destructive end and likewise when those who practice righteous behavior will increase their personal power and influence towards good. Of couse everything sources from the Intent. But The Libran Plutonian will be the one that is ultimately responsible in determining the most righteous truth and that has to come from their deepest honesty, direction and acceptibility.

28 07 2010

I have venus in taurus, pluto in scorpio, and venus opposite my pluto. Could you tell me what this means? (If it helps my sun sign is Cancer.)

28 07 2010
Night Sky

Venus in Taurus is a dependable, honest, and “good” placement. You ought to know about the value of things and people. Those values will undergo unheavals and transformations. The aspect shows obsessive tendencies in love. It would help to know where Venus is in the chart (house), whether it is oriental, swift, and direct, whether it is combust or under beams (close to the Sun). These things are more important than pluto.

5 12 2010
Matthew LIbby

I found this and i thought it was intresting:

Pluto in Scorpio:
The children of this era should be much more concerned with the forces underlying the surface of reality. They will put their intelligence to investigating all kinds of phenomena, and it is just possible that they will bring the arts and sciences out of their present stagnation to a new period of dynamic activity. This period will be a time of change that is intense even by twentieth-century standards.

thats funny cuz i’ve had legitimate out of this world experiences almost daily now for last few years, un questionable psychic tendencys, literaly making things happen cuz i wanted it bad enough, know everything that people are thinking like it hits me like an image…. idk whats going on but if anyone has some insite thatd be cool.

9 08 2014
Pluto Scorpio//Capricorn Neptune

hehe, i agree, we are the wizards and witches of this era, other generations are just to jelaous to accept

17 01 2011


I have venus in scorpio in the 9th house and pluto in scorpio also in the 9th house. What does this mean?

Any info would be great.


27 01 2011
Spiritual Friend


24 02 2011

regarding Pluto in Scorpio: the discussion was most enlightening. I have Pluto in cancer. The intensity of Scorp/Pluto as discussed here explains some of my friends. thanks

12 04 2011

the last post was on my birthday, lol
could you tell me about my pluto in scorpio please?
it is in a tight conjunction with my moon at 22 degrees.

23 04 2011

taurus sun, sag moon, taurus asc., pluto scorpio., and venus gemini.

Any thoughts?

7 06 2011

[QUOTE=Stacey.murch;290908]I have been undergoing some strange things lately and I am in need of honest feedback regarding this aspect of vertex 6th house and Pluto. I’ve been on a spiritual hyper jump and transformation which lead me to the pulls of the planets, their energies, and the truth of astrology as I see it and look more into it. I have done much research and found differing conclusions on my own of which I don’t know what’s really going on without outside help. I am so to speak confused? But I know there is the truth out there and for some reason I’ve been obsessing on trying to figure out what the true meaning of my chart is. I’m recording bizarre dreams, unexplainable abilities, and I feel this internal struggle without being able to figure out exactly what it is I struggle with. I have this obsession with complete world chaos and urge to move to ohio or out of country for fear of what I feel an dream. Why Ohio? Who knows lol. In a nutshell I am growing into myself, what does this vertex in Scorpio 6th degree mean? Am I predicting my own demise? Or of thousands here in california including my kids. I’m not business or money oriented so the interpretTions given on my chart explains somethings that Are too reAl. Im worried, plutO is in Scorpio for me, in fact I was born in may 88, and after tonight I’ve found may 89 was some world changing event? I don’t want to sound crazy but I’ve been feeling odd, strange things are happening, I’m willing things in existence and not on purpose, and I know things that I don’t have a clue how I know them but im right. People around me are becoming freaked out…. Can some one just fill me in on what’s really the truth? And why I’m so afraid to turn 24 ever since I was a kid? Why I’m encountering strange things lately And what all this means? I’m reaching Out as a last resort before I declare myself bonkers….my life is teeter-tottering right now and whether I receive good or bAd news is fine with me, as long as it’s honest. So I can prepare ? Have piece of mind? Please repost on thread or email me, I’ve copied the text version of my chart? This Pluto, vertex, 6th house, scorpio thing is weirding me out, and how is this flowing together so nicely with other zodiacs or planets when I’m aTaurus-Gemini cusp? (may 21st bday)?! Please explain! I really would be grateful for some honest feedback. Zodiac: Tropical

House System: Placidus

Planets Houses Aspects

Planet Glyph Sign Location Motion Glyph
Sun ☉ Gem 00Gem39 D ♊
Moon ☾ Leo 06Leo38 D ♌
Mercury ☿ Gem 22Gem34 D ♊
Venus ♀ Can 00Can26 D ♋
Mars ♂ Aqu 29Aqu29 D ♒
Jupiter ♃ Tau 17Tau05 D ♉
Saturn ♄ Cap 01Cap18 R ♑
Uranus ♅ Cap 00Cap12 R ♑
Neptune ♆ Cap 09Cap47 R ♑
Pluto ♇ Sco 10Sco38 R ♏
Chiron Chir Gem 27Gem56 D ♊
Ceres Cere Pis 21Pis22 D ♓
Pallas Pall Aqu 20Aqu04 D ♒
Juno Juno Gem 03Gem26 D ♊
Vesta Vest Leo 10Leo50 D ♌
Node Node Pis 19Pis40 R ♓
Lilith Lili Vir 00Vir51 D ♍
Fortune Fort Pis 08Pis16 D ♓
Vertex Vert Lib 20Lib02 D ♎
East Point East Tau 00Tau23 D ♉

House Sign Location Glyph
1 Tau 14Tau15 ♉
2 Gem 12Gem40 ♊
3 Can 04Can41 ♋
4 Can 26Can16 ♋
5 Leo 21Leo59 ♌
6 Vir 27Vir33 ♍
7 Sco 14Sco15 ♏
8 Sag 12Sag40 ♐
9 Cap 04Cap41 ♑
10 Cap 26Cap16 ♑
11 Aqu 21Aqu59 ♒
12 Pis 27Pis33 ♓

Planet Aspect Planet
♀ ☍ ♄
☉ ☌ Juno
♄ ☌ ♅
♀ ☍ ♅
☾ ◻ ♇
☉ ◻ ♂
♇ ◻ Vest
☿ △ Pall
☾ ☌ Vest
♃ ◻ Pall
♆ ✶ ♇
☾ ✶ Juno
☉ ◻ Lili
♀ △ ♂
☿ ◻ Cere
♂ ✶ ♄
☉ ✶ ☾
♀ ☌ Chir
♂ ✶ ♅
♀ ✶
Pall △ Vert
♄ △ Lili
♄ △
♄ ☍ Chir
☿ △ Vert
♂ ◻ Juno
♀ ✶ Lili
♇ △ Fort
♅ △
♅ ☍ Chir
Cere ☌ Node
♅ △ Lili
♆ ✶ Fort
☿ ☌ Chir
♂ △ Chir
♂ ✶
♂ ☍ Lili
Juno ◻ Fort
♃ ☍ ♇
Lili △
♃ ✶ Cere
♃ ✶ Node
♃ ◻ Vest
Juno ◻ Lili
☿ ◻ Node
☉ ◻ Fort
Chir ✶
Chir ◻ Cere
☿ △ ♂
Chir ✶ Lili[/QUOTE]

25 11 2012
Pluto in Scorpio « Night Sky « Caprittarius

[…] via Pluto in Scorpio « Night Sky. […]

6 02 2013

I have rising sign in Taurus, pluto in scorpio, and capricorn moon. I don’t know which of those signs have the most influence but I find my emotion very intense, either being happy or sad or angry, and I think I can read people and their motives, or truth under the surface

4 10 2013

so Pluto in Leo built the ego-centric systems, pluto in virgo researched and analyzed them, Pluto in Libra sought the truth, fairness, and justice in those systems, Pluto in Scorpio will transform them and Pluto in Capricorn will build a whole new structure/systems?

I’m a Pluto in Scorpio btw, and sometimes it feels like I was born into a “dark night of the soul”, I think I am finally transforming and coming out of the darkness and everything is becoming integrated…. whatever the purpose in each of us is I hope we start helping each other for the betterment of the world and humanity. good luck guys!!

15 01 2014

I have a very plutonian and neptunian birth chart. I got Pluto in the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. While Neptune is in the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. I think Pluto brings the better and the worst of me.

16 03 2014
g redmoon

Just to add my piece briefly, I know some of the Scorpio Pluto’s seem superficial, illogical, vain, etc, but they’re not, it’s just the crap society that they were born into. Most of what they are is invisible to you. As soon as it falls they (we) will be the ones working miracles in the new stone age or the galactic opera of the future, k? You can’t even guess, just respect. Like all generations, there are best and worst, but personally I know a few Pluto Scorpios who are some of the most capable, talented, genuine, fearless, and powerful people born in probably hundreds of years. I’m talking about geniuses, stars of the human race, not steven soderbergh (nothing against)! There’s a spread, but the ones who shine will SHINE and SHINE in 12 dimensions long after you’re dust. It’s already happening, just pray they don’t self-destruct. Yeah, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day if you have a worthy love life, a computer, we’re married or you got a bag of shit in your mailbox or a bomb under your bridge or in your house when the oceans are barren and we’re all being poisoned and hypnotized and unwittingly committing black magic on a daily basis and the ancestors of the earth cry out in horror. Humankind needs to pull head out of ass. Equity with nature, equity with death, not just each other. Bottom line. We’re good people, just want to see the ultimate become reality. (Also don’t forget Neptune in Cap in roughly same period, maybe adds a conservative element you should be thanking heaven for!).
I have grief with pluto Librans although they have nice qualities, just no freakin’ guts. Even though Pluto Leo gave in to luxury and self-aggrandizement, at least they accomplished a hell of a lot and had fun. Pluto Virgos? Bless ’em. Pluto Libras? I’ve screwed a few, they have a lot of ideas about relationships, not much integrity either, in my experience. Pluto in Scorpio? Not the usual kind of fun, just ghosts, and yes most of us are willing to do a million things you would sooner want to die than even think about. I actually feel closer to Libran plutos, but the scorpios have a lot going on inside, no doubt. Also I think the opposition to taurus is a major influence that will probably become increasingly evident along with the more outrageous pluto events planned. Scorpio is fixed sign, we are in Aquarius, fixed age, watch the stars.
Pluto teaches about truth, alright, there is something deeper, more ultimate than truth.

27 06 2018

And Pluto in Leo survived WWII, another proof of Leo’s power and destructive capabilities .

21 12 2014

If I have a venus in taurus in 3rd h 15° and pluto in scorpio in 8th h 0° does this make them opposites or just planets in opposite astrological signs? I’m trying to determine my plutonian score. I also have sun in taurus 3rd h 23° saturn in scorpio 8th h 12° moon in scorpio 9th h 14° and mars in scorpio 9th h 19°
thanks! Love & light

28 04 2015

I have Pluto in Scorpio in my 9th House.

28 04 2015

I have Pluto in Scorpio at 9 degrees with Venus in Capricorn at 1 degree. What does this mean?

25 10 2015

A sincere question of mine, for what impersonal forces shape my life like glass; he who is pluto in scorpio in the 12th house: which is more the truth of God? The death of the ego by powerful entheogen or the death of the ego by consuming fire? No man can answer.

12 04 2016

Funny but true, how we got down from our pedestals as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn, doing our sextile for the first time, and we got down to business, other generations want us to be like them but we cant, we are more about the real stuff and true facts, than lies that cover the world. And im so proud of the Sagg Plutos, these guys will be our ultimate soldiers on future plutonian wars…. They are already on our side, cant imagine the stuff we will do as Pluto in Capricorn progresses, then the last decanate, then Pluto in Aquarius, then Pisces….

13 05 2016
Tim Seekins

I have Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant in Scorpio(in the 12th house) also with Saturn in Scorpio, in the first house. I really identify with this. I feel such a great sense of justice to expose such evil in the world. The hypocrisy of the world and the deluded minds that believe the filth that keeps it going frustrates me beyond belief. It is as if people with no soul care nothing of the truth, yet proclaim it so loudly in all it’s nonsense yet I know they have a soul. My life mission is to destroy all things that are false and lead to the problems we face. There has been too many stuck in greed, taking everything from everyone in malicous ways, living in utmost luxury off the backs of suffering of others and being honored by others as great people. To make it so apparent what the problem is and what the solution is, that it cannot be denied and that the perceptions of those deluded minds have changed because it could no longer stand in the face of the truth they now see. It’s like learning something you can’t unlearn. I saw much of this coming in the mid 2000’s. I knew some things would become so ridiculous that people had no choice but to see the truth and that is exactly what is happening. A big time is going to happen as Pluto is moving into Aquarius. Around that time. History repeats itself. We grow just a bit more and more civilized a bit at a time, each time around.

23 03 2017

Unfortunately us millenials will go through the hell hole bootcamp brought by pluto for the upcoming cleansing of our forefathers messes (baby boomers)..too bad we need to burn ourself and die in the proces in order to live and just like a phoenix evrytime we burn ourself to ashes we rose from it stronger than ever.. Time will come we will burn the throne together with its corruption and mix its ashes with our own and after we rose form it there will be no more deceptions and lies only truths…

27 06 2018

Another inaccuracy. Leo is said to be EXALTED in Pluto so I don’t know what ego Pluto is trying to bring down. If anything, Neptune is the planet that dissolves the ego.

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