Composite and Synastry – Destined Relationships


I believe that these are probably the most quested for types of horoscopes which can be cast. To cast your own chart and to interpret it is one thing. If you know the time and believe it to be accurate, then all you have to do is to work it out and nod your head when you realise what you are, accept the faulty nature which is no fault of your own, and move on to trying to work with it.

But when there is someone that you know 100% that you love and that you are made for each other, it doesn’t really matter what interpretation you get, if it’s not the one that says you should stay together until the End of the Age, then it is obviously wrong. It is wrong, of course it’s wrong, how can some random Astrology tell you about how you feel about someone when it doesn’t even have feelings of its own.

There probably are some good relationships out there somewhere in the blue yonder, somewhere, there are people who find their happiness, all they do though is keep it secret. But it can happen and is destined to happen for those that believe in it, for those that seek and never give up hope.

Natal Chart vs. Synastry

Part of the parcel of course is that, written in every person in the Natal chart is a picture. This picture can say whether relations with other people, will be positive, or negative, whether they will encounter opposition, or whether they will encounter amiability. If the ruler of the natal 7th house is debilitated or weak, judge accordingly, all relations with regard to intimacy will involve a weak or debilitated person.

If the ruler of the Ascendant is joined happily with the ruler of the 7th, if the ruler of the 7th is placed in the 1st or the ruler of the 1st placed in the 7th, then the native will find contentment with a their significant other. These are the lectures of William Lilly. But this is a gross simplification. I use it simply to identify that some of the natural tendencies within an individual are already set, and that whatever synastry chart or composite chart they can find through someone else, that individual is set up for certain relationships from birth.

Instead of looking for certain things in a synastry or in a composite chart, you should look for the relationships which are destined in your natal chart. I don’t believe that it is necessary to have the same relationships throughout life, I don’t believe in the psychological model of the parental and familial relationships being repeated, at great cost and misery to any one particular person. Those individual relations are one-offs like every relation.  the point of them is to accept them, integrate them in your life, however distinct from what you crave and want, and then set out to find someone that is different, because life is about gathering up different experiences.

There may well be similarities between what you experienced as a child and what you experience as an adult with other adults. But it will not be the same, the same patterns do not have to be repeated. There is one house which signifies parents, one house which signifies siblings, one house that signifies extended family, and another entirely different house that signifies relationships.

I think that parallels are important in synastry and in a natal chart. The 7th house and its signifier must have some similarities with the overall nature of the person that you are interested in. They must in some way fulfil the destiny of that planet, of that house, and the aspects of that planet and its house.


If you have ever read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley you will know that to have perfect and easy relationships and lives is to never learn anything and never acquire knowledge and human understanding. But that is not to say that in order to live a meaningful life you must suffer all the way through it. Just that you can only measure the successes and the happy times with the seemingly infinite times of failure, solitude and misery.

Some Pointers to Positive Synastry

There is no such thing as the perfect chart. But these things should be sought after rather than using aspects in order to reject someone. Compatibility is one thing, but there is also such a thing as having someone that is different to yourself and who can encourage you to experience different things.

Venus signifies love, and attraction, it is so obvious. Venus – Sun in aspect, this is the aspect that you should look for, all other aspects are just inferior.

The Descendant: The Descendant has as its natural ruler Venus, and is the traditional house of your intimate love. So what you need here is Venus – Descendant aspects, and by its very nature, Venus – Ascendant aspects, but especially Venus conjunct the Descendant.

Mars signifies sex, interestingly Mars is the natural ruler of the Ascendant and 1st house. Mars in harmonious aspect must be present to bring heat and warmth, its nature is of fire, this makes for passion.

Then Saturn, the other traditional malefic. Saturn allows things to last. A relationship is based on time spent together, and Saturn is Cronus. Saturn by its nature is in exaltation in the 7th sign Libra, the sign of the marriage and partnership. Saturn brings stability to people’s lives and permanence. Harmonious Saturn aspects are wanted.

Jupiter is important for Faithfulness. Jupiter in aspect will make things feel good.

Pluto. Pluto is about manipulation and attraction as well.

To be continued…

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28 04 2009

We meet again good sir ;)

Pixie Vixen

11 02 2011

I was disturbed and thats why came to read this article. I am now even more disturbed. Deeply disturbed. I need a 20 years long hibarnation, I suppose. ^_^

Before I go for that hibernation, just one question: what if in a synastry you have got all of the aspects except the aspect between Venus Ascendent or Venus descendent? Does it make everything else weak? Or invalid? And what about hard aspects of Uranus? I read that invalids everything else. Is that true?

12 02 2011
Night Sky

I can’t remember exactly what I said about synastry and composites. But I think I must keep to the fact that what is on one person’s DC and in their 7th house is a good determiner of what kind of relations they will actually have, that and the interaction with what’s in the 1st house. I think that’s what I said and that’s what I’ll have to persist with.

4 03 2011

I am Pisces rising with exalted Mercury in Virgo but in 29 degrees which is in Saturns terms. Then my Saturn is in late Scorpio also in Saturns terms. At any rate I keep hoping for that great 3rd marriage where Mercury is my significator. Dang persnickity Virgo Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. Too discrimating for my own good. lol. Then my Aries moon loves adventure and freedom and my Pisces rising and Venus in Cancer want and adore committment. Humans are a complex lot, eh? lol.

11 03 2011
O-Sha-Wa Na-Qut

Actually we are very simple creatures of habit…especially with all the propaganda that is out there…it boils down to mind control!

11 03 2011
O-Sha-Wa Na-Qut

try the right e-mail and i will converse the truth with you.

8 05 2011

Could you please give your opinion on who is effected in the synastry,and possibly describe how?

My query in particular relates to the ascendant/descendant axis

– EG: person A’s Venus aspect person B’s ascendant by conjunction. Who is the one more infatuated (if that’s the correct term)? Or, how is each effected?

The actual situation is as above, but additionally, person B’s Venus is (only) close to person A’s ascendant (ie, not a conjunction), [Venus 10 degrees cap in the 12th, ascendant 21 degrees.] I am assuming if there is no conjunction then there is no vibe..

This is the situation I am in, I am concerned that he is not as infatuated with me as I am with him. This is one area I am looking at in our synastry.

Thanks a lot for a great site!

*both Venus’s are in 12th house

9 05 2011

Hi Sass, I dated a man twice in my life where his rising is 1 degree from my Venus. BUT each time we went out was when transiting Saturn was on my Venus. The first time he was more into me than I was into him. The 2nd time I was more into him than he was into me. I decided the fates intervened each time. So pay attention to the transits to those venus signs AS WELL as your 7th house significators.

4 02 2013

what would it mean if one person’s pluto/Northnode conjunction in 12th tightly conjuncts another’s sun/MC conjunction in 10th with his pluto/uranus conjunction just 4 degrees away ?

1st person’s juno/saturn conjunction in capricorn is also tightly conjunct 2nd person’s antivertex, neptune tightly conjuncts mars in 12th(scorpio) of 2nd person and mercury conjuncts uranus in 9th,

Sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars are in the same elements and trine except moon and mercury. There is a kite formation in synastry with apex at the NN/pluto/sun/MC conjunction. The grand trine is a water trine.

Please let me have your comments regarding the level of attraction and who seems more effected


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