Science does not replace Moral Law


These proponents of science as a justifiable replacement for religion or as a disproof and reason to discard the Pope and the beloved Church have not missed the point. They propose their ideas deliberately and concertedly, in order to de-moralise people. “But why should it matter if people have no religion? Why should it matter?” I hear you say. I hear you say, “let the people be free, let them live life and choose the kind of life they want to live.”

Yes, these are reasonable points, delivered by mercury himself. But we must note that Mercury serves any master, and will flit from one master to the next, taking payment from the highest bidder, or in fact from both masters, while adhering or being faithful to neither. Mercury is the knave and the thief, the liar, and the one who creates mischief in cahoots with Saturn and Mars.

Astrology is a form of science. And it’s possible astrologically to understand the events of life, and the events that take place here on Earth in astrological terms. But one thing which is lacking from astrology and likewise from science is morality. A cat may get pregnant, and have kittens, some people kill the kittens because they are unwanted. A woman may get pregnant, and have children, some people kill the children, because they are unwanted. No morality is present in abortion, or kitten killing. But, both woman and cat can be treated in the same way in a moral-less society.

What those proponents of the “new scientific religion” don’t tell us, is that, their plans are to treat people in the same way as they treat animals. Powerful men will be able to use people like animals, if the people have no religion and have no moral law. Without moral law we are intelligent animals, like pigs who can talk (George Orwell has written about these themes). He saw that Communism was an inherent evil, but he didn’t realise that the reason for its evil was its absence of religion.

People are sacred beings created by God. Science sees people as numbers, as meat, as animals in a meat factory. Democracy which governs under scientific principles, principles which appear reasonable, is a very large deceit. The powerful men use democracy to gradually de-moralise people. If people are sacred, you can’t exploit them. If people are like pigs, butcher them by all means.

There is a natural order on Earth and in human society. Religion, culture and art are domains which come under the protection of Venus and Jupiter, the benifics. The immense population explosions of the 19th and 20th centuries have obscured truth, in favour of other things, of, primarily growth. What are the main issues of the first decade of the 21st century? The main issue is the economy, the economy and religious terrorism. But both of these issues in reality are tied together. Terrorism in effect was an attempt to strike at the world economic order.

Moral Law is continuous. It doesn’t change. Moral Law is truer than science, and surer than gravity, because it is not devised from man’s deceitful and master-less Mercurial faculty. Moral Law understands humanity and human happiness and love, and is the only key and source in finding these things. The teachings of our dear God, are true. And they will always be true, and the new “paradigm”, the new buzzwords of the new age will all fall away, because truth cannot be hidden. Light shines through darkness always. Karl Marx’s historical materialism which has spawned the majority of 20th/21st century thought, is in fact of darkness. Light shines through darkness.

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