Saturn: Who you´re born to be

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

Saturn, ruler of the Zodiac sign of Aquarius by day, of Capricorn by night, Exalted by Libra and ruler of the triplicity of air by day is one of the most neglected planets in the solar system.

His traditional rulerships indicate that this planet has most effect and affinity with the air element than with Earth which is generally what the modernists of Astrology regard him as; the block building realist. But not so, Saturn is after all a Gas Giant of the solar system following only Jupiter in Size and mass, with an atmosphere which is quite similar in its composition to the “great benific”.

Saturn´s air makes this planet surely like Venus and Mercury one of the intellectual and social planets, his day time rulership Aquarius gives him the tools and knowledge which imply that he is not “dull” or lacking in potential for either understanding, technological genius, and coherent thought.

Saturn´s “joy” in the 12th house is an interesting fact. Is this because he is happiest in the house of sorrow? A planet of sorrow, like that of the modern planet Neptune? The strange nature of this “joy” for a planet that rules over the sign of humanity Aquarius, is a planet who is happiest alone in the soft and over- shadowed light of the 12th house. Aquarius is the sign of detriment for the Sun, for individual fire, and spontaneous life-force, but Saturn´s exaltation Libra is also a sign in which Sun “falls”.

It´s the sorrow of being human. It´s the sorrow of not being a Sun god, but being a mere mortal, that makes Saturn like to hide away in the 12th house. A lot has been written on the “malefic” nature of Saturn, and in the psychological school on the “experience” or “karma” that the so called teacher of the Zodiac is meant to impart. But this is not the real Saturn.

The real Saturn is in fact the most human like planet of all. Saturn is the human planet because his power is defeated and brought down by his sons. He is the human planet because he is forced out of his place, and forced down, killed off and mortalised by the usurpers. Saturn knows that his time is coming, time of being brought down, leveled, ended, something which the Leo Sun, or the Cancer Moon, Helios and Selene are utterly oblivious of, being true immortals. This is the reason for Aquarius´s refusal to play immortal parts in life, preferring the all so temporary friendship because, after all we´re only here for the day, not staying the night, the night of course belonging to his partner in crime the other malefic Mars and modern Pluto or Hades. A day being equivalent to a life in terms of immortality.

Saturn in the life does symbolise the individual fears, restrictions, and stuff that´s hard, where unprepared for responsibility is forced. But to not become your Saturn sign is to not be fully human. How are we supposed to “be our Saturn”? The nature of the planet is that of accepting not being good enough, like the mythical Saturn, of being allowed only a certain amount of time, in order to be a god, a kind of  mortal god, because to be deposed, de-throned as king of the gods, is death, even for an immortal god, death of self-respect, death of the respect that your sons once held for you and death of those relations and worship that made you immortal in the first place.

Saturn is in fact the Biblical Adam being cast out of the Garden of Eden and forced into living in the Society of Men, (Aquarius) and to work and struggle for food on the desolate Earth (Capricorn), with Eve  the first wife and first to succumb and fall (Libra, fall of Sun).

As planet of the Air triplicity and ruler of Aquarius, Saturn asks why he is alone. He asks why is the land and Earth dark, and in that darkness creates fire, through mental planning, he not only creates fire, something that Leo Sun naturally had, and didn´t need, like a Sahara Lion, but he creates shelter in that wilderness and community, with the first woman, and the sons which are his from that union. Sons that he knows will one day take his place, and probably fight with each other to divide what he has.

Finding Saturn in the natal birth chart is where we will all find exposure like the first man and the first woman. This is the spot where nakedness and weakness exist, but like the first human beings, and like mythological Cronus, we are meant to make the absolute most of before the time is up. Time on planet Earth is under the sole rulership of the planet Saturn, Saturn is where we must ask “there must be something more,” and “there are times when I must try to be so much more alive”.

The Saturn sign is the sign of being human. The Sun sign is the spiritual, the place of God in our lives. Saturn is not the devil, far from it, Saturn is what makes us fragile, where we hide. Saturn in Aquarius is afraid of the friendship of man, feels alone, but is endowed with the purest form of Saturnine air and mental ability to create community, it is up to him to pursue this and become a true Aquarian, in order to be human, and draw upon that pain of being alone to achieve it before his death. Scorpio Saturn is asked to be a strong warrior, he is asked to exhibit the features of Scorpio, to be deep, and passionate, Libra Saturn is asked to be perfect in partnership and to be the perfect Libran diplomat pleasing all and upsetting none.

One great lie of Astrology is ascribing the Sun as the most important influence in the sky. He might be the strongest, the brightest, the most obvious, but it is on the Earth that we live, and in the Air that our existence as human beings is borne out. The most important element in the sky is not the Sun, the undying, spiritual force of warmth, it is the cold ringed planet of sobering and haunting beauty, a silent figure, a figure of insecurity a figure of rage at being out-caste from paradise, a figure sublime in his Aquarian and immensely painful and real state.

Is it consciousness if a being feels nothing but warm Sun on its face? Grass feel this, they grow using sensory data collected from hormones which encourage growth and reproduction. Sentience felt by all creatures are part of the Sun, as well as the Moon. Reproduction is part of the sexual selection as described by Mars and Venus rulerships. Animals share these planetary influences with human beings. But Saturn is the planet who has consciousness. To become your Saturn sign is the greatest challenge that anyone can attempt. The person they are within the human race, the things that they are to be remembered by, and what their children will think of them as is governed by their natal Saturn. This is the real deal. This is your Earth Self, the site where you are a true human being in fault as well as in greatness.


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8 06 2009

I’m quite a fan of Saturn myself :)

11 08 2009

I like your site. So mutch to read, amazing.Saturn is strong in my chart so I read what I can right now before he moves in to Libra opposition my MC.

12 08 2009

Thanks for the comments Birgitta. If you like you may put up your charts for me on my forum, click on “contact me for a reading” and follow the links.

I would be glad to go more in depth with various questions that you have and talk about your chart too. : )

29 10 2014

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29 10 2014

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23 11 2009

I have Saturn in Aquarius, and IMO your info is spot-on. ;-D

28 12 2009
p pod

Moving. This is the first convincing explanation I’ve found that saturn is not all sorrow and restriction. I like that: “who you were meant to be”. My Saturn is in the same house and sign as my south node and pluto (scorpio). Should this say my soul has collected appropriate past experiences that will give me better insight to incorporating the scorpion qualities my kids will remember me by?

30 01 2010

I don’t know much about my personal astrology sign, but having saturn as my ruling planet has not made life pleasant however this perspective on the planet is quite an eye opener, great article.

12 02 2010

You just helped me realize that a few days ago I finally found my Saturn. He was hiding under Uranus, who I kept thinking was my chart leader. I guess he was but now it’s Saturn, who sits on the IC, a singleton for all the other planets on the other side. I feel peace & it has taken 39 years. Thanks for verbalizing what I had but didn’t know.

20 07 2010

with saturn in capricorn I have felt a great deal of restriction in my life so far, and a great deal of financial lack, as well as romantic incompleteness. aquarius sun and moon and scorpio ascendant all tally up to impatience with this “lot in life”.
I wonder, now at age 51, if I will ever see any comfort or financial stability – will love and companionship be present as I live out my days?

20 07 2010
Night Sky

The planets will show circumstances. You need to say the houses where each planet is, also you need to look at essential and accidental debilities and aspects. Details are needed. Saturn in Capricorn is a fine placement, but which house is it in.

23 11 2014

Only you to choose your life. The power rely on your faith in the Universe

24 10 2010

Ah, brilliant. Thanks so much.

My Saturn is in Pisces in my 12th house. My sun is in Capricorn in the 10th house. My rising and
Ascendant are Aries. Uranus and Pluto natally in Virgo in the 6th. Venus and Mars in Aquarius in the 11th. With Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th and Mercury Sag 9th/Jupiter Gemini 3rd…with this strange air, fire and earth combination, Saturn’s meaning in Pisces in the muck and murkiness (or, swampiness, as you say) of the watery 12th house has been a mystery and no doubt the reason for the last 7 years of an exiled retreat from a society where I’ve been unable to succeed or find my place for the duration of my 45 years of life.

Why Uranus was there in Pisces of my 12th house expanding much of this for clarification, no? I feel like I’m finally ready to put myself on the line (Uranus’ subsequent transit to Aries in my 1st house); communicate deeply and travel for humanitarian benefit (natal mars, mercury, and jupiter); engage in socially oriented groups to accomplish more than I can alone (venus/mars natal aquarius); use maturity and discipline to create harmonious, balanced relationships (transiting Uranus in Libra 7th house) to fulfill spiritual and work-related goals that have been long in coming (natal sun in Capricorn 10th, which is also my MC).

After much research, your article, here, is the crowning piece to help me tie my late-in-life mission together. I’ve had probablly a higher share of life trials and failures and finally I realize maybe it was all so that a mature empathy could help me help others–when realizing I’ve finally gained enough strength to figure out how to take that pain and step out from the shadows in order to help others move beyond pain, in some way, too.

I would love you thoughts.

In any case, it was truly wonderful to learn what you’ve studied and read your concise, clear, illucidating writing, and be able to apply those thoughts to mine in the name of moving on and beyond, so to speak.

Cheers, M.

23 11 2010

Your articles are beautiful!
My Saturn also has strong position in natal chart, and i am still searching for answers he is trying to teach me, and this texts help a lot!

4 05 2011
Erica Sultani

I have unaspected Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn has taught me alot since I discovered that no one else was messing with him. He’s generally taught me that my Sun’s placement in Leo just isn’t me at all. If Saturn slams an issue in my face, I tolerate it because I know something’s gotta be done. He helps me alot. I’m nearly 20 and my sense of self-control, restraint, and limitation is way up there already.

12 07 2012

I have Saturn in Aquarius. In 8th house. A very sombre position. This particular post is very true. Its the very basic human described by this planet.

6 10 2012

Interesting..I have Saturn in Capricorn, but it makes a very tight conjunction to Neptune(both in the same degree) and a loose conjunction to Uranus(7 degrees apart). Aside from that, it makes a loose trine to my Asc and a pretty loose sextile to my Venus(4 degrees apart) and a few minor aspects to my personal planets, like a sesquiquadrate to my Moon and Jupiter etc..
If I use Placidus, it falls in the 4th house, and if I use Whole Sign, it falls in my 5th house(together with Neptune and Uranus).
Somehow, I always felt like a “pure” Pisces:introverted, insecure, hyper-sensitive, fearful, avoiding confronting life, escapist etc..alll the worst things you generally read about Pisces behavior-I have it. Even self-destructiveness and self-harm. All except substance abuse. I always assumed it came from my 3 planets in Pisces, but now “I’m thinking it might also come from Saturn being conjunct Neptune?
Sounds like a very crappy combination. Neptune with Saturn-the king of pessimism.

30 01 2013

this is brilliant, sir

8 08 2013

Very thoughtful write, very meaningful, true indeed. I have Saturn in aquarius in 8th house. I have never dreamt of harming others. This saturn in 8th makes man soulful very much.

23 11 2014

I have strong Neptune, Uranus and Saturn energy in my chart… There is a sense of being a lover of the Universe, being friends and bring peaceful innovation with His creations as well as transmuting the karma of mankind.. only when the I or the ego is gone…. When I do not realize this, all is losses and sorows. But then I would only realize to be free is to turn to the Universe… To be nothing is to be everything….

17 02 2015

Dob 19 11 1965.time 09 30pm.bhagalpur.bihar.sani in aquarious 17degr.sani mere liye kaisa 12th house gemini se dekha raha hai.sani dasa going now.

10 01 2016
Lucas Laranjo Jaques

Excelent text ! Congratulations !

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