Saturn in Taurus

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. Scripture 25:29

Saturn has terms between 22 and 26 degrees of Taurus and face in the last 10 degrees. So in the first 20 degrees of Tropical Taurus he is peregrine. It is interesting that Saturn is not at home in Taurus the night time rulership of Venus while he has Exaltation in Libra.

Taurus has rulership over Artists, banks, cash, currency, cows, daisies, fields of wheat, music and trees. Under Libran Venus, Saturn is most beneficial, being placed in an air sign of intellect, or relating and of co-operation. Taurus Venus has different ideas to that of Libra. In Taurus Saturn is asked to get his hands dirty with Earth, whether it be that of agricultural produce, or whether it be through making something out of natual talent.

This is the Saturn who is very talented. He has a good voice, good aptitude for skillful and charismatic art or music. He is staunch and ready to persist in his artistic endeavours however dark they are, since his melancholy shows up in the art. This is the main trouble with Taurus Saturn, although he tries, his work will always contain part of his personality, which is cold, and rather sad. There may be great skill in his work this is by no means denied. The only thing is that art, music, and even cows and banks ought not to be so serious. Music that is melancholic is fine, but it is not good to listen to such music all of the time. Dark artwork is fine to see in a gallery, but do you want it in your home, with all that black paint sucking the light out of the room? Saturn keeps hold of things until death, and in a bank he will keep hold of your cash too, his nature is not so much to share and give in the way Venus would like him to share and give.

The Peregrine Taurus Saturn is not happy because he wants security and stability. He wants to know that his estate is never going to dry up, that his friends will never leave him and that his respect will never dry up. But this artistic and talented Saturn relies on his talents and nothing else. He therefore also relies on fashion, and on people´s tastes, which might change leaving his talent and his “work” un-sellable. If he is a musician his voice can lose its quality over time, or the taste and trend of music might simply change leaving him out on the street. Saturn the agriculturalist also has trouble because animals, unlike property and buildings are constantly being born and dying, and the seasons all affect this too, which makes it unstable for him.

Positively though, and when dignified, Taurus Saturn does have charismatic power. He is the aging actor, who´s reputation has gained strength over the years and is now on par with the legendary. This Saturn is very likely to be loved and be popular if he manages to get his “artistic persona” across early and well. There is very little that can change the public opinion of Taurus Saturn once he is established, and this is his great advantage.

Some Taurus Saturn people: John Lennon, Al Pacino, Uma Thurman, Picasso, Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, Jay Z, Steven Hawking, Richard Nixon, James Joyce

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