Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn has terms at 19 to 25 degrees and face between 20 and 30 degrees of the Tropical sign of Sagittarius, with the other 19 degrees being peregrine. The elemental nature of Sagittarius is hot and humid, it is a fiery and moveable sign, while the humour of Saturn is that of melancholic.

One of the most noble Sagittarian Saturns was Mahatma Gandhi. This is the Saturn whose struggle to power and to Independence, the achievement of the Saturnine goal was made through the use of every benefit available and every gift from Jupiter, namely: non-violence based on religious and spiritual conviction, legal and political publishing and media coverage of his campaign and political fasting. His aims and ambitions were eventually successful because he listened to Jupiter, a Jupiter that does not hurt anyone, being a benific, a Jupiter that is completely generous, but one that is loud and gets his message across to touch and win people over from their hearts.

Like Pisces, Sagittarius Saturn is under the guidance of the greater benific Jupiter. And although on the surface the two planets seem like chalk and cheese, appear to be of opposite natures, that of expansion and contraction, that of enthusiasm and apathy, this is a misleading notion. For in the myth it was Jupiter (Zeus) who opposed his father Saturn (Cronus) in order to take over and govern the heavens. These deities are both in one sense associated with authority, with being the highest and most dignified of rulers. And so it should be noted that the Winter Solstice point occurs at zero Capricorn while the Midheaven (highest point) in an Equal House system is between the associated houses of these two planets, both of Jupiter and Saturn. In one sense Sagittarius represents the Ascent, or movement in an upwards direction, while Saturn on the other hand is the planet of being in that high place already and staying there. The idea is that this Saturn is propelled upwards and given luck in order to achieve his aims. And while this may be true, the reality is that this Saturn is peregrine, meaning he is not in his own land and is on the move, the most apt description for Sagittarius.

Saturn, while in Sagittarius is often asked to build solid foundations while on the move, while in a foreign land. This is easier said than done. Saturn requires respect, traditions, and a solid idea of who he is and what he does in relation to the community. As an immigrant gaining respect from the local people and either having or keeping traditional values, while adapting to those around him is not a natural thing to do for this planet and it feels alien quite often.

Sagittarius Jupiter also gives Saturn an upbringing and background with strong moral belief and strong tendencies towards belief systems, that Saturn as a realist and a melancholy soul is quite at odds with. The result is often that he will reject this idea, and like Pisces become a committed Atheist. However, this does not change the essence or attitude of Sagittarius Saturn, for he is likely to “preach” whether Atheist, or Believer, just the same. But there are many ways for Sagittarius Saturn to act and to behave, his undignified state is that of one who forces his point of view onto others, whether he is  forcing Liberalism and Freedom, or whether he is forcing deep conviction it amounts to the same.

When Saturn is essentially dignified in Sagittarius, his ideas and vision are given without prejudice. He adapts to other cultures and gives his all to them while integrating his own culture into it. Being once again in a fire sign, and similar to the debilities of Leo and Aries, Saturn is asked by Jupiter to find his higher self, his spiritual self, which is easier than in those other fire signs. Saturn is asked to show enthusiasm and to learn and travel, he is asked to have Faith, and vision.

One great Sagittarius Saturn was Che Guevara the revolutionary. His story is about travelling and learning about people directly, about his continent´s suffering and lack of opportunities and then standing up for them using a committed set of beliefs, that of Marxism, in order to bring hope and change. Now of course, his dreams of revolution bringing hope and “raising” people were fulfilled in Cuba, but not in the rest of South America. The eternal truth of the phrase “travel light” is denied with Saturn, who travels with everything he has, and travels seriously, making his life and his home, the road.

When dignified, Sagittarius Saturn develops tolerance, and a healthy happy attitude towards life, a faith in the future and avoids thinking negative thoughts, the game of Saturn in this sign is to have positivity, to have joy and spontaneity. Saturn will never gain happiness here by sitting still, through responsibility or professionalism, his needs will only be met if he does what´s asked of him by Jupiter.

Some People with Sagittarius Saturn: Mahatma Gandhi Andy Warhol, Edgar Allan Po, Che, Dvorak, Ernest Hemingway, Frederic Chopin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

6 responses

21 07 2010

I have saturn as well as jupiter in my eleventh house, in sagitarius.
Can someone tell me the implication of this?

24 01 2013

Thank you. Very precise explanation of Saturn in Sag. I am desperately trying to incorporate it into Jupiter in Libra. Great guidance.

14 12 2013

This was a beautiful article and brought tears to my eyes. I have 9 degree Saturn in Sagittarius 12th house. I have travelled a lot, and I constantly have a deep pull to travel, I do well when travelling, and I merge with cultures easily. It’s very beautiful being a part of the whole world and seeing the beauty and struggles in the places I have been. I do feel particularly melancholy when stagnant, I have been living in one place for almost 2 years and it’s starting to weigh heavy on the soul. I have 2 degree Jupiter in Pisces in the third house. I would maybe say peaceful expansion and communication. I do very well in groups, and I am constantly trying to balance this world with the next and often get frustrated and sad. I am a Pisces sun though, Sag Asc, and Scorpio moon. Mars Sag, Saturn Sag, Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Pisces, Mercury in Pisces(anaretic degree), pluto in scorp and Neptune in cap. A lot going on, and very mutable. I feel a very deep spiritual pull, in a way that I want to fast and just live from the earth. Let’s hope we all find our way.

6 12 2016

How is your first Saturn return going, Sam? I found your comment really interesting. I have my first return exact in several days.

13 01 2015

This is the best Saturn in Sagittarius article I’ve come across thus far. Might I had to this? (Well, I’m just going to anyway.) Pluto in Capricorn right now… I can’t help that Saturn in Scorpio hasn’t been so helpful. Capricorn’s ruler in the sign of secrecy has, if anything, aided the forces of global institutional corruption. But now that Saturn moves into Jupiter’s sign, I think we have reason to hope, we can expect change, we can expect the lid of lies to be blown open by the combustive combination of righteous fire and the limiting earth that contains and concentrates it.

4 12 2016

I have Saturn in Sagittarius and have traveled tons! I’ve have good travels and not so good travels. A lot of times to I travel through culture, not just physically. As in, listening to other countries’ music, watching their movies and learning their language all while never stepping a foot on their land.

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