Saturn in Leo

Despite being in its detriment in Leo, Saturn has both terms and face in the early degrees of this sign, which diminish somewhat its essential debility in those early degrees. Because the nature of Saturn is melancholic, cold and dry and the nature of Leo is so completely different being both hot and humid and choleric, the difference in temperament is one reason for the debility.

But of course the problem is more complex than a difference in temperament. Under Leo, Saturn is brought into the spotlight, into the limelight and is forced into doing something that Saturn abhors generally, and that is being the centre of attention and being “fun”. In analogy, Saturn in Leo is the “old man” who takes to the stage, who acts and is given both fame and fortune. Saturn naturally is alien to the world of glamour, of stars and of attention, so when Saturn is asked by Leo to be “the star”, to show off, to be an individual he responds by doing what he always does: taking it seriously. Leo Saturn must act but is not spontaneous, he must be an individual but at his age, it is a serious thing. The result then is that Saturn looks rather comical in his position, for his placement in Leo is that of being the one that everyone looks up to and wants to be because he is in essence the “hero”, but the way he goes about being hero is matter of fact, duty, and he will save the world, and say at the end “I´m just doing my job”.

In this position, Saturn is forced into showing courage, spontaneity, exuberance and love of life. The result is often a straight jacket. When in terms and face though, and the essential debility of this placement is reduced somewhat, Saturn´s serious and no-nonsense face is a beautiful blend with Solar energy resulting in an old and mature soul acting through an innocent and childlike Leo. This is the old king, but as in many plays and stories about old kings, their position is almost always undignified, this is the problem of King Lear. While his authority and power are strong, the thing that kings so crave and need in order for their existence; namely affection and adoration is difficult to find. For in reverse while Leo is also the hero, Leo´s heroism is only real because of his person and his self, and as king (Sun) Lear demands affection, through his age (Saturn) it is very hard in coming, whether to give or to receive.

Another effect of Leo Saturn is the politician who stays true to his Saturnine self and achieves great office and respect. In this case Saturn is satisfied with these accomplishments. But because he is placed in Leo Saturn is forced into acting out childishly, spontaneously and romantically and as such renders any dignity of Saturn here destroyed. Saturn enjoys Leo´s power and strength, this is true, but when it comes to responsibility this Saturn is either not capable, or simply not mature enough for it. The trouble is that Saturn is in a most egotistical position here, which means that his power is not primarily used for respect or for the bettering of humanity as it would be in Aquarius, but for simple self-satisfaction and for either personal gain, or personal ideals which are exclusive rather than inclusive.

The detrimental nature of Saturn in Leo almost always guarantees the humiliation of Saturn in any kind of endeavour in which he tries to act out his original and melancholic nature, for in doing so the fire of Leo will burn away all careful planning, all responsibility and wreak havoc. But for the Saturn who acts out his inner child, who does what Leo tells him and tries to be “fun” it seems as if great respect and honour… those so desired Saturnine gifts are thrown upon him. It is funny that this Saturn although repressed and wearing a straight jacket when he does take to the stage, is so showered with affection and admiration for doing it. But that is the nature of essentially debilitated planets, they are asked to do something they don´t like.


Some Leo Saturn people: Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jean Jaque Rousseau, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Steven King, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Steven Spielberg, Nelson Mandela, Mila Jovovich, David Bowie, Shakira

2 responses

6 01 2015
angry leo/saturn/10th

saturn is a piece of shit and has only caused me misery. i hope that fucking planet blows up

27 06 2018

I find it weird that you’re using traditional astrology but with modern archetypes. Leo was never described as “fun, attention-seeking, or spotlight wanting” by the ancients. In fact, it was described as “strong and courageous, fierce countenance, loves to wander woods (loves the outdoors and is solitary). Modern astrologers have ruined Leo’s strong lion reputation and are trying to tame it into this show kitty.

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