Sun Jupiter Progessions: Individuals and gods

10 03 2010

Fate has been kind with me in the last few months and even during the last year. I might be thankful to Jupiter and Sun which are conjunct to the degree in my progressed chart.

I fear the loss of the new optimism that I now have. I fear the loss of the brilliant new opportunities. I fear losing the enthusiasm and happiness that I have found in my new job. I fear not getting myself a permanent contract.

But we are all humble servants of fate. We are not its masters. I am a humble human being, I am no king, nor am I rich, nor do I have any special talent for anything in particular.

There are many times in life when I have asked for things, prayed for things, and they have not come. I have been eager to achieve yet I have been over optimistic. I have found myself in a sorry state because those goals were way too big.

I will be humble. The job that I have now may not continue, though it may. I will say that if FATE wills it then I will not argue with the gods who are powerful.

I pay respect to God, the one who organises everything. I pay respect to the planets or the stars which seem to exert influences greater than us humans. There is no arguing with the tide. There is no way of saying that this is an age of kings when everyone is a slave.

As an individual I am persistent. I am flawed, I don´t always plan and I´m disorganised, and chaotic. But I have optimism that everything will turn out alright, and in the space of time it seems to do just that.

As an individual, I choose to be here, I choose to not give up or give in. I am not a passive entity. I am an aggressive, arrogant, angry, vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, charming being. I push forwards.

If the stars are in my favour I thank them. If the gods are on my side then I pay my respects. If the one God has blessed me than I pray and I am grateful.

But despite my wrath, despite my energy and my force, the greater powers are always there. I petition them. I pray to them.

I am here in order to push as hard as possible against circumstance. To work with it.  But I am here in order to exert myself, rather than take passive attitudes.

There is something great about force, there is something to be said about resistance and persistance.

What I am looking for is a philosophy which gives me opportunity and power in the face of adversity. I am not one to step on the toes of those in charge. I am not one to make myself immortal, since I am mortal flesh and I get sick.

But there is a definite difference between the man who is idle and gives up, and the man who pushes forward no matter how hopeless the task. The man who pushes gains my admiration. The man who loses his life over pushing is tragic. But the man who pushes and is victorious, wins my admiration and my respect.

I choose to be one who acts rather than talks, one who “does” rather than “is”. There is no glory in sitting around in a perfect society, in a perfect world. Some say that glory or success is vain. But glory and success, or rather, money and power are not the reasons for the glory. The glory comes from the action, from the doing part.

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10 02 2011

…and the glory comes from within, from inner peace too.

“if FATE wills it then I will not argue with the gods who are powerful”

Such a simple yet true expression. More I read your articles more I respect your way of expressing sacred knowledge. The vibrations of your thoughts have a very powerful effect in others mind. You can really healthe world with your words, Mr Martena.

10 02 2011
Night Sky

I don’t know about that Shornali, sometimes I have Doubt. I write those things because I try and make sense of things not for others, but for myself. I started this blog two years or more ago, and since then I definitely have grown in some ways, and perhaps even changed my perception of some things. What I think now, is probably very different from what I thought a couple of months ago. I am not responsible for other people’s thoughts. What I believe now is that we are each individually to stand in the judgement of God, with a capital G. That means we’ll stand on a wall on judgement day and will fall on one side or the other, and there will be thunder, and lightning and Hell itself will gape at us, lashing us with flames.

10 02 2011

No. We are judged in this life. You don’t need to wait for a Judgement day-by “judgement day” if you mean, after death.

We are judged in this world, in this life, in this body and plane before our physical death. We might not see the court of God in our physical eyes, we might not see “the wall” you referred to, or the thunder or the lightening in their physical sense. But we are judged, and we get paid for everything that we have done, good or bad. We get paid by penny, most of the times with interest.

The interesting point is, when we get paid, deep down we know its just the payback, its justice and fairness. But we try to deny it with all our might. Perhaps it is because of our pride, or selfishness. Perhaps we just want to show a brave face to the world. Or to show that I am invincible, to show I have never done anything wrong. But that’s just a fecate. The person who is being paid back, who have already been through the judgement knowingly or unknowingly is very much aware of the fact that they are going through the “pay back” phase whether they accpet it with grace or fight it in vain.

Believing that you will only be judged in a different world, in a different life which is totally unknown to you, or a wolrd which you have doubt if exists, is only a way to creat a smoke screen to hide our deeds, to stand up after each thunder storm blaming God or someone else for injustice and unfairness and go on doing the same thing again and again…

10 02 2011
Night Sky

Perhaps you are right. There is no time like the present.

26 04 2011

I have been reading a lot of books by Paulo Coelo and find them inspirational. The ideas portrayed tie in with your sentiments.

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