Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is said to be strongest in Capricorn its night time rulership which is interesting since in Aquarius he possesses both rulership plus triplicity and terms. But in reality the essential dignity is borne of more than just simple elemental dignities, in fact the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn share rulership over a large number of things, which Aquarius and Libra (Saturn´s day rulership and exaltation) do not. In the same way that Venus and Libra are not analogous, because Venus rules over Taurus too, Saturn and Capricorn are not analogous.

Some things that both Saturn and Capricorn both have affinity with are: age, experience, ambition, skin, bones and buildings, especially those that are built to last. Government buildings and buildings that have an aura of respect and hushed quiet to them are also both Capricorn and Saturn´s pride and joy.

The truth of the matter is that in Capricorn Saturn is lord of his own duties and thus takes orders from no other planet. And so this is the reason for his pure expression in this sign. In Capricorn, Saturn is called upon to express all of the greatest qualities of that sign. This is the sign that rules engineering, civil service, government, clock makers, mountain climbers, and real estate dealers. It is interesting that in Capricorn the desire for power is not in service of ego in any way, the ambition seems to be borne out of a desire not so much for admiration but out of a basic insecurity and fear of not being good enough or not having enough.

It is interesting to note that Saturn often signifies a lack of, either through poverty, disease or another reason for unhappiness as a traditional malefic.  But Capricorn does not signify the same, Capricorn is not a “malefic” sign, it is simply a Cardinal Earth sign which is practical, organised and rather reliable. The likelihood is that in Capricorn, Saturn will have to be tested for all it is worth. But the elemental nature is beneficial here, the organisational ability of Saturn here, his cool headed ability to think responsibly and be self reliant is extremely beneficial.

In  some ways here, Capricorn forces Saturn into building things that are of the greatest quality and standard, and since Saturn is concerned with defense, with organisation and with traditions, Capricorn ensures that whatever it is that Saturn turns his attention to, that his projects are completed with the minimum of fuss but with the maximum amount of quality and detail. Saturn misses nothing and is also smart in what it does. In Capricorn Saturn is fond of building walls, walls which are not necessarily meant to withstand an attack, but walls which are built in order to inspire respect, awe and to make it clear that order will be kept and barriers will also be kept. One modern example of this was the Berlin Wall which began construction under a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. It kept out the East Germans, but also became a highly political symbol that no-one is to fall out of line, that people must stay in their place and not deviate from it.

The early 1930´s were a time in which Saturn was in Topical Capricorn. Of course these were the worst years of the Great Depression. Obviously they were extremely tough times, but it is during such times that things which are not of real value, things which are constructed on sand collapse while what is constructed on solid rock remains untouched by the calamity surrounding it. The same parable might be applied to the collapse of Communism in Western Asia and Eastern Europe during another transit of Saturn in Capricorn.

Capricorn doesn´t have time for things that are not of service, that are superficial, and that don´t have a moral fabric based on respect. It is no wonder then that Saturn in Capricorn simply wants to create things that are of quality and last a long time, that, like bones will actually outlive him. Saturn is really very simple under the beam of Capricorn, his focus is strong and he repeats what he does until it is so perfect that he is able to make it look a lot harder than it really is. The idea here is an incredible feat based on the simplest of structures. This is part of the beauty of majestic Capricorn, like the Great Pyramids.

An interesting thing about Saturn here is that despite the natural affinity with Earth, this position is one which looks very much skywards. As a result then Saturn here often ends up in very high places, skyscrapers, mountains, and even in space fit the bill for this placement. Capricorn forces Saturn here into climbing, and it seems that the steeper the climb, the more this Saturn enjoys it.


Some people with Capricorn Saturn: Jaques Derrida, Barack Obama, Lady Di, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Walt Disney, Emmanuel Kant, Neil Armstrong, Buz Aldrin, Casanova, Charles Dickens, Mikail Gorbachev, Hirohito, Peter Jackson, John Milton, Kim Farnell, Maximilien I (Holy Rome)

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8 10 2010

‘Saturn is really very simple under the beam of Capricorn, his focus is strong and he repeats what he does until it is so perfect that he is able to make it look a lot harder than it really is. The idea here is an incredible feat based on the simplest of structures.’

You nailed it. I’ve always wondered why this person I know with this placement, has the fortitude and patience to do the things he does best, repetitively in the last 16 years. Making it look like it’s difficult, though it really is simple and can be duplicated. It seems to me that he does have staying power more than most and knows boredom management in and out.

27 05 2011
Ashley Bishop

I was born on Sunday, March 11, 1990 that I has Saturn in Capricorn are best of responsibility to my personal life. Until I’m willingness probably in late 2019 in conjunct thighy Saturn-Saturn!

5 08 2011

What a wonderful delineation of Saturn in Capricorn. Thank you.

6 10 2012

This is one of the clearest interpretations and explanations of Saturn in Capricorn that I have found. My sun sign is Sagittarius with Saturn in Capricorn. It has answered a multitude of tough questions for me. “This is the sign that rules engineering”, interestingly enough, thirty plus years ago, I studied Electrical Engineering straight from high school with little or no strong mathematical abilities or any previous desire to do so, graduating with a decent GPA from the community college. I later returned to a 4 year University to complete my Bachelor’s Degree (when Saturn made its return to my sign around the age of 28) and graduated Cum Laude.

“The likelihood is that in Capricorn, Saturn will have to be tested for all it is worth.”, this is a theme that has played out numerous times in my life as I have seen numerous trials in my personal life, but in the end have gleaned extensive experience and lasting knowledge from each of them. Saturn is the ultimate “tester”, making sure that that which is brought forth is both lasting and of the highest quality and value.

21 09 2017

got cold chill reading your studies history. thanks. its coming in dec./17

8 03 2013

This is a rather intresting. Im a sagittarius with a moon in tarus and my saturn in capricorn. I also have a mars in gemini and a jupiter in leo. But out of all of that the moon and sun signs are definatly dominate. However there is one question or comment that concerns me. satrun in capricorn has been said to bear a bit of a curse. it is said to have terrible luck with finding long lasting love. With my sun in sagittarius i dont really care however with the contradictive moon in tarus this concerns me

7 02 2014

we have almost all the same match up! I am a Libra with ( capricorn in saturn)… taurus moon, leo jupiter and mars in Gemini too!

27 03 2017
Robert Restored

guess Capricorn gets it easy
compared to other signs

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