Pluto in Sagittarius

With Pluto in Capricorn the History books will be burned and re-written.

It should change our world veiw from the perspective of what we have always accpted to be true, (because it is written in history books) to what we now know to have been fabrications that became accepted facts.

It should be a review of the past 246 years… all political actions and events from the past will come under intense scrutiny.

While Pluto occupied Sagittarius I think is when a lot of people started distrusting the Media.

It is interesting that “terrorism” has been ascribed to #Plu#Sag, sure religious beliefs are #Sag… but what else is #Sag? How about THE MASS MEDIA?? #Sag rules international publishing, global and national newspapers, TV, advertising, promoting, as well.

Who are the bigger #Plu manipulators on the planet? Are they really a bunch of rag-tag “terrorists” or do you really believe everything that you see on TV and read in the political slot in the Newsapaper?

The massive abuse(#Plu) and manipulation is being perpetrated through the Media who have always been part of the #Sag rulership. What happens now is that #Plu will stop being all about the propaganda (#Jup) and start acting through more physical means (#Sat).

2 responses

6 12 2009

I came here through something personal: my natal Pluto is in the 9th in Virgo retrograde in waning conjunction with Uranus and out of conjunction with Jupiter. Currently, Pluto is moving through my 12th the Asc and progressing into my 1st house. As a 1st house Sun sign, I might feel this more than some other people. My son has Uranus-Neptune conjunct in his natal chart. LOL – its like, his father was definitely my partner when he was born, but I had been married prior to this even having occurred…Great metaphor for Different Conjunctions.

Today, I’m writing an astrology article for Mind&Soul of Suite101 and ended up here because of it.

4 03 2015

i often wonder where the occurrences of the planets will finally leave us. I having a small publishing business, one built on moral value, strive to employ facts & faith in my writing, perhaps there is the fantasy or make-believe, but they are for the purpose of such, and of the writing i consider fair i publish, this of course doesn’t ever make news. Because the masses want to see havoc & read criticism, cynicism & slanderous works, to sooth the animals living inside. I can’t stomach negatively charged words, so i write less… Jupiter/Uranus conjunct in at the MC grand trine sun & moon.

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